10 Lies you Tell Yourself That keeps You from Achieving Success

One thing that keeps us from achieving success is when we Lying to Yourself to ourselves. Most people sabotage their own careers and success by the excuses and Lying to Yourself they keep feeding themselves. When Lying to Yourself, you are limiting your strength, your ability to work hard and achieving something in your life. I lack money, I’m too lazy, I don’t have the potential, I don’t have the time, I can’t handle stress are all demotivating factors that reduce your chances of becoming successful and famous. These Lying to Yourself are barriers to your fulfillment and achievement.

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Remember Success comes to those who hustle.

“Do not Lying to Yourself. When we deny our own truth, we deny our own potential”

Here are 10 lies you frequently tell yourself to avoid success:

I’ll Start Tomorrow: Lying to Yourself

tell a lie

I’m sure you remember the saying, “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.” Today is today and while you’re waiting for the rest of your life, it’s already tomorrow. Unfortunately, a great many people fail to understand the true meaning of the quote and keep pushing their success off for another day.

We don’t realize that it takes the same energy to take the first step as to Lying to Yourself. If you genuinely want to achieve something in life, don’t waste a day, a minute or a second, create a to-do-list and start right away.

Right down at least 3 goals to accomplish each day and make sure you’ve achieved them by the end of the day.

I Don’t Have Enough Time: Lying to Yourself

Lying to Yourself

This would perhaps be the most common Lying to Yourself or yourself. Believe it or not, we have more time than we think we do. It’s all about priorities. For some people, success is not the topmost priority so they make excuses or Lying to Yourself about it. If you really want to be successful, then make time. Spend less time on social media, spare yourself from unproductive connections, schedule the golf game for next week and most importantly quit procrastinating. Spend your time on productive activities, and keep practicing your skills.

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I’m Too Old For This: Lying to Yourself

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We understand that you are not born with certain skills or success. It takes a considerable amount of time to reach success in life. With time and over the years you become better at things and increase your chances of achieving your goals. The moment you Lying to Yourself, that you lack resources, you’re too old for it, you don’t have time etc you’re already preparing yourself for failure. History is full of examples of people who succeeded late in life. Julia Child published her first book at the age of 48. Founder of McDonalds System Inc. Ray Kroc became successful at the age of 52.

Age is just a number. In order to be honored in the list of successful latecomers, all you have to do is visualize your goals. Ask yourself, what do you need to make your goals reality? When do you start? What changes are required?

Where Do I Start? Lying to Yourself

stop lying to yourself

Your brain is not linear. It will not tell you where to begin from. You cannot assume you already know the beginning. That’s not how your brain works. Start anywhere you like. Make an investment, read a book or help someone. Most beginners start at their home which is a great initiative. Getting started is mostly the challenging part but once you get through that, it gets easier. With an optimistic personality and a little faith, you can go far.

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I Don’t Have The Courage: Lying to Yourself

believing your own lies

It’s not courage holding you back from moving forward. You are just afraid of failure and scared to take the courageous step. To cover it up, you Lying to Yourself, that you’re not capable of achieving anything. If you’re a business associate your lack of courage keeps you from facing your employees. Your lack of courage keeps you from expressing yourself in a relationship and you might lose your significant other.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts”- Winston Churchill

I’m Not Smart Enough: Lying to Yourself

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You might think all successful people are intelligent and really smart, but what you don’t know is that their IQ accounts only 25% of their success and the remaining 75% of their success consists of hard work, persistence and strong will. You are Lying to Yourself when you say backbenchers are just the jocks and success comes only to the front seaters. Before making the final conclusions, try assessing your networking abilities and your emotional intelligence. A good sense of humor, a charming personality, and strong confidence will beat an MBA graduate any day.

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I Don’t Have Enough Money: Lying to Yourself

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You are Lying to Yourself again; when you think all millionaires had great wealth to start off their careers with.  Spending a lot of money on a certain project just won’t make it successful. Don’t blame money to be the prime source of your failure. Analyze all the other factors that contribute to the success of your project. These might include; goal setting, decision making, team building etc.

In fact, most billionaires had very little money to start their businesses with. However, they were lucky enough to know how to utilize that money resourcefully and make the most of it.

 I Fear Change: Lying to Yourself

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Another fallacy you feed yourself is that you fear change. Not changing can lead to stagnation. You are Lying to Yourself and your supporters when you say, change is not necessary. You are prone to failure if you believe in this fallacy.

The world is changing every second. Opportunities are knocking at your door every minute. If you don’t avail them, your competitors will. Currently, the world is a dynamic corporate business world. Not changing reduces your chances of saving money or making good decisions.

You need to stay updated with the changes in the world, these changes will either make you or break you.

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“If you do not change direction, you won’t end up anywhere” – Lao Tzu

 I Need a Lucky Break: Lying to Yourself

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If you believe that you need a lucky break, then let me tell you, your chances are as low as winning the lottery. You are Lying to Yourself and you are deceiving yourself into thinking that all the successful people simply got lucky and did not struggle enough to achieve it.However, the reality is different. It takes courage, nerve, determination and a vision to succeed and make luck work.

I Shall Never Fail: Lying to Yourself


Image Credits: Usama Zahid

Failure is a part of the journey. People are scared to fail. They are scared that it will slow down their process of success. You are Lying to Yourself every time you think you won’t fail. Let me enlighten you; every entrepreneur has once failed in their life. But the most interesting part is they did not give into failure. They got back up every time they failed and continued to fight for their goals.

Failure is an experience that will teach you many lessons. The founder of Virgin Groups, Richard Branson is familiar with failure. Before succeeding as an entrepreneur he had a list of unsuccessful projects.

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– Article by Born Realist