‘Tokyo Ghoul’ Season 3: Where to Watch, Release, News & Trailer

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Recently there has been a lot of hype surrounding Tokyo Ghoul Season 3. 

Fans have been curiously wondering what is to become of their beloved anime series & where can they watch Tokyo Ghoul season 3.

Fans usually have to go through the hassle of spending hours to find a good website to stream the anime online. But we have taken care of that and have compiled the places where you can watch the 1080p versions with smooth streaming.

Where to watch Tokyo Ghoul Season 3?

Here are some of the websites that are best to watch Tokyo Ghoul:re.:

Crunchy Roll
Watch It Now!
Watch It Now!

The popular anime Tokyo Ghoul season 3 is based on the Japanese manga series of the same name.

Tokyo Ghoul season 3 is a set in a fictional, alternate reality and dabbles in the dark fantasy, horror and thriller genre. The series is packed with excitement and mysteries. It is quite dark and intense, which perfectly complements the story line of the anime.

Synopsis Tokyo Ghoul Season 3

Tokyo ghoul season 3

The reason behind the hype of Tokyo Ghoul is its interesting storyline.

So here’s the synopsis Tokyo ghoul season 3 which will definitely make you want to watch it.

In the story, cannibalistic creatures, Ghouls, live in hiding and prey on the humans. Ken Kanecki is a college student who is attacked by his date, Rize Kamishiro, as she reveals herself to be a ghoul.

His bare survival results in him ending up in a hospital for some intense surgery. Ken Kanecki wakes up to realize that he has been transformed into a half-ghoul because of a transplant which transferred some of Rize’s organs into him.

Ken develops the same urges as the other ghouls along with the same special abilities. Since Ken is also half-human, he is able to disguise himself as a human better than the other ghouls around him.

The story continues in the first and the other seasons recounting Ken’s adventures of adaptation and survival as he discovers others like him. In one of those “adventures”, an unfortunate incident befalls Ken which results in a grave brain damage.

Tokyo Ghoul Season 3

That mental injury only complicates things for him by causing him to become more violent and unpredictable in the anime Tokyo ghoul season 3.

We see Ken, and other leading characters, evolve and mature throughout the series as they go through difficult situations and face tragedies and violence.

Their evolution is realistic. This is why it can be said with confidence that the development of Tokyo Ghoul characters’ is one the most amazing ever seen. That is also why people are excited to see what Tokyo Ghoul 3 brings.

Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Spoilers

It has been years since Tokyo Ghoul season 2 aired and since then fans have been speculating a lot about the plot of the upcoming season.

However, some of those theories might have been confirmed by the creator, Sui Ishida. Nobody is still sure if the release date of Tokyo Ghoul season 3 2023.

Tokyo Ghoul Season 3

Just so the series is not ruined for people, below mentioned are the Tokyo Ghoul season 3 spoilers, so view at your own risk:

His Identity
In Tokyo Ghoul season 3 Kaneki supposedly is living under a pseudonym. One of the theories is that he changed his name because of the popularity he gained as a ghoul. So apparently, he starts working as an Associate Special Class Ghoul Investigator to hunt down other ghouls.
His Trauma
Rumour has it that the third season is going to be highly controversial because a lot of stuff is going to be uncovered. Tokyo Ghoul Kaneki is going to recall a lot of his past childhood traumas like the physical abuse he had experienced from his mother.
Violence or Peace?
The upcoming third season is rumoured to be much more violent than the last ones. His violence only elevates further along the Tokyo Ghoul season 3 and many characters fall victim to his violent outbursts, including Shuu Tsukiyama. Tsukiyama is a friend of Ken’s and is stabbed through the chest by Ken during an argument.
Also, in season three, fans will witness the struggle faced by Ken’s character as he tries to find a balance between his human soul and his ghoul self all the while struggling with his traumatic past and his current unfortunate situations.
Negative or Positive?
We will see Ken’s ghoul side accentuate and succeed as his character might become more negative in the forthcoming season.

Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Review

Even though the third season doesn’t even have an official release date, critics have been evaluating the spoilers to give the Tokyo ghoul season 3 review.

According to the reviews, Tokyo Ghouls Season 3 2023 (hopefully) is more violent, more controversial than its previous seasons. Although many questions regarding the previous plot twists will be answered, many more will be raised as the show is suspected to become more suspenseful.

Tokyo Ghoul Season 3

Keeping in mind the story and events that took place in the preceding seasons, the third season is going to be amazing because it is supposed to have an even more intense story with a lot more plot twists.

The Tokyo ghoul season 3 reviews have left fans feeling even more curious than they previously were as they wait for the return of their favorite anime show based on the manga Tokyo ghoul season 3.

The Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 characters will have a more significant and more crucial role in how the whole story plays out than the previous Tokyo ghoul characters.

So the upcoming season is definitely going to be worth the, seemingly never-ending, wait.

Is there a Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Trailer?

Wouldn’t it be great if the Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 trailer had already been released?

In a perfect world, the whole season would have been released by now. Since we live in the real world, the Tokyo Ghoul season 3 trailer and Tokyo Ghoul season 3 release date has not been released yet.

However, the creators are hinting at a trailer and Tokyo ghoul season 3 release in the nearby future so here’s hoping that it is going to be dropped sometime this year.

Although considering their past records, nothing is for sure.

Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Trailer

You can find the trailer to Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 below:

Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 characters

As I have mentioned before that, according to the writing team of Tokyo ghoul, the characters in the upcoming third season are going to play a key role in how the events of the plot are going to unfold.

The Tokyo ghoul season 3 characters might have some new additions to them but a lot of the old ones are going to be recurring.

As of yet, nothing is set in stone but there have been a lot of rumors have been flying around and according to them, there are some characters who are probably going to be pretty important in the next Tokyo ghoul season.

So here’s the list of some probable Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Characters:

  • Ken Kaneki
  • Touka Kirishima
  • Rize Kamishiro
  • Shuu Tsukiyama
  • Yoshimura
  • Hinami Fueguchi
  • Koutarou Amon
  • Renji Yomo

This is not a final list of all the characters but we assume that some of the fan favourites will be returning for season 3.


The Tokyo Ghoul season 3 is one of the best manga to anime adaptation seen in a long time. It has all the complex elements and the story line of the manga perfectly portrayed in the anime series.

It does not miss any important details of the manga which is why most of the manga readers and anime watchers alike, love this season.  

Tokyo ghoul season 3

The creator of the franchise, Sui Ishida, has unofficially mentioned it several times that Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 2023 will be it! So we have something to look forward to this year and soon, we will be able to download Tokyo ghoul season 3 and enjoy it.

Till then, all we can do is re-watch the previous season as we sit and anticipate the Tokyo ghoul season 3 release and wait for the download Tokyo ghoul season 3 link to drop.

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