12 Things That Can Be Done More Easily Than You Ever Thought

In the fast pace world, seems like we are always running out of time. Wishing for more time to complete the job in hand and seems like even 24 hour is not enough to do a single job. We are all so wired up in our hectic daily lives that there come the times when we find it much hard to carry our daily chores. In the hassle, we might not concentrate on making our lives easier and stress-free by applying multiple hacks and trick to make our job easier. Worry no more, here are few but effortless tricks to make your life easier:

1. Using leftovers:

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Well, you don’t necessarily have to waste the leftover food, rather you can reuse it and store it for further purposes. You made an amazing pasta yesterday night and now you are left with some extra sauce? Here is some interesting tip! Freeze it and reuse it whenever you feel like eating pasta or you don’t have time to make something else.You can always put up some pasta with instant pasta maker and use the leftover sauce!

2. Squeezing the lemon:

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Can’t find your juice squeezer? Worry not, you have got the hands for the job! You just need to heat the lemon in the oven for few seconds to make them all soft and drain everything out of them with your bare hands.

3. Picking up pieces of glass:

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All you need is a slice of bread! As strange it may sound, bread is your savior. It can easily sweep up the tiniest pieces of glass even those which can not be seen with naked eye. Check out how it’s done by looking at the image below:


4. Removing grains of corn:

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As easy it may sound, it is quite hard to remove the grains of the corn without creating a mess. Here is a tip, hold the corn vertically in a bowl and remove the grains with a knife. Here you go with the naked corn!


5. Opening jars wasn’t this easy:

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Almost everyone has gone through the situation when you can not even open the damn jar! You must have tried many hacks to open it but try opening it with a duct tape or a rubber band and make your job easier.


6. Sticking the cutting board:

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Does your cutting board end up sliding from one point to another while you are cutting? Well here is the perfect solution, just adjust it on a towel or mat and it will stick with it.

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7. Making the wax candles long lasting:

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All you gotta do is place the candles in the freezer for a day and the candles will burn more slowly. Genius, isn’t it?

8. Cleaning glass bottles:

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It isn’t always easy to clean the glass bottle because where would you find the perfect sized brush for each bottle? But here is a trick to clean the bottles without using the brush. Put some eggshells or lemon and salt in the bottle and rinse it and voila! You have got a crystal clear bottle.

9. Reusing herbs

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You might often leave with some extra herbs while cooking, but wait! Don’t throw them away. They could be utilized again for other purposes. All you need to do is dry them in the oven and you can preserve them for future usage.

10. Decorating the cakes:

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All you would need is some saved piece of a lace or net and sprinkle the powdered sugar over it. Or you could use some leftover chocolate while you were making the cake and use it for decoration purposes. Be creative!

11. Want thinnest slices of cheese?

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If you are not equipped with the professional cutters all you can do is use the potato peeler or a string of thread to cut very thin slices of cheese, just the way you want them to be.

12. Saving the milk to spill over:

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Couldn’t save the milk from spilling all over your stove? Here is how you can, simply put a wooden spoon across the pan and it will save the milk from spilling over.

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