Best Business Class Airlines to Italy

The whole new world opens before those passengers who preferred the Cheap Business Class flights. This a world where when flying to Italy each passenger has a chance to comfort himself not into a simple big armchair, but into the armchair easily transforming into a sleeping bed. But this only the beginning of the conveniences available. There are also hot towels, luxury food, and tidy sheets.

Business class flights made the world smaller, and once distant and exotic Italy for millions of people became now immeasurably close and modern so that it seems you can grab it in your hands and take a closer look. Many billions were spent to make the business class international Italian airlines available to everyone. These flights performed by world air-carriage leaders establish a system of uninterrupted connection with one of the most beautiful and spectacular European countries. Passengers who are willing to take the business class flight to Italy must be one hundred percent sure that this travel will become much cheaper with services of the Cheap First Class airline consolidator. Italian airports are widely regarded as the most expensive destinations of international air transport.

Italy can boast of having about 40 airports of local and international destinations. However, some of them distinguish among others.

  • Fiumicino – Rome. Another proper name of this airport is Leonardo da Vinci International Airport. The airport was opened in 1961 and is considered the largest in Italy. The record passenger traffic volume amounted to 40 million people. About 110 international airlines fly from Fiumicino Airport to 210 destinations around the world. The airport infrastructure also includes more than 170 stores representing top Italian brands. The airport is operated by the company Aeroporti di Roma. This particular destination may become your last stop if you would try and get the last-minute ticket to Italy with Cheap First Class airline consolidator;
  • Malpensa – Milan, the second largest international airport in Italy. Malpensa1 airport performs intercontinental passenger flights, while Malpensa2 performs solely international flights. Linate Airport is specialized in domestic flights. The total traffic for Malpensa exceeds 19 million passengers. Malpensa Airport was certified ENAC (Ente Nazionale per l’Aviazione Civile/National Civil Aviation Committee) in 2004. At the airport is available the entire spectrum of passenger services for business class. Malpensa airport is located 48 kilometers from Milan. Airport and city are connected to by a network of roads and railways. The most convenient railway routes are the Malpensa Express train (Milan-Cadorna), Freccia Rossa (Milan-Central Station). This airport might become a perfect place for your landing when you purchase last-minute tickets from Cheap First Class airline consolidator.

Our company maintains a close partnership with numerous airline companies around the world. Here are some of the famous Italian airlines business class services of which you might enjoy when you buy last-minute tickets from us:

Alitalia Compagnia Aerea Italiana – the first Italian airline company established on September 16, 1946. Currently services 29 Italian airports and 92 destinations in the world. As a result of the integration of the fleet, the organizational and commercial structures of the former Alitalia and Air One, in 2009 a new powerful fleet and an extensive network of infrastructures and commercial organizations were formed.

Air Dolomiti – the regional airline controlled by Lufthansa created in 1989 performs flights to Monaco, Frankfurt, and Vienna. Participates in the Star Alliance affiliated network.

Air One – created in 1983 under the name Aliadriatica is the major partner of Alitalia.

Air Vallée – being established in 1989 in Aosta the regional airline carrier nowadays performs flights with Dornier 328 jet airplanes.

Air Europe was established in 1989. the company provides charter flights to Mexico, Cuba, Jamaica, and the Maldives. Serves the airports of Malpensa (Milan) and Fiumicino (Rome). Included in the Volare group.

Alpi Eagles – being created in 1979 the company performs internal and external flights.

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