10 Best Portable Fridges To Beat the Heat in Summers

best portable fridges

We’re here to tell you about the Best Portable fridges. 

best Portable fridges

Portable fridges are A-mazing! They add to your convenience and simply make life a lot easy for you!

Wouldn’t you agree?

Picking out the best portable fridge may not be that easy and that’s why we are here! Today, I will be guiding you through the 10 best portable fridges and portable freezer out there. You won’t be disappointed!

Best Portable Fridges 2023:

Fridge NameRating
Cooluli Mini Fridge Electric Cooler And Warmer-15L
4/5 Check Price
Wagan EL6224 Cooler/Warmer3.5/5 Check Price
Whynter FM85G 85 Quart Portable Freezer4/5 Check Price
Domestic CFX-35US Portable Electric Cooler Refrigerator4.5/5 Check Price
Domestic CDF-11 Smallest Portable Freezer/Refrigerator3/5 Check Price
Dobinsons 4x4 60 Liter 12V Portable Fridge Freezer4/5 Check Price
ARB 10800472 Fridge Freezer4.5/5 Check Price
Gourmia Portable Can Mini Fridge Cooler4/5 Check Price
ARB 10900013 Canvas Travel Bag for 50qt Fridge Freezer3.5/5 Check Price
EdgeStar 43 Qt Portable Compact Refrigerator Freezer3/5 Check Price

1- Cooluli Mini Fridge Electric Cooler And Warmer-15L

best portable fridges

People search for the best portable fridge because they need something nice and reliable. If that is the case, welcome the Cooluli Mini Fridge 15L one.

Offering instant cooling for cooling and warming food items, this fridge is excellent to be used as a best portable refrigerator for camping.  

It is a portable freezer that fits in your car perfectly.

It comes with AC/DC adapters that further facilitate ease for users. Great design, this is the best fridge for van life as it is multi-purpose.

✅ Excellent cooling/warming mechanism❌Regular hinges might cause problems in its operations
✅ Ideal looks and design
✅ Perfect weight
✅ Spot on thermostat control


Excellent for everyday use, Cooluli’s fridge is the best bridge for van life. Though it hinges might cause problems, the Cooluli mini fridge is the best car refrigerator. It has very useful features. A must have.

2- Domestic CFX28 12v Electric Powered Cooler/ Fridge Freezer

best fridge for sprinter van

An excellent choice in “best portable fridge,” the Domestic CFX28 cannot be missed out on. Do you want to know why? Keep reading!

The Domestic CFX28 is called the best portable refrigerator because it offers a nonstop solution to ice. With a brilliant cooling compartment, it keeps everything cool and steady.

Another of its features includes an energy efficient LED interior light that keeps things running smoothly. I saw that the Domestic CFX is a great portable freezer because it allows you to monitor the cooling section through a WiFi app. It’s that good! Other features include solid design, ultra-low power consumption, and amazing flexibility. 

✅ Smooth and sound❌Sloppy insurance service
✅ Fast and reliable
✅ Excellent control options- Controllable through your device
✅ Energy efficient


    Though it has one or two downsides, this best portable refrigerator is a must addition to your road trips. I’d rate the Domestic CFX28 a 4.8 on 5. I loved the incredible flexibility it had to offer. My experience with it was great.

    3- Wagan EL6224 Cooler/Warmer

    portable fridge

    Wagan offers the EL6224 cooler warmer. The best portable fridge, the Wagan EL6224 cooler/warmer has 11x8x12 (LxWxH) dimensions and can hold 2L bottles vertically.

    It is a great choice for cooling your food in less than 30 minutes. This portable freezer is also able to warm your food. It is multi-purpose.

    Additionally, this best portable refrigerator also has 2 temperature settings and has an ability to operate under 12v DC. Overall, with a 24L capacity, this best portable refrigerator is a catch.

