8 Steps to Finding your Purpose And it’s Not What you Think

So, you’ve hit the point in your life when you wonder what your life purpose is? Why did you come here? What’s life  for? For some, that question is answered in part, from religion. The question is answered; but not fully; something may be missing. The first thing you need to understand is–this question, is a normal integral part of your growth as a human. It’s one of the many things we have in common as humans regardless of what religious background we were raised in or what family heritage we have. The good news is, there’s an answer and there’s only one thing that keeps any of us from actually receiving that answer–it’s us…

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Step One: Take Action!

Purpose of like

Yes, this is the most counterintuitive way to discover anything–here’s why: we’re taught to think and think and think and never, ever do anything, never take any action until we know exactly what we need to do. Well, what happens when you don’t yet know what to do?  We take evasive and radical action is what we do. You see, most of us know exactly what our interests are and it’s easy enough to find out what our skills are if we don’t already know. The trouble is, we never actually do anything to mesh our interests and skills together to form anything for fear that we’ll get it wrong. Here’s a newsflash for you–you can’t get it wrong!

Each of us is like a fingerprint in the universe. We’re here to take action, not to sit around, meditate and just pray all day waiting for our purpose to fall out of the sky. So do this. Take a piece of paper and fold it lengthwise in half. You will have two columns. On one column, write your known interests. On the other, write your known skills. Go straight to Google and use the blessing of technology to lead you on your first step. Type careers and volunteer opportunities with these skills/ interests. Take two of each similar category and pop them in and see what comes out.

Now, very important note. You won’t magically find your purpose on the internet through this search. What you’ll  get from this is your start by looking at examples and ideas so you can sit and dream. In fact, get a notebook and make it your “ Finding my Purpose Notebook”.

Step Two: Look Within:

Now that you’ve written down your interests and skills and gotten some idea on what things you can start to take action on,we would like you to look at the list again. Go to a quiet place where you’re undisturbed for at least 30 to 60 minutes. Look at each interest and skill and take note next to that interest or skill and write the first emotion that you feel. Why do we do this? Because the first thing most people do with that list is go to someone else with it. They go to a school career counselor when their purpose may have nothing to do with a career. They go to a friend, they pray and ask what am I “supposed” to do. This is an illusion. The only person that knows what your purpose is– is you. See how simple finding the purpose of life is?

Step Three: Listen to the Heart:

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Now that you’ve  listed the first emotions next to each of the skills and interests go back and meditate on the emotions that were most powerfully positive or negative. For both those emotions, try to discover what caused it. Ask yourself these two questions: 1. When was the last time I felt this way? 2. When was the first time I felt this way? You may not get a conscious answer but your subconscious knows and will direct you. Now let it go.

Step Four: Take Radical Action(Purpose of life):

purpose of life
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Look at the list and choose the skill or interest that evoked the most emotion. This is where you begin. The following 4 steps will help you through the process as you set out on your first journey to find purpose.

Special Note:

Before we continue to the next four steps there is one thing that must be understood completely. This is something we haven’t mentioned yet.


There is no such thing as ONE purpose for all.

What? Wow, thanks for that bomb you just dropped! Yes, this is quite a misunderstanding among many. You see, a lot of people will actually fulfill one KNOWN purpose that they set their mind to but, people change and it’s OK to be true to yourself and change. Sometimes, in that change, you find another purpose. Sometimes you are done with one purpose and start with another. And sometimes while you are on your journey of life you fulfill  many purposes. Yes, and how did you miss noticing all these “purposes” you’ve fulfilled?  The answer is next in step number five.

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Step Five: Understand what a purpose really is:

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A purpose is defined in the Webster’s Dictionary as: “ have as one’s intention or objective.”God has allowed suffering, even purposed it”

Nowhere in the definition of purpose to you see the words “ONE” purpose. So, each time you had an intention or objective and fulfilled it, you have had a purpose!

Step Six: Add passion and action and you’ve got it done!

purpose of life

The reason why we’ve asked you to use the interest or skill on your list that evoked the most emotion and to really get into that emotion is because we want you to have a sense of passion. Passion plus action makes a laser clear line to your purpose and a surefire guarantee to fulfilling it.

Step Seven: Start Narrowing it Down (Purpose of life):

purpose of life

Once you start taking action on your interest or skill sit and really feel, not think, but feel the emotions it evokes. Write down the actions of the day and how it went like you would do a diary entry. How do you feel? Why do you think you are feeling this way? Is there anything about it that evokes a negative or indifferent response? Is there anything about it that evokes a particularly passionate or joyful response?

See if you can then re-purpose your purpose and narrow it down to a more laser clear purpose. It’s OK to chip away at it several times if need me an even over the course of weeks or months. It’s your sculpture. Found the purpose of life yet? No? Keep looking.

Step Eight: How will your purpose serve the world(Purpose of life):

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This one sounds frightening which is why we left it for last. It doesn’t have to be scary. Remember that you’ll find many purposes. Just concentrate on this one before using this process or a modified form that is comfortable for you in order to find the next one. This first purpose is the only one that counts and the way it serves others does not have to be big. It will cause a butterfly effect and continue to ripple through every person you touch, the same way this article is rippling through all who come into contact with it…

Now, get out there and just do it!  Go find the purpose of life