8 Firms That Employ The Most Cyber Security Professionals

Nowadays, everyone is aware of the importance of cyber security. Cyber security professionals are critical in safeguarding the structures that support our society. Almost every sector, whether public or private, requires these professionals urgently today. Here are a few industries that frequently hire information security professionals, particularly those with the BSA certification.

1. Healthcare

Healthcare is still one of the most vulnerable sectors to cyber attacks, particularly ransomware. As a result, medical and healthcare organizations adopt offensive security as well as defensive security and hire cyber security professionals to protect their data, patient records, daily operations and patients’ lives.

2. IT

Information Technology is one of the heaviest employers of cyber security professionals. Needless to say, that information security is a top priority in organisations that are based on digital technology and software. Microsoft spends 1 billion US dollars every year on cyber security. Many companies in this sector invest in the education (like ethical hacking training or network security training) of their employees to hire InfoSec professionals from inside the organisation.

3. Defense

A nation’s defense and military always have security at the top of their heads. And in this age where cyber warfare and cyber terrorism becomes mainstream and potent enough to cause fatal damage to a country’s economy and security, cyber security becomes one of the top most priorities in the defense sector.

4. Finance

Since the world has gone digital, the banking and finance sector has also become digitalised entirely. Along with this progress, numerous risks have entered the picture. If someone can pay their bills from their bank account with just a click, then someone can also loot thousands of dollars from a bank account through a computer. Frauds in banking and financial sectors have increased multifold and become highly damaging in impact, causing this sector to hire cyber security professionals in large numbers.

5. Government

Many other public sectors like space agencies, transport, trade and information departments suffer from cyber attacks and data breaches. The responsibility of protecting the citizens’ data, money, privacy and lives is put to test when terrorists, criminals and cyber attackers try to attack state-run departments. Even the digital election process in democratic nations all over the world need to be hack-proof to ensure fair and free flow of power among the people. This makes public sectors one of the highest recruiters of cyber security specialists.

6. Electronic commerce

E-commerce has changed the way we shop. With countless transactions happening every single day on thousands of e-commerce platforms, this booming industry is facing a dangerous amount of cyber attacks. Criminal hackers find a way of manipulating their platforms for financial gains which is why a lot of cyber security professionals find their career in this industry.

7. Energy

It sounds strange but the energy sector is one of the most significant recruiters of cyber security professionals because it is no stranger to cyber attacks. In the age where cyber warfare and cyber terrorism is reigning high, a lot of energy departments are breached into all the time by state sponsored hackers from rival nations.

8. Media

Last but not the least, media, marketing and communication are the other sectors that employ information security experts and invest in cyber security heavily. The threats that exist in this sector can lead to fatal damage for many organisations. Data breaches are not an inexpensive threat that can be taken lightly. They have the power to take down organisation by completely draining them of their fortune. This is why this sector, like all the above sectors, invests in cybersecurity significantly.

Article by Born Realist