    ✅ High holding and storage capacity
    ❌Cooling gave me slight problem within 30 days of purchase
    ✅ Excellent cooling option
    ✅ Can hold more stuff
    ✅ Dual action


    For someone who needs a reliable and affordable fridge/freezer, this portable freezer is a good choice. It has everything you need. 4.3 on 5 for this cooler by Wagan. Many consider it the best portable fridge and its performance don’t make you doubt that claim.

    4- Whynter FM85G 85 Quart Portable Freezer

    best fridges

    A high-powered freezer, some call this freezer the best portable fridge and we know why!

    Whynter offers its super cool freezer for 85 quarts or more. This space is equal to 120 cans. With a low power indicator, this can work as both a refrigerator and freezer.

    Overall, it has a solid outer casting and a strong power input and output. Additionally, this best portable refrigerator’s LED temperature display makes things very easy and simple.

    ✅ Solid design❌ Pricey
    ✅ Very long lasting
    ✅ High holding capacity
    ✅ Excellent temperature controls


    As a solid design best portable refrigerator for the car, Wynter’s freezer gets full marks. It’s a must have and an ideal choice for everyday use. 4.8 on 5 for the super cool portable freezer by Whynter.

    Though expensive, this is a one-time investment that you can help you reap the benefits of it for a long time.

    5- Domestic CFX-35US Portable Electric Cooler Refrigerator

    best fridge for campervan

    Domestic offers excellent choices in the case of portable freezers. For those who are looking for the best portable fridge, Domestic’s CFX-35US is a must try. 

    Managing to hold 32L and multiple power capacities, the freezer is sort of normal weight and measures 25”x16”x16 (LxWxH). 

    Ideal for everyday use, this best car refrigerator classifies as a nice portable freezer because of its ease of use and accessibility. Holding items for a long time and preserving them, this is a not miss.

    ✅ Ideal for every day use

    ❌Slightly on expensive side
    ✅ Great capacity
    ✅ Solid design
    ✅ Amazing cooling prospects


    While my experience with the Domestic CFX-35US was smooth and I realized it was the best fridge for van life, it was still a bit expensive. 4.7 on 5 for the Domestic CFX-35US for its cooling mechanism and holding capacity. It was slightly expensive, yes, but still a good choice overall.

    6- Domestic CDF-11 Smallest Portable Freezer/Refrigerator

    best portable fridges

    Domestic CDF-11 is a smart choice in refrigerators. It is the best portable fridge for many reasons.

    With the right dimensions, the Domestic CDF-11 best portable refrigerator has a three-stage battery monitor. It also has a temperature readout and is high impact water resistant. It also has a polypropylene cabinet.

    Additionally, this is also the best car refrigerator as it also has LED indicators and a very soft touch operating panel.

    ✅ Ideal capacity❌ Better options available in same price tag
    ✅ Quiet
    ✅ Solid design
    ✅ Cools in minutes


    This has been a solid choice of best portable refrigerators for me and it remains a great portable freezer. 4.4 on 5 for the Domestic CDF-11. It is a high-powered fridge known as the best fridge for van life. Highly recommended.

    7- Dobinsons 4×4 60 Liter 12V Portable Fridge Freezer

    best portable fridges

    Dobinsons 4×4 60 liters 12V portable fridge easily classifies as the best portable freezer, for it is powerful and excellent for your travel endeavors. You cannot go wrong with this one. Do you want to know why? Well, here’s the deal.

    This is one of the Dobinsons best portable refrigerators. It is a good choice for a portable refrigerator for camping. Ideal as a choice of a portable freezer, this is a domestic portable refrigerator that can be carried with ease. It’s a good choice.

    The portable freezer comes with enhanced cooling capacities and mechanisms. It has an adapter and ideal for many different cars, making it the best fridge for van line. I loved its integrated 3 stage low cut off battery protection. And the fact that it has a high insulation to reduce exterior sizing but enhance internal space. 

