Here Are 15 Most Incredible Places You’re Not Allowed To Visit

There are numerous places on Earth to explore and adore. However, there are many places to be found which are either too protected or too dangerous to visit even for some seasonal voyagers. As these places are apparently cut off from the world outside but Born Realist has managed to collect some of these amazing places for all it’s spectators. Though humans have explored all corners of the planet but there are few places which you can adore in pictures only. Let’s have a look at them!

15. Bohemian Grove, USA

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The whole territory of the club belongs to a private owner and it has been functioning since 1899, welcoming most respected people around the world. Since 1923 many businessmen, artists, scientists, political figures and entrepreneurs became a part of this club and are still becoming a member of it. Though for almost 100 years the activities of the grove have been kept hidden and some perceived that the grove is the devil’s place and any journalist isn’t allowed to enter the grove. Well, my guess is something fishy might be something cooking in there! What do you think?



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Covering an area of 13 hectares, this field was installed in Alaska in an uninhabited valley in 1997. Some believe it was a ground for conspiracy theorists who stated that this program could contribute to control human minds, switch off satellites, or could even cause earthquakes, droughts, hurricanes, floods and also an epidemic.

13.  Mezhgorye, Russia

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Via some official sources which states that this “most closed” town is situated in Republic of Bashkortostan. It is believed that an underground capital is being constructed. There are no research centers, nuclear power facilities or industries and many other programs which is why it is still unknown, what is really going on in Mezhgorye?

12. Kronstad, Russia

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Built to defend Saint Petersburg, this town welcomes a lot of tourists. It has many forts that serve one purpose that is as defense construction. All the fortress has individual valiant history and victorious names:  Kronshlot, Citadel, Prince Menshikov, and so on. Some of the parts are still visited by tourists but some are closed because it is said that they are not safe.

11. Mount Athos, Greek Macedonia

The Holy Mount Athos

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This mountain is home to 20 monasteries but sadly not everyone has the permission to enjoy the majestic view. Women and female animals are strictly prohibited in this area and breaking of the law can cause one year imprisonment.

10. The cellar where the Coca-Cola recipe is kept, Georgia, USA

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It is believed that only 2 people on this earth knows the secret recipe of the legendary soda, and they both travel in different planes so as if one dies in an accident the other would be alive to guard the recipe. The recipe is kept in a safest locker in the company’s headquarters.

9. The Danakil Desert, Ethiopia

ethiopia - afar, danakil and tigray

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Ethiopia’s border is never free of regional wars, which prohibits the tourism there. Scientists believe that Ethiopia is an ancestral home for the great apes who might have been our ancestors. And it is also the place where the remains of Australopithecus afarensis named Lucy were found.

8. Motuo County, China, Tibetan Autonomous Region

Sunrise at Motuo Town, Tibet, China

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The sacred land of Buddhists has no road which leads to it, rather you have to travel through mountains on foot and reach to this majestic place.

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7. Oymyakon, Russia

Oymyakon forests covered in winter snow and mist

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The coldest temperature of −90.1°F keeps away the tourist from visiting this town and this makes it the coldest place on Earth.

6. Javari Tribe Reservation, Brazil


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This particular tribe is completely cut off from the outside civilizations. The 150 Indians living here are mostly the descendants of slaves. These people prefer to live in nature and avoid contact with people outside. Due to the safety of the civilization, the authorities have closed this area for local people.

5. The Pitcairn Islands, British Overseas Territory

Approaching Pitcairn Island

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There are 50 people who live on this island who are cut off from the outside world. Most of these people are the descendants of the HMS bounty, a ship that was burnt just to stay at this island. There is a particular way to reach this island but there are few vessels that come here from New Zealand.

4. Cincinnati Subway, Ohio, USA


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It is the biggest abandoned tunnels in USA which was built in 20th century. The construction was put to halt because of construction costs and it was left to abandoned. The subway was collapsed due to construction which resulted in many deaths of workers. It is believed that the spirits of workers still roam in the subway station. But there is a good news, you can visit this place each year every May.

3. Makkah and Medina


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People who have a firm belief in Allah are allowed to enjoy the majestic beauty of the mosques and relics of these sacred cities. Non-Muslims are strictly prohibited to enter in the holy cities and if one tries to enter forcefully than they are sentenced to death under sharia law.

2. Karakoram Highway

Driving the Karakoram highway

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This highway forms the connection between China and Pakistan. The highway was closed due to landslides and avalanches.

1. Snake Island, Brazil

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No one inhabits this island for the very obvious reasons. As the name states, Snake Island is home to very deadly and venomous snakes which makes it a dead one for people going there and visiting this place. The lancehead, deadliest and poisonous snake of all is found there, hence the authorities in Brazil have prohibited the access to this island for local people.

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