7 Qualities of Men that Women find Attractive

Luckily for you, many scientists have wondered what women want. And they’ve done studies to figure it out. Here are seven traits that researchers have concluded that women find irresistible.

1.Good Looks


Scientists have found that good looks can give you a good head start, but they’re not as important as you think. Studies have shown that women choose better looking guys for short-term flings but not long-term relationships.

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For Serious Relationships, Studies found that women value selflessness over good looks. Sometimes selflessness is seen as a sign on emotional intelligence. For many of us this one is probably surprising.

3.George Clooney Effect

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Women may like older men because they’ve had time to accumulate more resources. Researchers call it the “George Clooney Effect“. So according to this, your chances are high if you’re older or generally more “mature looking”.  Seems pretty logical.

4.Sense of Humor

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A sense of humor is important to women, it’s believed to be seen as a sign of intelligence. Humor is also a sign of confidence. Nothing new right?


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Small studies have found that the men with dogs do better with the ladies. Researchers believe it makes them seem nurturing. As weird as it sounds this is just how it is..

6.Speed Dating Experiment

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In one speed dating experiment, Women said:

“They were more attracted to men who were mindful, present, and non-judgmental.”

Now who likes judgmental people? I’m pretty sure many people wouldn’t disagree on this point. As for being mindful and present, well those are qualities we all can keep in mind. So next time, be sure to be focused okay?

7.Hero in Action


Women rate higher who take heroic and sometimes primal risks like saving lives, hunting for food, and playing with fire. Even though this idea is dissed by many people(ehm feminists), it has some strong evidence to support it and from time to time we have seen this to be true.

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These types of studies are often small, and frequently rely on college student’s self reported feelings in a lab, so they don’t exactly replicate real life.

But Hey, Whatever helps, right?