16 Important Secrets Of Body Language

Non-verbal gestures plays an important part in the conversations. Through these gestures we can learn a lot about a person. More than normal conversations 80% of the information we get is through non-verbal actions. The body language of a person explains person’s thinking. Most of the times you can easily make out what the other person is trying to hint. But at times you are not able to make out precisely what is going on in other person’s mind. Or what emotions they are trying to show through their body actions. Some of the body secrets are given below. They will surely help you out in guessing what the other person is feeling or thinking while being silent all the way. Have a look:

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16. Bored Or Interested:

If a person sits in such position you will get to know whether he is bored or still interested in having a conversation with you.

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15. Attitude:

These gestures show the welcoming and not quite happy attitude.

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14. Glance Area:

This area of your eye shows what sort of thinking is going in your mind. And which kind of glance you are putting on the other people.

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13. Women Feelings:

If a woman makes such faces you will know about the mental process she is going through.

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12. Fed-Up Of Everything:

If a woman is fed-up of everything she is going to make this face.

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11. Attractive Or Reserved:

You can guess a lot about a woman by the way she sits. If a woman sits in the posture then she seems as a very attractive woman and if she sits like the second woman she is very reserved and shy woman.

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10. Many Modes Of A Person:

If you are having a conversation with a man and he starts rubbing his eye then it can mean a lot of things.

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9. Closed Person:

A closed person always has a fixed sitting position.

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8. Not A Good Posture:

There are certain ways of sitting at certain places. You should never sit like this at your workplace.

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7. Stubborn Person:

If a person sits like this while having a conversation with you. Never think twice about the fact that he is a stubborn, disrespectful person. And he is not interested in talking you. So, you should never disturb such person again.

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6. Attitude Of A Person:

A man who is trying to calm down his agitation will always keep on touching his cuff.

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5. Self Assured Person:

A self-assured person always has his thumbs up. And there is a smile on his face always. So, you can have an idea that the other person is interested in having a conversation with you.

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4. Sullen And Angry:

A person who holds his hands in such a way shows the anger he is hiding from others. And it also indicates that he is trying to control himself. Usually, the older people have this pose but that is not a compulsory thing.

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3. Some Serious Thought:

If a person sits in this way that means he is either thinking something very important or is just bored to the core. If a man makes this face just take a guess and leave him for a while.

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2. Break The Hug:

Hugs are very cordial at times. They give out the vibes of being a warm person. But if a person pats on your back while hugging you should get the sign that he is trying to break the hug off.

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1. Standing Posture:

A lot is delivered by the way a person stands. Next time while having a conversation do have a look at the way the next person is standing. If a person stands in such a way that he is turned towards just one person, you should know he is trying to exclude you from their conversation.

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