This is How You Can Stop Making Excuses

stop making excuses

“I don’t know how”,“It probably wouldn’t have worked anyways” ,“I’m too busy.”

Excuses, excuses. It seems that it’s human nature to constantly make excuses for ourselves and others. Instead of doing something productive we often find ourselves caught up in making excuses. Stop making excuses. Excuse-makers are usually seen as weak, lazy or cowardly. Are you living a life of endless excuses? Here’s how you can stop making excuses:

Have some sense of responsibility

The foundation of success, whatever your goal is, is not going to be achieved unless you take responsibility for your life. When you learn to focus on the things which you can control, you will find it very easy to avoid making excuses when things go wrong.

stop making excuses

Example: When you take the responsibility for the things you do and the things you fail to do, if you stop making excuses you can identify the things which you can change to get a better result next time.

Focus on what matters

stop making excuses

Most excuses occur after the fact i.e. something has to go wrong before you point out that it’s not your responsibility. Most people waste valuable time on things that do not really matter. As a result, they fail to complete the tasks which really matter. Then these people make excuses to justify their mistakes.

Life as a training ground

stop making excuses

When you start to regard life as a training ground, setbacks are painted in a new light. When you implement what you learn, you achieve much better results. With this attitude, you begin to see failure as an essential part of your education in life. Next time you experience a setback; stop making excuses and seek out the lesson to be learned. So don’t be disappointed and hide behind the curtain of excuses but consider your life as an opportunity to always learn something new.

It is the long term goal that matters

stop making excuses

Ultimately it is your long term goal that matters the most. When you find the temptation to make excuses, there’s no better time to think of your long term goals. It is better to divide the long term goal into smaller goals which you can achieve quicker, allowing you to feel like you have accomplished something and, take a step towards your long term goal.  You can see the rewards that await you at the end of the journey which build your motivation only if you stop making excuses.

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Welcome challenges(stop making excuses)

stop making excuses

Almost nothing worthwhile in life comes without a fight. Whether you like it or not, you will face challenges along the way so, you might as well stop making excuses and get on with the job of overcoming them because challenges are an essential part of life which should be embraced, engaged and overcome as they allow you to grow as a person. Excuses are a terrible distraction and they will take you nowhere in life so, avoid making excuses and face your challenges head on.

‘I don’t deserve it’

stop making excuses

Often, people who give up because of lack of self-worth are actually listening to the words of someone else—negative words that have been internalized earlier in life. This is absolutely no reason to give up on yourself or the job at hand. You should have a strong determination and confidence in what you do and should stop blaming yourself about not accomplishing something. You deserve the best!

Look for the opportunities

stop making excuses

“There aren’t enough opportunities for me to succeed!” When you catch yourself thinking like this you need to convince yourself that the world is full of opportunities and you just need the right eye to look for them.If you get the sense that something might be an opportunity, grab it with both hands. So stop making excuses and train yourself to actively look into the signs for any opportunity.

Learn to appreciate yourself (Stop making excuses)

stop making excuses

Learn to enjoy your life moment by moment even when you are stuck with the problem. Don’t try to cut yourself out by making excuses considering that you are not worth anything. Do not settle for less than what you really want. Aim for the target, If your life doesn’t fulfill you, push it to make better. You won’t regret it!

Conclusion: Have a “funeral” of your excuses, put them in a box and bury them in a yard because excuses will take you nowhere good but will take you step back in your life and you don’t want that, Do you?

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Article by Born Realist