Do you Really Need a College Degree to Become Successful?

college dropout

“Success in life means different things to different people” Success can be gained through many modes, going to college may not be the ticket to success but it can definitely provide you a platform hereafter. Success can be achieved by different institutes, programs, magazines etc. College degree can help you achieve your goals. It is mandatory if you want a professional career. However, you do not need a college degree to become a wealthy movie star, a celebrity or a sportsman. College degree does not generally enable you to achieve spiritual happiness but it may help you achieve professional success.


Holders of college degree may have unaccustomed opportunities. For some professions degree is integral, you can’t be a doctor or surgeon without one. If the career you envision for yourself doesn’t absolutely require a degree to be considered you fall into the murky “it depends” area. A degree will help you even if you’re having a zero experience.

Balanced Life:

It teaches us team work, time managing, how to handle different tasks. It makes us well organized. The above mentioned proves that college degree always pays off. It provides befitting knowledge and skills to be used later in real life doom and working environment. Since the coexisting market is vast and huge.

An analogous state of being:

To be successful is to be happy which leads to peace of mind. It changes the outlook, a certain way of viewing life and set of mannerism you live by. A creed or commitment promotes or leads to successful outcome for you in life.  It may be action that you go through with things that commonly occur in life, such as seizing opportunities. You may possess a trait, talent or skill that gives the ability to do things to be successful.

Why One Third of Tech Billionaire Are College Dropouts

Passion to achieve something:

As no one should acquire college degree to become successful and when one would be successful he will not only help in the prosperity of himself but also his country. Plus in various countries degree is important because there are huge job crisis and if people start recruiting illiterate people then there will be no room for educated people.

Multi-faceted subject:

Success is a multi-faceted subject, gaining and understanding of what starts out with asking people what they success in. Success can be a personal characteristic. Experiences teach people to be a better person. Degree is essential to success in life because there is a less chance of success without one. It provides us special skills for having a bright future.

Fate over success:

Many politicians and business tycoon did not get education properly but they are working very well and they handle all matter easily.  Many players are not properly educated still they are successful , a very big example can be Sachin Tendulkar. Businessman like Mr.Dheerubhai Ambani is not properly educated but still he is worldwide ninth richest person


So, in the end it can be concluded that college degree plays a very important part in man’s success as it gives a pathway to overcome different tasks and difficulties. Education is the key to success. It opens doors to people with all backgrounds and expand human mind with knowledge. Getting a degree plays a vast role in determining the future. Education helps you to reach your goals. Education s the most powerful weapon which can change your world. But at the same time there are exceptions, people who went against the system and created something that impacted the world so formal education is not the answer for all.

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– Article by Born Realist