10 Most Effective Methods To Oppose Temptations And Be A Winner In Life

10. Recognize potential temptation:

Temptations only raise more when you try to control them. They create a battle between your goal and your desire. Simplest example being, you are only tempted more to eat junk food and sweets when you are on a diet. In normal routine you won’t crave them so much because you know that you can have them any time you want. Being on diet restricts you and restriction increases the desires. What’s important is that you need to recognize your temptation and not let it control you. You should always be the one in control of your desire and temptation because as long as you are in control, nothing can stop you from achieving your goal.

9. Remove yourself from temptation:

Best way to get rid of temptation is avoid the spaces that might take you closer to your temptations. It’s difficult to stop your temptation when you constantly remain in the same environment. It would be next to impossible to quit smoking if you constantly remain in a smoking zone or hangout with people while they smoke. Every now and then you should visit those spaces to test your control and check the progress but frequently visits will only make you more tempted. Best thing is to remove yourself from your temptations

8. Visualize yourself resisting temptation:

Imagine yourself getting rid of the temptation. Imagine it being close to you and you still reject it, now imagine the power and control you’ll feel when you reject your temptation. Not to mention the satisfaction you’ll feel after finally being able to get rid of those temptations and achieving your goal. Imagine.

7. Distract yourself:

It might get hard from time to time to not think about your temptation when you are free or near your temptation. What the best thing to do in this scenario is, distract yourself. Engage yourself In activities that will make you learn self-control, take your mind and peace and refresh your inner self. Do yoga, walk on the beach, exercise, jog meet with friends. Binge watch TV or whatever that might occupy your mind for a long enough time to distract you from your temptations peak point.

6. Make concrete plans:

Make a plan at start of the day. It will help you be mentally prepared for to resist your temptation throughout the day. Plan your day in such a way that you will be avoiding your temptation at all cost. If you are going to a party and you are tempted by sugar than tell yourself at the beginning of the day that you’ll politely decline on the offer of anything sweet as you are watching your weight. By the end of the day you’ll be proud f yourself for achieving you goal and be mentally strong as well with better decision making power

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5. Challenge someone else:

One way to get rid of temptation is challenge someone or play a bet game where two people challenge each other on something. This will make you more determined and focused on your goal as your priority would be winning.

4. Eat well:

Eating healthy keeps your mind fresh and well-focused. When you are eating healthy, you are already taking control of one part of your life. It will help increase your self-control to avoid any kind of temptations. As you’ll already be well aware about how to stay in control and resist temptations. When you don’t eat healthy or not on proper time, your blood and sugar level goes down leading to slow brain activity and no self-control. A fresh and healthy mind is the key to resisting temptations

3. Avoid stress:

Stress scatters your thoughts into million pieces. It gets hard to focus on one specific thing when you are constantly under stress. You need to find ways to relax you mind and gather your thoughts. Meditation usually helps as it brings your mind to peace and calms your body. Get a good night’s rest and have healthy eating habits to avoid stress

2. Think of the long-term consequences:

If you constantly give in to your temptations knowing it’s bad for you, then just think about the most extreme affect that can be caused by it n long term. Think of all the ways it can harm you in the future and not only you but the people around you. How will it affect the people you care about? This will give you an idea to how important is it to get rid of your temptations

1. Try to consider your actions in a broader context:

We often say while resisting temptations, that giving in one time won’t hurt. What we don’t get is that this takes us a step away from achieving our goal. This one time can lead into a two, three and eventually get you back to your old habits. There’s no such thing as giving in just once in a while. If you are resisting something, then it has to be forever.

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Article by Born Realist