Top beauty trends that will explode in 2023

Studio beauty portrait of two sensual women with bright make-up and wet hairstyle.

In the last two years, the beauty industry has been all about skin minimalism and maskne treatments. We spend more time and money on our skincare regime than our makeup routines. We have mastered the ‘your skin but better look, and it’s time for something new.

2022 will combine the scientific with the nostalgic. You can have fun with makeup and customise your skincare regime to your DNA.

Here are the top beauty trends for 2023.


Crystal eye makeup has already started to make an appearance on TikTok. Bejewelled eyeliner is the trend of the season – and some people are even taking it one step further. Dermal piercings lie flat against the skin so you can have crystals anywhere on your body. The dermal piercing is the must-have accessory of 2023.

DNA based skincare

The skincare industry has exploded, and more people want products that really work. We want to know the science behind the serums and acids we put onto our faces. A number of beauty brands are investing in DNA based skincare so you can have the perfect product for your skin. Bespoke skincare will change the game. In fact, Grand View Research estimates DNA based skincare will reach $10 billion by 2028. Hold on tight, your skincare regime is about to be revolutionised.

Body contouring

Non-invasive procedures are likely to become more popular in 2023. Body contouring can help enhance areas of your figure without the need for surgery. In just fifteen minutes, you can target eight areas of your body and see results in 6 weeks.

However, plastic surgery will also be popular this year – especially breast augmentation and facelift procedures. Many people have already booked their procedures for this year. If you’re interested in plastic surgery this year, make sure to book a consultation quickly.

Nostalgic hairstyles

The mullet has returned. The mullet first came into fashion in the 1980s – and it has been controversial ever since. Some people love the rebellious hairstyle with the short top and sides and long back. Miley Cyrus, Joe Exotic, Cara Delevingne and Maisie Williams have jumped on the Mullet bandwagon.

Space buns have also been resurrected from the 90s and welcomed into 2023. We are likely to see more people rocking the voluminous hairstyle as the year goes on.

Stay up to date with the latest trends for 2023, and have fun with the nostalgic styles.

Article by Born Realist