JACK MURPHY: Inspiring A New Generation of Digital Entrepreneurs

Not all people who climb up to the riches go there with luck on their side. In the case of Jack Murphy, the road to his millions was all about hard work and figuring out exactly what people wanted. The now 23-year-old Jack is one of the most promising and successful e-commerce extraordinaires in the digital space the world has right now, with his company grossing over $25 million in just a few years by selling various clothing items and accessories. He has shown that hard work and making the right decisions can create an empire in the digital world.


Before his breakthrough success

Jack was always determined to become the best version of himself. It started way before in elementary school from where he gained his experience of selling products to various consumers. In elementary school, Jack used to run lemonade stands, make hand-drawn paintings, and sell products on eBay. All of this enabled Jack to get the initial experience of selling things to consumers on various mediums, way before anyone else. The times when kids cared more about their Xbox, Jack was on the grind.

As he grew, he moved to sell digital products, while keeping the older business model. His main occupation was web development at the time. Making various websites gave him enough experience to set up his own e-commerce websites to sell motivational sports wristbands, lanyards, and t-shirts online; He sold thousands of dollars worth of products each month.

As 2016 came along, he really took a chance in upscaling his skills and business to a corporate level. He did so by joining Trump’s Presidency campaign and became a member of the Conservative influencer. He had a following of more than 300,000 on Twitter. Here he sold various Trump 2016 wristbands, lanyards, and t-shirts online. This not only did this help Trump in making people more engaged in the election process but also favored Jack immensely in his endeavors of getting more consumers to his domain.

After two years, Jack opened a new brand named I Love My Freedom. This brand of e-commerce again sold wristbands and t-shirts. And just like that, with the right creativity and outreach, he made millions in a span of months. His products were not only of high quality but were also treated with a purpose, a message from all conservatives.



Jack Murphy was a very beloved grandson, so it was heart wrenching for him when he lost his grandfather when he was in college. His grandfather was an NCAA and NFL coach for thirty years. In his years of excellence, he also coached Jack, which later turned Jack’s ultimate goal to a professional footballer.

Having him leave his side was surely not a very easy thing to move on from. So in order to make him proud above, he opted to pursue his football career. Unfortunately, fate took another turn in the way of his dreams. In college during a game, he injured his shoulder badly. He had to go for surgery in order to make his shoulder again. The circumstances forced him to quit football as it wasn’t a safe sport for him anymore.

It was this exact moment in his life that made him pursue e-commerce. With no hope left in his prior dreams, he committed fully to his goal of creating a successful e-commerce business. A blessing in disguise, this occurrence shifted the mindset of Jack for the better and his struggles enabled him to push even harder to make something substantial for himself.

Hopes for the website:

Jack isn’t stopping with his grind though. He has ambitious plans for his business that wants to achieve. With an honest business model that only helps people to express themselves in the best manner possible, Jack wants to sell over 10 million orders on his patriotic clothing by the end of 2024.

This number doesn’t feel like a stretch considering Jack has already sold a million products within the span of three years. He is constantly making changes to his customer service strategies in order to accomplish this goal of his. By aiming for a revenue of $100M, his intentions are clear in becoming a trademark in political advertising and beyond.

How does Jack want to make the world better?

Jack is well-informed about the censorship and the propaganda that the media plays against honest political motives. In order for people to make their voices heard and express their opinion, Jack believes his patriotic apparel makes it easier for people to exercise their rights.

He wants to continue selling affordable clothing to people and allow them to express their support of fundamental American rights. He strives for the preservation of fundamental human rights for all citizens of the country, which is truly the American dream.