7 Brutal Truths No One Tells You About Growing Up

Remember when you were a little child and you believed that adults had the answers to the majority of your questions and that those answers would, indeed, mirror a definitive truth and how life ought to be lived? All things considered, what you didn’t know at that point (and what a great deal of us most likely still don’t have the foggiest idea) is that every single one of us has an alternate plan of beliefs and in light of those convictions, we prepare our lives and our existence.

The following is a list of  7 brutal realities that nobody taught you while growing up. It depends solely on my own beliefs and encounters.

1. No one has the answer to your questions.

As children we grow up believing that adults have the answers to all our questions, they know the right direction and we end up dreaming and idolizing the adult life and imagine the bliss in being a grown-up and knowing all the right things. However, what we don’t know is that majority of the adults don’t have the tiniest clue as to what is happening in life and where to go, there just as confused as us. Being an adult does not make life easier in fact vice versa. So enjoy your childhood as much as you can. You don’t have to worry about marriage, job, kids or insurance.

2. It’s Harder to Be Kind than Clever

Being an adult, you will come across various kinds of people in your life. Some will be like a light breeze while others will be a migraine. You will realize that you can’t be kind all the time and to everyone. Being straightforward is more important than being kind. Don’t hide the truth just because you feel an obligation to be Kind to someone.

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3. Time doesn’t sit tight for anybody

It doesn’t. Time goes by so quick! Also, that is precisely why we should figure out how to treasure each and every minute we spend on this lovely Earth, to be available and occupied with all that we do – for time, once passed, is gone for eternity.

4. Don’t let others opinions define you

As an adult, you have to realize that people will criticize you, demoralize you, set standards for you and tell you what to do. But you need to teach yourself to not let other’s opinions define you. You are the best you are. People may act like they are interested in your life but most of the time they are just curious. As a child, you don’t have to worry about that and can easily enjoy life as you please.

5. Rejection is a part of life

Be it a job or a bad breakup, remember you will face rejection in your life as an adult, but that doesn’t mean you stop trying or give up on life. Every failure and rejection comes with a lesson, learn from it get back up and keep moving forward. You never know while you are mourning over one closed door, others may be opening for you.

6. Life will be confusing most of the times

There will be days when all you want to do is cry and eat ice cream, days when you can’t figure out anything. Life as an adult can be very messy and confusing. You may feel tangled up in situations and places you never envisioned. However, what matters is how naturally you handle the mess and get out of it safe and sound.

7 Let go and Accept Change

Learn when it’s time to let go of a bad relationship, a draining job or an apartment. As an adult, you have to keep evolving and learn to let go of things. You can’t hang on to one tragedy and mourn for years. You can’t change what happened, however, you can definitely change what happens next. Let go of damaged goods and learn to change.

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Article by Born Realist