How to manage your businesses parking area

Owning a business can sometimes means acquiring office space to work in. Many employees will travel to work by car. So, you must have parking space to make their journey to work as easy as possible. Once you’ve obtained a staff car park, a level of organisation is required to keep it running smoothly. Lack of organisation can result in chaos and, your business must manage your car parking area to ensure its smooth running. So, here are some simple ways you can manage your businesses parking area.

Allocated parking spaces 

If your office’s houses multiple businesses, business-specific parking should be allocated. Take into account business size and how many staff work from the office daily. Doing this ensures that each business has the correct amount of parking spaces and removes the risk of unhappy employees.

Client and visitor spaces 

Often, office-based businesses will have clients and visitors coming on-site. Client and visitor care are of the utmost importance. So, ensure you allocate parking close to the office entrance, so visitors don’t have to walk for. Also, doing this will offer your clients and visitors a feeling of exclusivity as it represents their importance.


Ensuring the safety of your employees, clients, and visitors is of the utmost importance. Make sure the car parking area is safe by implementing speed limit signs and speed bumps where necessary. You should also place convex mirrors to improve visibility on blind corners – this can help prevent accidents in peak usage times.

Easy access 

Keep the risk of accidents to a minimum by ensuring your businesses parking area is easily accessible. To make sure there is easy access into the car park, you should ideally have 2 points of exit and entry. This will help to avoid the build-up of traffic in busy times such as before and after work. If this is not addressed correctly, congestion and accidents may occur, causing your company difficulties.


Once you have created a functional parking area – maintain it appropriately. Weathering, wear, and tear can cause parking space lines to blur on the ground. As a result, people may park outside of their designated spaces and limit the number of people able to fit into the car park. Also, potholes develop over time. If one begins to form, you should patch it up immediately as it will only increase in size. If left unattended, potholes could damage the cars that travel into your car park and cause serious financial and physical damage.

Article by Born Realist