21 Qualities of Petroleum Jelly You Didn’t Know

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We spend hundreds of dollars on expensive products trying to achieve the perfect results yet we still fail to see an effective change. In this article, we’ll enlighten you with 21 amazing petroleum jelly hacks, that will not only save your money but also save your time.

1. Bronzer:

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Before applying bronzer, soothe your skin with some petroleum jelly. This will make the application easier and the bronzer will blend evenly with your skin shade.

2. Face/Body Scrub:

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You can create a DIY scrub with petroleum jelly too. Simply mix the jelly with grainy particles like; coffee, salt or sugar. Blend the mixture and apply it all over your body/face.

3. Long Lasting Fragrance:

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For long lasting fragrance, apply petroleum jelly before spraying the perfume. The jelly helps in the preservation of the smell.

4. Smooth Baby Skin:

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Petroleum jelly helps in getting rid of diaper rash. Wash the baby skin with warm water and pat it dry. Now apply the jelly. The rash will disappear overnight.

5. Wet Makeup:

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To make the eye-shadow last long, apply some petroleum jelly. This will give it a glossy look. This method does not cause any irritation and is a great makeup hack used by many makeup experts.

6. Eyebrows:

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Eyebrow gels are expensive. The cheapest hack is to apply some petroleum jelly on an eyebrow brush and brush your eyebrows in the desired direction. This will keep them in the exact position for the whole day.

7. Eye Lashes:

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Applying a thin layer of petroleum jelly on your lashes before going to bed helps them grow thicker and longer.

8. Makeup Removal:

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Dab a cotton ball into some petroleum jelly and remove the makeup. Petroleum jelly also helps in removing waterproof makeup. Regular use makes your skin soft and shiny.

9. Lips:

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Chapped lips are really annoying. To make them soft and pink apply some petroleum jelly on them. Petroleum jelly really comes handy in the winter season.

10. Style Your Hair:

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Before straightening or curling your hair, apply some petroleum jelly on your fingers and rub it in your hair gently. Your style will remain all day.

11. Split Ends Recovery:

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If you struggle with split ends, apply some petroleum jelly on the split ends and let it rest for 15-20 minutes. Regular usage will repair your hair and make them shiny.

12. Hair Mask:

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For healthy and thick hair, mix 2 tablespoons of petroleum jelly with cinnamon oil and coconut oil. Apply the mixture for 1 hour and then wash with warm water. For better results apply twice a week.

13. Hair Dye Protection:

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Hair dye destroys stains on your skin. Apply petroleum jelly before using hair dyes. It will protect your skin from the stains.

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14. Neat Manicure:

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When applying nail polish, apply some petroleum jelly on your skin to prevent it from staining your skin.

15. Cuticle Care:

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Apply some petroleum jelly on your cuticles daily before going to bed. This will help them become softer and prevent them from bleeding.

16. Shining Nails:

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Rubbing petroleum jelly on your nails help them become stronger and shinier.

17. Extra Shine:

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Applying a thin layer of petroleum jelly on leather shoes, bags and jackets give them a fresh and shinier look.

18. Stuck Zipper:

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Rubbing some petroleum jelly on a stuck zipper will release the friction and the zipper will work smoothly.

19. Surface Polish:

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You can also use petroleum jelly to shine your floorboards and furniture. The jelly repels dust and will make your furniture look new and shinier for long.

20. Removing Makeup Stains:

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You can easily remove lipstick or foundation stains from your clothes by rubbing a little petroleum jelly and then washing it with warm water.

21. Nail Polish:

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If you don’t want the nail polish lid to get stuck with the bottle, use some q- tips to lubricate the outer sides of the bottle with petroleum jelly.

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