11 Important Rules You Will Never Learn In School

rules of life

One of the biggest responsibilities of parents is to give their child a proper education. In the regular setting, children are expected to attend school and be good to be able to get a decent job. But guess what? After 15 or more years of studying (and actually being good at it), there are more important things you will never learn from the four corners of your classroom. School teaches us a great many things: the hypotenuse theorem, the history of the world, how to use semicolons correctly except that we’ll never actually remember how to do so, sorry teachers! Unfortunately, there are some rules of life that children should be learning in school, but don’t. There is a difference between real life and fictional life that most individuals of new generation fail to understand and are not taught in schools. This set of life changing rules might be one of the core lessons that make you stand out of the crowd and lead a billionaire lifestyle. So here are the 11 rules for a successful life which you don’t learn at schools, colleges or institutions. I hope you take this rules as forever life lessons and be the best and productive you can be in each day of your life.

11. Life is not fair, get used to it

rules of life

You could be the smartest, hardest working most noble person alive and still not get that A grade or a promotion. The sooner you stop expecting life to hand you the things you think you “deserve”, the easier it will be to bounce back in those times when life knocks you down and just keeps kicking. You could have earned your position and still it can slip away from your hands. Do not give up! and get over it. Direct your anger or frustration towards the right way and earn the life you ever wanted in spite of the biggest obstacles that knocked you down.

10. The World Doesn’t care about your self esteem

rules of life

There is no need to show off what you are going to be in the future, don’t fall in the trap. Start making something of yourself today. Right now. The idea you have in your mind might be the throttle which pushes you in the spot light of success, so follow your instinct and get on it! You only truly fail if you never try. The important thing is to work hard until you turn your dream into reality. And never forget to give back a small portion of your achievement to the world. That is when you get the appreciation.

9. Being popular does actually help you out in life

rules of life

There is no denying that popularity is frequently a product of other social skills that will serve someone well in the adult world. This doesn’t at all mean that you aren’t just as capable of achieving success if you weren’t prom queen. Maybe your parents told you that the popular kids in high school will end up flipping burgers, but most likely that’s not the case. Popular kids know how to work it, socially. It does help you success later in adult life, Why? Because preferences has it’s roots deep in the workplaces, and your bosses will choose other employees over you if they like their personality more. Cruel world is cruel.

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8. Flipping burgers is not beneath your dignity

rules of life

A waiter/waitress position opens up at your favorite restaurant? Swallow your pride and take it. There is no secret to having a great luck, it is all about ho you grab the opportunity and make the most of it. No work is small if you do it in a great way. How about if you worry how to achieve your goal rather than worrying about how other people will feel about you doing a job that is beneath you? Success only comes to those who are willing to get their hands dirty. The richest men in the world started off as paper boys – remember that.

7. If you mess up, it’s not your parents’ fault

rules of life

You need to stop spreading the blame around and take responsibility for your failures. Many people are caught up in their mommy and daddy issues, and they let their life mess up in the process, and we as humans always look someone to blame and in this case the parents. Stop throwing stones on others. You can only get better if you start accepting your mistakes and do not be dependent on your parents or any other person for correcting your own mistakes. Only then do you earn the right to own your successes as well.

6. You will constantly be screwed over (Rules of life)

rules of life

Everyone will always find ways to extort money from you. Cops will pull you over even if you were only going two miles over the speed limit and give you a $300 ticket. Your health insurance will find a way to bill you a few thousand more dollars than they need to. People will try to steal your credit card information. People will not pay you back. You will never be taught about this in your academics, you will learn it with experiences and by reading about it. Just know this, and be prepared for it. That pretty much goes for everything.

5. Life is not divided into semesters

rules of life

Your school may have done away with winners and losers, but life has not. In school, you will get a chance until you pass the stage but it is not the case in real life. When you are out in the real world where your fate or survival is in your own hands, you don’t always get second chances. The real world won’t give you time off to recoup your strength. Once life starts it just goes on and on, and on. Be sure and confident about your choices and learn from others who have the knowledge about it. Live each and every moment and build firm foundations for your life, make your own way through this world.

4. You will not make six-figure salary right after school

rules of life

It takes time, you can’t be everything you ever wanted to be overnight. Do not find shortcuts to get to your goal rather work hard for it and work on yourself. I’m talking sweat and blood here, and don’t expect anyone’s gratitude for it. You will surely get what you have worked hard for and you will continually progress towards your goal. Grow slow! Be big!

3. Almost everything is political

rules of life

Everyone is going to have their own agenda. Maybe you were fired because your boss owed someone a favor. Or maybe your co-worker was promoted instead of you because your manager just likes him or her better than you. There are literally no rules to prevent this from happening. Assume that everyone has ulterior motives. Just work hard for yourself and keep your eyes open for such circumstances.

2. Television is not real life 

rules of life

Life seems a lot easier on TV than it is in real life. In real life people have to get up early in the morning and leave for their work. Entertainment is important but not compulsory. Living a better life is compulsory. Think from your own brain and you have to stop falling for the traps set by the media and it is not compulsory to always go with the flow and copy whatever everyone is doing. Stay away from your Television, if locks you in the prison of deceptions.

1. Don’t burn your bridges

rules of life

Career-wise, it’s always smart to keep in contact with everyone you have worked for and with. You never know when that individual will help you out, and if you’ve treated them like crap in the past, don’t expect them to do anything for you. Be nice to others. However, some of your bridges just aren’t worth keeping. And if that’s the case, may the bridges you burn light your way!


You will learn a lot in school but that is only to get grades in your academics, the real life lessons are what you learn out of your experience with one on one interactions with different people. They make you learn what life is really all about and if you have got it right, you will get to your goals no matter what!

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Article by Born Realist