Rebecca Davison: Co-Founder Of UnbuckleMe Is Making It Easier To Travel With Young Children

Rebecca Davison is the Co-founder of UnbuckleMe ( She has created this unique, must-have product with her mother, Barbara Heilman, who is a registered occupational therapist.

UnbuckleMe is a car seat opener that can be carried along with you anywhere. Now a globally sold product, UnbuckleMe is also available on various online shopping sites like Amazon, buybuyBABY, and Nordstrom.

It was also recently awarded the top family choice award!

Where does Rebecca come from?

Rebecca grew up in Houston, Texas. She went to college at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN. After finishing college, Rebecca worked in New York City for 8 years before finally earning an MBA from NYC Stern School of Business. In 2014, Rebecca moved back to Houston with her husband, to start a family.

In 2015, the two of them welcomed their daughter. After her maternity leave, Rebecca decided to work for IBM. During this time, Rebecca needed some help taking care of her daughter. Cue in: Mommy Barbara.

Her mother lived nearby so she would often ask her for assistance. However, Barbara has arthritis in her thumb and so was unable to push the car seat button, making it impossible for her to take her granddaughter out of the car and into the house.

Barbara decided to find a solution to her problem and so with the help of her daughter, UnbuckleMe was born.

The mother-daughter duo have been managing the business together and are sharing the gift of this helpful tool with others ever since.

How successful is Rebecca?

Rebecca believes that she is extremely successful.

She tells us that her definition of success has changed after every milestone UnbuckMe has reached. At first, to the two of them, success was simply being able to manufacture their product and sell a few.

Soon, they were able to get into contact with mass retailers and sell their product there, which was very exciting.

Now, they sell nationally through various online shopping sites. Rebecca believes the company can take several paths from here and is extremely grateful to everyone worldwide for their support.

What makes UnbuckleMe unique?

UnbuckleMe features a patented design that reduces force to unbuckle the car seat by more than 50% (this is an actual tested statistical value). 

The material that makes the buckle is thin and flexible and has a softer grippy top. UnbuckleMe is also manufactured in the USA which is rare.

Has Rebecca faced any tragedies in her career or personal life?



Rebecca and her mother have been extremely fortunate in their work and personal lives. They like to take each challenge as it comes.

Lately, during their time selling on Amazon, they have come across some cheap knockoffs of their products that has been disheartening.

However, they are committed to addressing it in the best way they can.

What are Rebecca’s goals for the future?

Rebecca wishes to improve their business either by finding new sales channels or by building new products. At the end of the day, the dream is to let everyone who struggles with a car seat know that an easy solution can be found.

Does Rebecca have any words of wisdom?

Keep Hustling!

Rebecca believes that building a new business is not easy.

It is hard to reach potential customers who are out, struggling with car buckles, or are feeling limited because they are unable to safely use them.

Rebecca says that she and her mother take every opportunity they can to tell their story, even if it is to a mother sitting with a baby next to them.

How is UnbuckleMe making the world a better place?

UnbuckleMe is changing the lives of several families across the USA, Canada ( and the rest of the world.

Grandparents, thanks to UnbuckleMe, can now take their grandchildren anywhere they want without having to worry about their safety in the car seat. UnbuckleMe has also been successful in assisting mothers as well. Mothers with weak hands or even long nails were tired of the pain and frustration of car seat buckles.

They can now easily take their children anywhere they want with ease and create lasting memories this way through this simple solution. Moreover, UnbuckleMe is also impacting car seat safety for children.

They are helping remove excuses to buckle children in safely. This even allows parents to supervise their 4 years+ kids to buckle themselves in independently.

Rebecca and Barbara are proud to contribute to children’s safety and ease of travel.