Year-Round Gift Giving To Your Loved Ones

Some of us start to make out our Christmas wish lists when the “Christmas in July” campaigns begin to make noise in June. Others of us wait until the last minute to tell our loved ones what we want. We approach the shopping we do for others in the same way. Some plan ahead, some wait until the last minute. What we sometimes forget, though, is that good gift giving is a year-round adventure. Finding the right present for the right person on the right occasion isn’t something that ends on December 25th.


Gifting jewelry can be tricky. Some people only wear certain kinds of jewelry, whether their preferences be different colors or metals or styles. If you’re looking to give jewelry, pay attention to what your recipient wears now. If they only wear Luminox watches, don’t buy them something from another watch manufacturer. People who gravitate towards silver-colored metals don’t always like the way rose gold looks against their skin.

Yes, the thought counts. The catch to that is you need to put some thought into your gift. Don’t hesitate to browse My Gift Stop for ideas about jewelry all year long. Not only will you find great ideas for others, you may find something nice for yourself. Jewelers don’t just run specials around the typical holidays, either. You can definitely find Christmas and Valentine’s Day promotions, but they’ll run sales for both Mother’s and Father’s Days, Back to School and, increasingly, Halloween. If a reward program is offered, you may also get a coupon for your own birthday if you sign up.

Spicy Jerky Gift Box

Packed with proteins of jerky and spices that are chock-full of healthy gains is an irresistibly great snack.  Go here to buy this spicy jerky gift box and amuse your special one on his birthday or on any occasion. Each gift box consists of extremely hot beef jerky, a mango habanero beef jerky, a spicy sriracha bacon jerky, a jalapeno bacon jerky, a spicy sriracha beef jerky, a spicy beef jerky flower trimming, and volcanic jalapeño beef jerky. Always consider to pick only awesome and one-of-a-kind presents to express your love and passion.


Giving other people clothing is another difficult area to master. There are a lot more variables with clothing than with jewelry. You have to know a person’s size, which considering our weight-obsessed culture, can be problematic. The same observation trick you apply to jewelry works with clothing, too. Pay attention to what they already wear and don’t deviate from it too far. If your recipient only wears bright colors, buying basic black is not a good idea. Don’t buy pants for a woman that loves dresses and skirts. Don’t buy dress clothes or ties for the guy who lives in t-shirts and jeans.

Sometimes with clothing, the best option is to go for accessories. A nice, high-end pair of sunglasses is one classy and thoughtful item. A colorful scarf for the ultra-feminine lady on your list could result in her tears of happiness. Stylish shoes can be just the thing to hit your our-of-the-ballpark gift giving home run. Don’t rule out two things when it comes to clothes. One, a gift card to their favorite store might be exactly the perfect gift. Two, always get a gift receipt. If for some reason your gift isn’t perfect, a gift receipt saves you the trouble of the return by allowing your gift recipient the opportunity to replace your gift with something that is closer to what they want or need.

Household-Based Gifts

We all know of those two guys who both bought their wives vacuums. One slept on the couch for a week and the other got hailed as a hero. Why the difference? It’s all about what the person receiving the gift values. Hero husband’s wife values more practical gifts than couch guy’s does. Ask yourself if giving a useful household-based gift will be viewed as thoughtful or as a dud. When in doubt, don’t go this route.

Other Personal Items

While this seems like a broad-based category, it really isn’t if you apply it personally to each name on your list. Your Aunt Marge, who loves to garden, doesn’t need or want the same things your mechanically-inclined brother needs or wants. You may have heard this before, but think about your recipients on a personal level. What kinds of things do they already like? What are their hobbies? An opera fan might enjoy tickets or memorabilia to a favorite show. Book lovers enjoy gifts that cater to their addiction, be it a new bookshelf or a cushy lap pillow designed to hold their e-reader. Hobbyists rave over gifts that reflect their interests.


Regardless of the occasion, you can give a great gift to your loved ones if you take the time to pay attention to their likes and dislikes.

Article by Born Realist