10 Games that Are Very Much Like the Great Diablo 3 [Must Play]

games like diablo 3

There aren’t many games like Diablo 3 out there but the ones that are, we are going to list them for you here:

1. Diablo 3 itself?

image credits: GameSpot

Diablo 3 is one of the three-point click titans of the video game development studio known as Blizzard, it stands tall amongst its two fellow franchises of Warcraft and Starcraft and was now recently introduced to Blizzard’s latest titan, Overwatch. Diablo 3 is the third installment of a trilogy of dungeon crawling action RPG games.

A genre primarily focused on classes, loot, leveling, grinding and linear exploration with the games the main goal is to defeat the antagonist who goes by the name Diablo, thus being the center of our story.

However, Diablo 3 was released way back in 2012 which means by now most of the video game population has had their fill of the gritty franchise and already played it.

For those aforementioned people, here are a few substitute games you may or may not have played and could be worth checking out

2. Dragon City:

dragon city android

I know many of you don’t like playing games on android phones and I know this because Diablo 3 is not available on mobile. But I just had to put this amazing game in the list majorly because it’s just too good!
Dragon City packs something much bigger than what meets the eye. It has great visuals and a great gameplay which is very similar to Diablo 3. Although it doesn’t have the dark theme it does appeal to the same audience because of the rich gameplay. Dragon City hack is almost available here for players who want more enjoyment.

Overall, Social point did a great job in the development of the game. Dragon City mod apk by dragongames.co is available for who want to download it from sources other than playstore.  There have been numorous games out there like this one but no one can beat dragon city in the rich animation as well as the gameplay.

3. Torchlight


image credits: ruincgames

Now before we get into the details of this game, lets start by actually pointing out that a chunk of the development team for Diablo 2 actually worked on this game, even Matt Uelmen, contributing his Diablo 2 composition skills to the soundtrack of this game, so here’s a good place to start for your alternative needs!

Set in a land predominated by a mysterious and prosperous ore, you take the role of a lone hero that can be one of three classes to choose from, The Destroyer, Alchemist, and Vanquisher.

Residing in a town known as Torchlight that happens to be atop the ore’s very source, you discover negative and corrupting effects hidden in the valuable material’s contents, and must set out on a journey of adventuring, dungeon crawling and looting to discover the source of the negative corruption on the valuable ore and to save Torchlight from a fate many unfortunate civilizations before it faced.

4. Grim Dawn

Grim Dawn

image credits: grimdawn.com

Now, taking a step away from the fancy Diablo and the bright, optimistic Torchlight, we take an abrupt plunge into the abyss with the Grim Dawn.

A dark and gritty setting, Grim dawn quite literally starts off with the protagonist being hung to death, but because of an ethereal spirit exiting your body are you spared imminent death as your executioner cuts the lethal rope.

Now the main story in its own isn’t the most interesting selling point of this dark game, what is appealing, however, is some of the intriguing shifts we see in the environments. Ranging from depressing cursed forests to bright desert fields with cowboy outlaws (I know right?)

It’s so bizarre, it actually works well.

Of course, there’s more Loot as well for you chipper gamers to hog around as well as an array of classes to choose from, being listed accordingly as the Soldier, Demolitionist, Occultist, Nightblade, Arcanist, and Shaman.

All with pretty fun to progress skill trees and even more interesting to see applications of.

5. Drakensang: The dark eye

Drakensang: The dark eye

image credits: moregameslike.com

Unlike the titles mentioned above, Drakensang is free to play which makes for a good incentive to try the game out since you’re not risking any unnecessary expenditure. Jumping right into the game, the player is given the choice between 20 character classes, each classes having different skill sets and a subcategory of jobs.

There’s no restriction however on what weapons one can use. Like most other RPG dungeon crawlers, the player can recruit up to four members of any classes to make up their party.

The leveling system is divided into 3 categories of combat talents, magic talents and regular talents, each with their branching out skill trees, and players are also equipped with miscellaneous skill options such as alchemy, lockpicking, ammunition forging and weapons assembly.

The game also uses a dice roll system similar to Dungeons and Dragons to pass certain skill checks such as attacking a high tier enemy. Overall a good game to check out if looking for a free Diablo substitute.