    ✅ Efficient❌ Heavy
    ✅ Spacious- Compact on the inside, broad on the outside
    ✅ Smooth in its operations
    ✅ Low cut off battery protection
    ✅ High insulation mechanisms


      If I were to rank this portable freezer, I would first call it the best portable fridge and then say, it gets a 4.9/5 for its behavior and mechanisms. I loved its performance in every way. Great choice!

      8- ARB 10800472 Fridge Freezer

      electric cooler for car

      Your car cannot be complete without the best portable fridge by ARB. ARB offers the best portable refrigerator in the form of a fridge freezer. Using it for over a year now and not a single problem!

      The ARB 10800472 comes with two power cables that connect to your vehicle completely. It has a sizeable exterior and it’s easy to access it. The portable freezer comes with active cool contents and flexibility.

      It has a sound interior temperature. For me, it was one of the best choices in the list of best car refrigerators.

      ✅ Easy to use❌Simple design
      ✅ Multiple functionality
      ✅ Compact
      ✅ Ideal space


      Though the design of this mini car refrigerator remains simple, there are no such flaws in it, making it a great choice for the best portable fridge! 4.8/5. Great choice for everyday freezer use. Must have!

      9- Gourmia Portable Can Mini Fridge Cooler

      12v camping fridge

      Are you looking for a fridge that can hold your cans upright? Are you searching for the best portable fridge that can aid your cooling needs when needed? If yes, you are in the right place.

      Introducing the Gourmia Portable Can Mini Fridge cooler; Priced affordably, this portable freezer can hold up to nine 12-oz cans. It has a very high-quality solid-state thermoelectric cooling system that can keep your drinks cool and intact. It also has a self-locking feature that can help you access the handle easily. This best car refrigerator makes sure everything is cool and calm.

      ✅ Affordable❌ Limited for can holding
      ✅ Great holding capacity
      ✅ Powerful
      ✅ Ideal for everyday use


      While this fridge by Gourmia is not exactly a multi-purpose fridge, it is the best fridge for van life because of its capacity to cool cans. 4.1 on 5 for the Gourmia portable freezer. It is smooth in its operations. However, its operations still remain limited and that might be a big concern for users.

      10- ARB 10900013 Canvas Travel Bag for 50qt Fridge Freezer

      portable refrigerator for camping
      Finding it difficult to pick the best portable fridge? Want the best portable refrigerator that works wonders in your everyday routine? If yes, stop here!

      The ARB 10900013 Canvas Travel Bag is a very interesting find for someone looking for the best car refrigerator. Compact, this freezer is the best fridge for van life because it is the ideal size. It also gives you a number of options to choose your cooling specs from. I liked the flexibility.

      ✅ Easy adjustments❌ Heavy
      ✅ Solid build quality
      ✅ Long lasting
      ✅ Durable and reliable


      While some say ARB’s fridge, which can also be used as a mini car refrigerator, loses its quality easily, I didn’t have any such experience. 4.7/5 for this super handy portable freezer. It is compact but a little heavy. However, once placed, it doesn’t have to be carried again and again and hence, not a big hindrance to its purchase.

      11- EdgeStar 43 Qt Portable Compact Refrigerator Freezer

      best fridge for van life
      A powerful creation, the EdgeStar is the best portable fridge. Easily converting from 0 degrees freezer to a refrigerator, the EdgeStar is the best portable refrigerator because it has many things to offer.

      First, it has a large holding capacity and strong power supplies too. With a flash freeze function, it provides instant cooling. It’s a compressor. 

      ✅ Smart design

      ❌ Certain loopholes that hinge its performance
      ✅ Great functionality and everyday use
      ✅ Solid compressor and cooling method


      If you are looking for a mini car refrigerator and don’t know where to start, this is your choice. A portable refrigerator for a car, this is a catch. 4.5 on 5 for the EdgeStar portable freezer. The best car refrigerator, it has many things to offer at once. Though there are certain loopholes that reduce its performance, it is still an all-rounder.