Here’s How You Can Become Taller And Get Perfect Posture in 1 Week

Alice Robinson tested and found new techniques which will help a man to become 1.5 cm taller that too within a week. She was able to do this with by stretching her spinal column and by increasing the height of inter-vertebral disk by 1-2 mm. In fact, a correct posture will add up to your height by inches. Here are some ways mention which will help you to attain the perfect posture in just one week and will also help you in becoming taller:

10. Sleeping Posture:

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Another interesting thing to notice here is that you can increase your height even while being asleep. Just lay down for 10 minutes on your back and it will add 5 mm to your height. You must be wondering how is that possible? But it is possible because when you do not lay down the whole day, your spine gets shrink and it returns back to its normal shape when you lay down. You can make it everlasting ting by doing some exercises. But one more important thing that you should remember is that the adults who have passed the age of 25 will not be able to get benefits from this exercise.

9. By Riding A Bicycle:

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You can increase your height by riding a bicycle also. A lot of people love riding bicycles. What could be better for them than increasing their length while doing what they love? You can increase your height through riding a bike in such a way that firstly you should adjust the seat. By doing this you will have to make an effort to stretch your legs. So, that it will reach the pedals. But remember you should not place it very high otherwise you can hurt your joints also.

8. Standing On Your Shoulders:

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You must be thinking how is that possible to stand on your shoulders? But it actually is possible. And not only that it is very beneficial for you if you want to increase your height. To stand on your shoulders, firstly you have to stretch your legs in the upward direction. Try doing that as much as possible. This is quite a risky exercise. You should keep your body at the right angle. Your legs can also fall abruptly. So do not allow that to happen. If this will happen, there are high chances of you being getting injured.

7. Body Bends:

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Bending sounds very easy, right? You would have never thought that such simple thing can also help you in becoming taller. But it does help you out in such a way that you will be astonished. There are few things which you must keep in mind while bending down. You should keep your legs straight and then try to touch your fingers to your toes. In the beginning, do not go for many repetitions but instead do very less bending stretches. And try to increase the number with time.

6. Cobra Exercise:

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This is also an amazing exercise to become taller very instantly. Another good thing about this exercise is that it is very much easy to do. You can do this exercise at any place. It also has a lot of advantages except being great for your spinal area. Cobra exercise also helps in stretching your back. Not only that it also helpful for the back area of your hips and also very much helpful for your buttocks as well.

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5. Jumping:

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Jumping is also a very effective way for you if you want to become taller. Jumping can be done in many ways such as jumping rope, while play basketball or the simplest of all while jumping on the same spot. This exercise not only helps you in becoming taller but it also helps your body by strengthening your bones and your muscles.

4. Hanging On Some Bar:

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Hanging on some bar is one of the easiest exercises you will ever do. For this exercise, you just need a bar or something which is of quite greater height. After that, all you have to do is to hang on that bar. Keep on hanging on that bar for quite some time. There is need to do chin-ups, all you have to do is to keep yourself hanged up. Hanging also helps in strengthening your spinal cord and your abdominal muscles as well.

3. Swimming:

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If there would be measuring thing to check which exercise would help you the most in becoming taller than swimming will take the trophy for sure. A lot of people love swimming also. Swimming helps your body in such ways that you will never realize. While you are in the water, there is very less load on your intervertebral disks and your bones. And your joints also become more mobile. In this way, swimming helps you in attaining the height you desire.

2. Bridge Pose:

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Making a crab sounds very weird, right? But it is not difficult at all. You just have to lay on the ground a try to move your shoulders in the upward direction. This is called as making a crab on your shoulders. This exercise also helps in strengthening the lower back of your body. It also helps you in pumping your abs and the buttocks.

1. Mindset:

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These were few of the exercises which will help you in getting the perfect posture and increase your height. But the most important thing for doing so is your proper mindset. Your right mindset helps you in attaining anything you desire for. There are some other factors which influence your height as well. One is the right diet and the other being the sound sleep. To become taller, you must consume enough amount of calcium, iron, vitamin D, and some other elements.

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Not only them you need to consume sufficient amount of other vitamins also. All of these things are necessary for your body to function in the right way. You should sleep on some hard surface as well. For that, you should select some orthopedic mattress and a pillow of the same type. If you will follow all of these instructions you will yourself notice a change in your posture and height also.

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