6. Darksiders


image credits: Darksiders

Now Darksiders is a bit of a deviation from the formula of isometric dungeon crawling we’ve been following in the other games, but it’s still a similar game nonetheless and also about to become a trilogy with its upcoming 3rd release this year.

A game centered around the horsemen of the apocalypse: War, Death, Famine, and Pestilence. Two out of these four have been playable as the main protagonists (War in 1 and Death in 2) and the upcoming 3 will have the players take control of Fury, War’s sister.

The game itself is a slasher linear action RPG much like Diablo minus the isometric point and click gameplay, with its own vast array of weapons, skills, platforming and even puzzle solving.

Getting through the trilogy and story itself is a lengthy process considering 3 is still yet to release, so if you’ve already played and enjoyed Diablo, here’s something to look forward to.

Honorary Mentions:

If you’re looking for something that’s a bit apart from Diablo but is still as capturing and action-packed, full of stuff to loot, then you need to check out the following games!

These aren’t exactly Diablo’s counterparts but are the next step after Diablo.

7. Witcher 3:

Witcher 3

image credits: theWitcher.com

The Witcher trilogy has taken the world by storm and if you’re a frequent gamer than you must have heard about it. Witcher 3, available on PS4, XBOX and PC has a gameplay of over 50 hours and side quests that span 50 hours as well. Witcher follows the story of Geralt of Rivia, a man who hunts monsters in a mythical world full of creatures to discover and defeat and mysteries to uncover.

Witcher is highly praised not only for its graphics and its amazing story, but also the items and the gameplay that has managed to capture the imagination of so many gamers across the globe. Witcher allows you to follow any three paths that develop Geralt’s skill sets in different ways.

The Witcher 3 is the final game in the trilogy but there’s a lot of Witcher to play!

There are two DLC’s that can be downloaded as well, and the best part is that Witcher is very well optimized so it can work in even the most primitive of computers (we know because we’ve tried).

Download Witcher today and travel the lands in Witchers open world, gather items and level up and make Geralt the most amazing Witcher in all of the lands.

8. XCOM 3:

XCOM 3 War of the Chosen is a multiplayer game which is the latest installment in the XCOM series.

In XCOM 3 along with your normal XCOM 2 duties, you have to contact new continents, research a new alien threat but just when you start thinking that the franchise, (which by the way includes going through the motions of the story and collected troops and coins) can’t get any more demanding and intense.

XCOM 3 drops a huge bomb on its players and introduces three super-powered aliens who aim to steal your money, take all your soldiers and taunt you while they do it.

These three bosses can pick on you in the game during a mission and will continue to pester you until you find them on the map and defeat them.

Each of these new super bosses has weaknesses you can exploit and this aspect only manage to make the RPG better!

9. Overwatch:


image credits: playoverwatch.com

Produced by Blizzard, Overwatch has incredible graphics and is a multiplayer team shooting game that has staggeringly different characters and a story worth following.

Overwatch has been dominating the video game world for quite some time now, and with good reason.

It is something of a hero-centric kind of game and really has softer lighting and is a lot less dark than some of the games we’ve mentioned in our article.

You can play a number of different characters but people agree that is it more exciting to play an offense character instead of defense.

The game, however, follows some simple tactics, usually, each matches objective is something like “get this” or “defend that” but that’s actually quite refreshing because it keeps the game going and builds a nice rhythm that all Diablo fans will appreciate.

10. Dragon Mania Legends:

Although this comes from a completely different developer, Gameloft. This game is definitely a MUST PLAY. It comes from one of the biggest developers of mobile gaming. It has an amazing gameplay along with a very fast-paced action mode where you can train your own dragons.
Recently dragon mania mod apk was released which set the community on fire and took it from 1 million users to 5 million users.

If you’re looking to get into android gaming and love Diablo 3, you really need to play this epic game.

Conclusion – Games Like Diablo 3:

image credits: blizzard

Diablo is a difficult game to get over, we get it.

It’s like nothing else compares to that unique third person view and all that looting! However, with the wide selection of games we’ve just written down and reviewed for you, we are sure you’ll find something that suits you great or maybe even better! After all, some of these games are AAA and have won a few awards!

However, we all know that the Diablo trilogy will always have a special place in our hearts.