8 Steps To Bounce Back From Frustration

Frustration is the feeling of being upset or annoyed as a result of being unable to change or achieve something. Frustration can happen to any person on any normal day. They are not the big crises and tragedies that we sometimes have to bounce back from in our lives. But they are inevitable and left untended, they can add up to a lot of unnecessary stress. To manage everyday frustrations before they get the best of you, try one of these tips:

8. Change Is Inevitable:

When you plan something, it’s likely something or someone is going to try to create a lot of hurdles in its way. Trying to resist change is a waste of energy. So plan for change, expect it and stand straight against it.

7. Be Flexible:

As told above, change is inevitable. So, flexibility in thinking, behavior, and expectations allows us to deal with change as it comes. If we expect change, then we can be ready for it by not being attached to the way things were, but rolling with the new change wave that has just come in.

6. Remember That Stress Is In Your Head:

Always remember that stress isn’t your co worker. Stress is how you perceive things. You could allow your co-worker to frustrate you or you could think, this is about her and her need for attention. It’s only when you perceive something as a symbol of the others’ incompetence and persecution of you that it becomes stressful.

5. Always Remember Your Values: 

One of the most important tools of success in any field of life is to know your actual worth. Perhaps a couple of your top values in life are kindness and making a difference. When you look at your everyday frustrations in light of these guiding values, do you notice how small they become? Use your values like a compass and don’t let a bad day throw you off course.

4. Ask Yourself, Why Am I Hanging On To This?

You have your values that are guiding you. And you have goals that are in line with those values. So how is holding onto your annoyance at being placed on hold helping you with your goals and values? Is grinding your teeth down to nothing really going to make your life better? How is this reaction to stress working for me?

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3. Stay Positive And Laugh:

Find a friend you know who makes you laugh. Watch something funny on YouTube. It’s nearly impossible to feel frustrated and laugh at the same time. Laughing releases endorphins and you get the double pleasure of feeling good and feeling calm at the same time.

2. Talk To A Good Friend:

“Social support is the one of the keys to resiliency.” Talking to a good friend about your difficult day will help you to frame your frustrations in a way that you can more easily do some problem solving. The connection with your friend will produce some of those warm emotions that are good for you.

1. Take Action:

Don’t just stand there wishing, get up and do something. Try to excuse yourself from all useless places. Trying to wish something would end you in a place of feeling powerless while doing something about it helps you gain control again. As Yoda says, “There is no try, only do.”

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Article By: Born Realist