90% Of People Make These Mistakes While Trying To Achieve Something They Want

Happiness in life does not completely rely upon how close you are with someone but it depends upon how healthy and caring the bond is. If it feels like you are not having any success in any attempt to have a relationship with someone then there is a fair chance that you are committing these following mistakes in your life.

8. Sabotaging your conversation skills:

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In order to look interesting to the people you just met, you don’t really want to look fake in your conversation skills. Unconsciously we commit the mistake of acting too perfect in front of others and end up putting pressure on ourselves and our ability to talk with others. Filter everything that you say and try not to be perfect but yourself. Relax and go with the flow!

7. Acting cool when you are simply not:

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Do you want to ruin your chance with meeting someone you like? I bet not, all you need to do is to try not act to be cool and impress people with what you are really not in real. People are quite sick of the people who are simply obsessed with themselves and try to prove to be cool when they are definitely not.

6. Not understanding how relationships work:

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Most of us have no clue about the secret magic of intimacy. The task is to know how you can play really safe to create a strong foundation of any relationship without compromising each other. This task involves two mature minds who can take good care of each other and try not to hurt each other in the way. Smart couples understand how relationships work and take really good care of each other.

5. Trying to be the boss:

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Many people have some control issues that can make you look like a crazy person between two. Ask yourself what do you like when someone dictates you what to do and what not to? If your answer is no, then avoid acting as a control freak with the other person.

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4. Expecting perfection:

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As humans, we tend to make mistakes. Expecting someone to be highly perfect unaware of making any stupid mistakes is altogether a magical dream. In real life, things do not always go as you expect them to be. Try to be flexible enough while meeting new people, that is how you will end up with a compatible one.

3. Not communicating yourself clearly:

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This is one of the most serious mistakes people make during their first meet with anyone. Without truthful, open, communication no relationship can flourish. There are various ways to communicate yourself clearly which can save your ass in any meeting with someone. Not only is it necessary to know what you want, it is also compulsory to be able to accept both yes and no.

2. Reacting emotionally:

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Sometimes it is O.K. to show emotions to the person next to you but at many occasions emotions can also dull the current moment of the meeting. You might overreact and you, not being in control of your emotions can make the moment seem weird and awkward. Other people might take you as a fool, who is not even in control of his/her own emotions.

1. Feeling you are a failure in relationships:

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The most gigantic and stupid mistake of all is not having enough confidence in yourself! Feeling that you might fail in the job before even you started it. Trust yourself and talk to the girl/guy you have been thinking about for a while. Truth is that nobody is a failure. You just need the right ideas and you will be able to overcome such feeling of yours.

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Article by Born Realist