10 Most Promising Careers to Get Ahead Today

The world is moving faster than ever before. Every day people are competing against each other to get hold of the best opportunities out there. In order to live a successful life, people are finding new and creative ways to be part of success stories. But it’s not easy to decide which career would promise a great life ahead as the world is going tech, taking away jobs and also Introduction to Kubernetes and many more. We at Born Realist are here to guide you through the Best Careers options out there today…

10- HR Manager ($85,000): Best Careers

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Best Careers: Basically, HR Manager works in the area of recruitment, career development, training, employee relations, employee laws, industrial relations. In companies based on a medium size, Generalist HR deals with all kind of laws and relations. In multinational companies, they are specialists who deal with development, recruitment and employee relations. HR Manager is one of the Best careers as it comes with a handsome salary package, travel opportunities and no work after office hours.

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Qualification required: HND (Higher National Diploma), Degree or Post graduation in Human Resources, Qualification from CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development)

9- Marketing Manager ($90,000)

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Best Careers: Their job is to help in the formulation of marketing plans and carrying them out. Their work can range from forming strategies to engage customers to run the social media programming. It is the Best careers from options here if you have skills to work in a team, lead them and manage everything.

Qualification required: Bachelor’s Degree and Experience in Marketing.

8- UX Designer ($92,500)

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Best Careers: UX is short for User Experience, UX Designer’s job is to see how a software or tech product will look like to the user. They check if there’s any issue or confusion in navigation or if there are any glitches before the launch of the product. Basically, they test the products before it reaches you. One of the Best Careers if you are always up to date with latest Tech and love playing with new gadgets.

Qualification required: Degree in relating fields, Computer Science, Graphic Designing and Programming Skills.

7- Database Administrator ($93,000)

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Best Careers: Database Administration is a Tech related field where your job is to oversee Database programming for operations in multiple industries. It could be the Best Career option for you if you want to be involved in Tech world.

Qualification required: Degree in Computer Science, Info Tech or related fields and experience with Database Programming.

6- Data Engineer ($106,000)

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Best Careers: Data Engineers are behind many Data Strategy Teams. They are the ones who build programs, which create Datasets. These datasets are then analyzed by Data Scientists for companies to work more efficiently and form new strategies. Best Career option if you are creative with programming.

Qualification required: Advanced Degree in Computer Science or relating fields and experience of working with large datasets.

5- DevOps Engineer ($110,000)

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Best Careers: DevOps is a combination of two words, ‘Development’ and ‘Operation’. They are the engineers behind program developing that streamline or automate operations. An average salary for a software engineer can extend up to $158K per year. People who are into software development are best fit for this job. It could be the best career choice for you want to be a program developer or work with programming.

Qualification required: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and experience in automation and programming.

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4- Data Scientist ($110,000)

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Best Careers: Data Scientist analyzes Datasets for large corporations and companies online. Their demand is increasing day by day as the world has totally gone online and companies are collecting Data on the internet. It could be the Best Career option for you if you think that you belong to the online world of technology.

Qualification required: Learning experience from data science boot camp and background in the STEM.

3- Analytic Manager ($112,000): Best Careers

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Best Careers: Analytic Managers are not well known, but they are the ones behind analyzing data and creating new strategies for big corporations so their company could be more efficient and generate better revenue. It would be the Best Career option for you if you are good at communication, creative, have good observation skills.

Qualification required: Programming and Design Experience and Degree in STEM-related field

2- Solution Architect ($125,000)

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Best Careers: They are technical experts, who work on development and documentation of technical designs. They do work for different companies and clients. you can make the Best Career out of it, if you have interest in tech, are good with designing and have interpersonal skills as you’ll have to interact often with teams and clients.

Qualification required: Bachelors degree in Architecture.

1- Strategy Manager ($130,000)

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Best Careers: Strategy Manager works with big corporations to help them in solving strategic issues and create ideas for the better growth of business and generating more revenue. This is the one from Best Careers option for those who want to generate money and have skills in creating solutions and communication.

Qualification required: Degree in MBA  and experience of working with consultancy or industry.

So now you know the top 10 best careers out there today. If you want to have an income generating job whose demand is not going to decrease anytime soon. These jobs are mostly related to the tech world as the Tech industry is growing bigger and better and they do require people with such skills to help them out. So if you find any of these fields interesting, then go out there and work hard as success doesn’t come easy.

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Article by Born Realist