Choose a CRM for G Suite

Nowadays entrepreneurs already know that the more successful their business – the more strict organization is needed within. Many already started to use Google products for their business purposes wishing to systemize and arrange workflows. Some even tasted the benefits of the paid G Suite business package which has the improved access functionality, provides more cloud storage memory volume and is made the way that saves time and helps to automize certain business processes so that entrepreneurs would never have to worry about them again. Some also tried to use G Suite along with CRM systems integrable with Google products. But now everything changed. The CRM market saw the new G Suite CRM – NetHunt. This software supports multilateral integration with all the G Suite applications making them work even faster. It integrates so deeply that the customer who started to use G Suite along with NetHunt would not even guess that the functionality tools of these two software applications could ever work separately.

NetHunt will suit to all the company sizes, regardless of whether they run a small business or a huge one, whether the deal is about one entrepreneur or a large enterprise. NetHunt can automate daily activities, track sales and attract customers across multiple platforms. In addition, the wide-functional mobile version of the application allows customers to close more deals even if they are not in the office, but on the go.

The main value of NetHunt CRM is its ability to automate daily operations in the sales process, converts website visitors to potential customers, collects contacts from external sources. Most sales operations in NetHunt CRM require solely one click and they can be customized to meet the specific needs of each business.

NetHunt CRM for G Suite allows customers to quickly access all relevant customer information right inside the Gmail correspondence frame without the need for scrolling or searching for something else – all collected in one place.

The problems solved with the help of software for customer relations management are relevant to any business area. Currently, CRMs are most actively used in the field of trade and services, however, financial, insurance and telecommunications industries are also not exceptions.

The most valuable resource for any company is definitely customers. In modern economic conditions, it is important to minimize the consumers’ outflow and increase their profitability. However, this cannot be achieved without building trust and loyalty between the company and clients. The foundation of trust is effective customer relationships management and an individual approach to each of them. Sufficient customer knowledge allows entrepreneurs to change the business model totally: from an ineffective strategy for finding new consumers for the proposed solutions, they can move on to developing solutions for existing customers based on their needs. Such personalized service is a direct path to the loyalty formation, which means an increase in the value of the customer base and the success of the company.

NetHunt CRM integrable within G Suite apps provides the full-scale business strategy aimed at strengthening relationships with customers to optimize company’s services, which ultimately leads to an increase in the value of each consumer, and consequently, to an increase in the company’s competitiveness at the world market.