15 Ways to Save Hundreds When Shopping Online

It’s no secret that the internet is a cheaper place to shop than most of the stores you can find in person- but their prices can still go lower.

There are plenty of ways to save online. Here are the top fifteen!

Shop Deals

Never buy at a regular price!  This is the easiest way to lose money.  If you see something at a regular price that you absolutely need, consider some of the options below.

Look Around Multiple Shops

Dozens of shops carry the same product.  They almost always will try to price them competitively- look for the best deal and work out from there with coupons and deals.

Coupon Codes

Recycle those old newspapers and look forward to going paperless!  Coupon codes, from sales at Zales, to a Walmart promo code, are the fastest way to save money.  They provide instant discounts, based on how much value the company gives them.

Waiting For Sales

If you have time, patience can be a winning game.  When companies have extra things that won’t sell, they’re more likely to drop the price. 

Combine Deals

Wait until there’s a big sale, and then toss a coupon code on top of it!  Some companies won’t let you double up like this- but many do

Keep Or Wish List

Companies are known to track everything.  If you keep something in your cart, and they have your email on file, a lot of companies will try to lure you in with extra coupons and discounts.  

Companies Email Price Drops

Along with getting coupons for keeping things in your cart, companies will also notify you if something you have in your cart goes down in price.

Compare Using Google Shopping

Google Shopping lets you view and compare as many shop’s prices as you want.  You can set up Google alerts to let you know if prices drop further.

Use Shop Apps

Shops are known to offer unique coupons and discounts with people who download their apps!

Sign Up For Email Lists

Email lists are a great way to receive coupons.  Although you’ll have to wade through some mail you don’t want, a lot of companies send out deals this way.

Pick Up In Store

Save on shipping and handling!  Picking up in the store can keep a lot of cash in your wallet. you can visit shoppingthoughts for more details about awesome products to buy online.

Clear Cookies and Cache

Like when shopping for plane tickets, clear your cookies and cache if the prices seem to keep rising.  Some companies will artificially inflate prices if they think you’re set to buy.

Buy Gift Cards When Discounted

Around the holiday season a lot of companies put out special sales on gift cards.  This is the time to buy in.  It’s like getting free money.

Look For “As Is” On Sites

Don’t be afraid to buy used!  Some of the best deals are just the drop in price from things already being owned.

Use Cards That Give Back

Only shop with a card that has rewards like points or miles.  This was you’ll get something back with every purchase.