11 Best College Degrees That Can Make Job Search Easier For You

We have entered a time period when a person should at least think thrice that which College Degrees will be helpful when it comes to searching for a job. Here comes the tough part; which College Degrees will land you at the best job that pays you substantially and increases your self-esteem at the same time. Following are some of the College Degrees that might help you in finding the job. You can enroll in these courses at a private college, a university, or even get it for free at a community college.

1. Web Developers: College Degrees

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Because of immense advancement in technologies, many people have started their own online business. But in order to attract a large number of customers, entrepreneurs must make sure that their website is attractive and informative. College degrees like computer science offer web development courses. That’s where the demand for web developers comes. The web developer is the programmer who creates applications for World Wide Web. Their job responsibilities consist of creating web pages and customizing it in accordance to customer’s preferences. So it will be advantageous for a person to have this skill.

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2. Industrial/Organizational Psychologists

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College Degrees: Some people assume that the career of a psychologist is only limited to counseling and therapy of the patients. That’s not the case; in fact, there is another field that demands the skills of psychology. It’s demanded in business, especially in Human resource department. Many businesses would want to stay at the top of the game. For that to happen there is a need for the flexible and effective workforce. Industrial psychologists are responsible for studying basic personnel functions within the organization like how workers must be selected, on what basis; how the selected job candidates must be trained and developed, what job measures should the employers use in performance appraisal etc. Some of the industrial psychologists are responsible for studying the work behaviors such as ‘the motivation to work’.

Based on those readings, the industrial psychologist will then design the job further, in order to boost the worker’s determination. Other than that, industrial psychologists skills are also required when it comes to recruitment and selection process. In today’s’ world, many organizations have expanded so much in both national and international scale that jobs have become more complex and complicated than ever before. College degrees like this are in huge demand. Furthermore, each organization is made up of literally thousands of workers, so, therefore, there is an increasing need for industrial psychologists that have exceptional skills in observing the workforce of any unit.

3. Public Relations Specialist (College Degrees)

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College Degrees: When it comes to maintaining the public image, several businesses take this thing seriously, for their reputation will determine their success or failure in the market. So in order to construct a good image, organizations hire a public relations specialist whose main job is to create and retain the favorable public image. The main tasks that a public specialist is required to perform are; composing the material for media releases, raising the funds for the organization through events and campaigns. In the midst of these errands, the public specialist is expected to maintain the respectable image if the company’s reputation is at stake.

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4. Database Administrators (DBAs)

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A Database administrator is someone who uses software to store and organize data, such as financial information etc. Other than this, they make sure that the data is only accessible to the user and non-accessible to unauthorized users. The best thing about this career is that it is not only limited to one type of industry but it is required in different types of sectors such as banks, insurance companies, and hospitals. College degrees like these come very handily.

5. Tax Manager: College Degrees

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College Degrees: The above-mentioned job is not just about collecting and compiling the data that what amount of tax has been collected. On the contrary, there are more duties expected from a tax manager which comprises of; devising and implementing the tax plan for a business or any client and solving the tax related problems. They also work with senior managers to develop strategies to meet business’s tax objectives. College degrees like this one are often hard to come by but definitely worth it.

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6. Software Engineers Best College Degrees

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They are the main brains behind the developing of any application in a computer or any other device for example smartphones, tablets. Software engineers create the programs/apps that will allow any client or a business to perform a specific task on a computer. We are living in a time period where we rely heavily on the computer; hence someone who is an expert at developing software will have no hard time searching for the job. We all know the college degrees for this one.

7. Information Security Analyst Best College Degrees

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College Degrees: From this, we can already detect that it has something to do with keeping the information right? But what type of information and whose information we exactly are protecting? An information security analyst is a computer programmer who’s’ main duty is to design and manage the security system that will keep the organization’s computer networks and systems secure from the possible theft or damage. Despite the improvement in technologies, computers are vulnerable in terms of infiltration to hackers. Therefore an organization would want their computer system to be safe from such threats. Anyone who is choosing to study computer sciences as their college degrees should at least consider this career.

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8. Statistical Analyst Best College Degrees

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College Degrees: Interpreting and deriving meanings from the data can be difficult and time-consuming. However, the rewards of this job occupation are ample. This is due to the reason that this data can be converted into valuable information that will help the organization in competing against other organizations. So the responsibility of statistical analyst doesn’t only consist of making sense of data but also studying the patterns of numerical material that will somehow enable an individual to make future predictions. Majoring in stats is something you need to consider while choosing your college degrees.

9. Personal Financial Advisors Best College Degrees

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With the increase in aging population and rising instability in financial markets, people have become anxious in regards to that how they should manage their finances. They would want to make sure that any decision taken concerning the management of finance is beneficial in a long term. Professionals that can aid them in making right decisions are known as Personal Financial Advisors. These individual first assess the financial needs of any client and based on that and their monetary stability they give an appropriate advice. Moreover, they also help in planning short term and long term goals such as investment in a real estate and retirement plans. This is another one of the perfect college degrees if you’re planning something long term.

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10. Mobile Application Developers Best College Degrees

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They are same as the software programmers. However the only difference is that they only design applications specifically for smartphones and tablets. The college degrees for this are the same as the ones for web development. With an increasing demand for video games and social networking, these software programmers just build an app and the app will allow the user to access these functions. And since the whole world is heavily dependent on mobile devices, I think it is a great opportunity for a person to learn how to create a mobile app.

11. Biomedical Engineer Best College Degrees

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Biomedical engineer specializes in creating the medicines and devices that will help people in living a long and healthier life such as replacement of organs, patches, and prosthetic body parts. This is again linked to advancement in technology. New equipment and upgrading in machinery have enabled biomedical engineering to come up with new medicines that will combat the terminal diseases such as cancer.

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