How To Stop Being Average and Rise Above

As far as I can tell, being normal comes down to one basic outlook. It is a self-restricting mentality and is something that a great many people likely don’t understand they have, but, they enable it to manage the direction and vision of their life. The speediest approach to carry on with a normal life is to feel like you deserve certain components of achievement since you exist and possess certain qualities.
How to become a better person inside and out. I have work – I ought to be paid in like manner. I have an advanced education – my aptitudes are significant. I am strong, fit and of normal weight – I ought to have my optimal partner in life. I have a better than expected IQ – I am bound for greatness. I am an awesome coder and engineer – I ought to be working for a creative organization.
This is a recline way to deal with the world and makes averageness. Unadulterated and basic. It is now and again alluded to as fanciful predominance and depends on the suspicion that you deserve certain things in life. That is just the main viewpoint, in any case. All the more imperatively. Normal is the regular propensity that we as a whole have to come back to what is agreeable. A feeling of qualification engages this as we feel that coming back to this agreeable state won’t affect our life’s prosperity. It is an avoidance of duty on our part. You may not understand it, but rather this suspicion is hindering your self-improvement. It is what is enabling you to always come back to a condition of normal.
To be uncommon, you need to characterize your own particular normal. You can encounter moments of incredible achievement, advancement, and bravery. You can likewise encounter disappointments and crash and burn. In any case, you will, at last, come back to your normal state.

Here are 9 ways how you can stop being average:

1. Analyze Your Good and Bad Points:

In my opinion, this is the most important aspect of rising above average which helps in self-improvement. Analyze your strength and your weaknesses, this will give you a chance to work on your shortcomings and excel in the areas where you are good at. When you polish your strengths, you will definitely gain a leverage over others and get a chance to shine out from the crowd.

2. Read One Chapter of A Book:

Reading a book adds to your knowledge and improves your vocabulary. Most of the successful people in the world are great book readers. Elon Musk and Bill Gates both read 500 pages every day. If you want to be special and different from others, start reading a book. Reading books in history, technology, and current affairs are more likely to help you in self-improvement

3. Spare time For Yourself:

To become an above average person, you need to clear your mind off all the worldly distractions and focus on things and issues that genuinely matter. Every day spare at least half an hour for yourself, where you can ponder over your thoughts, ideas, goals, and strengths. This activity will help self-improvement in the places you lack, it also helps you in thinking and coming up with better solutions for things.

4. Avoid using Digital Products After 10 pm:

Most of the above average personalities are strict about their rules and principles. They have a tough schedule and follow it by all means. If you dream of becoming above average then create rules for yourself that help in self-improvement. To start with, avoid using phones, laptops and any kind of devices before going to bed. In fact, focus on your achievements throughout the day and declutter your mind from all the negativity. You want to make sure you sleep well and wake up feeling fresh the next day.

5. Everyday Is A New Experience:

Every day is a new day, it has new hopes, new challenges, and new experiences. You need to persuade yourself to learn something new every day of your life as it will help in self-improvement. Take every day as a new challenge that you have to face, no matter if you fail or pass, you will end up with a life long lesson.

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6. Set Small Goals For Everyday:

Small goals are easy to keep and even easier to accomplish. They are short-term and don’t occupy too much space in your mind. For starters, you short term goals could get to sleep at 11 pm, maintain a healthy diet week, etc. These short term goals are highly useful and boost your self-improvement.

7. Learn About Life:

The more you learn about life, the better you get at self-improvement. We are too busy in work, and accomplishing a new target that we completely ignore the things life has to offer. Try learning or experiencing something new about life that will help you become more than just average and also add to your soulful and personal growth.

8. Surround Yourself With People Who Share Similar Goals:

If you surround yourself with people with similar goals there are more chances of you achieving that goal. Together all of those people can help in the self-improvement of one person. When you interact with people who share the same enthusiasm as you, it will make you excited and motivated to see people who are really serious about their dreams.

9. Reward Yourself:

This might sound strange, but it’s a highly motivating habit one should observe. If you want to be above average then it’s time you start appreciating yourself for all the hard work and struggle you make. Take yourself on dessert date, go on a shopping spree, watch Netflix and eat a pizza, because YOU deserve it. When you start seeing yourself as special and appreciate your efforts, other will follow your lead and start taking you seriously too.

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Article by Born Realist