5 Reasons To Take a Greek Cruise During Colder Months

The Costa Deliziosa is docked at the port of Barcelona early on April 20, 2023. - After five weeks without touching land due to the restrictions linked to the coronavirus, a group of the 1,800 passengers on board the cruise ship were able to disembark in Barcelona, the penultimate stopover of an atypical world tour that will end in Italy. (Photo by Pau BARRENA / AFP) (Photo by PAU BARRENA/AFP via Getty Images)

Most people do not think about traveling during the winter or fall months. When one thinks of a vacation or cruise, they automatically associate summer with the trip, and, in the summer, one of the most popular places to take cruises is Greece.

However, cruising the Greek islands are also wonderful to visit in the colder months. The well-rounded world traveler knows that off-season vacationing is the way to go.

Cruises tend to be cheaper in the colder months, which is perfect if you have a family you’d like to bring. If you are bringing your young family along with you on the cruise, make sure you choose a cruise that takes you to a family-friendly Greek island!

For now, check out the top 5 reasons why taking a Greek cruise is best to plan for the fall and winter.

  1. Fewer Tourists 

Since the winter and fall months are off months for Greece, there are fewer tourists on cruises and at the Greek islands. Few people will be in port, so popular site-seeing spots and tourist attractions will be easier to visit and less crowded.

Some major landmarks, especially in the fall and winter months, are practically empty in the off-season. Since Greece is known for its rich cultural history, fall and winter are ideal for historical landmarks.

Cruise ships are not as packed during the cold season, giving you plenty of space on the ship! Also, the itinerary for Greek cruises is a lot more lenient in the fall and winter, permitting guests to explore Greece at their own pace.

  1. Less Costly 

Cruises are cheaper during off-months, starting in September. This is because of colder weather and the risk of storms. However, cruise lines do everything in their power to prevent cancellations, even due to weather. If your cruise does get canceled, the company will refund your trip.

Take advantage of any deals available in the fall and winter months, and make sure to plan months in advance for the best results.

  1. Beautiful Weather

All months in Greece are beautiful, and of course, the Greek Islands in the summer reach high temperatures that attract visitors from around the globe. However, the fall and winter months offer beautiful and mildly cold weather. Sunny days and comfortably mild weather characterize Greece’s off-season.

Early fall months still reach temperatures up to the mid-80s. The winter months average mild temperatures in the 50s and 60s. During the fall and winter months, rainfall averages are slightly higher, but not enough to offset the benefits of going on a Greek cruise during colder months.

  1. Seasonal Festivities 

Greece and the Greek islands host festivities unique to the season. For example, the Greek Christmas holidays last 12 days, from Christmas Eve to the celebration of Epiphany. During this period, many Greek islands and cities feature festivals.

Most cultural festivals take place during the fall because it is a harvesting season for the country. Tourists will find great food, drink, art, and other activities at fall festivals. If you’re bringing along children, Greece hosts interesting Halloween festivals.

Additionally, Greece offers season-related foods and drinks that tourists can only enjoy in the fall and winter months.

  1. Nature and Wildlife 

During the fall, wildlife flourishes in the ocean, sky, and land. Migrant birds flock over Greece and the Greek Islands in the fall. Marine animals in the Aegean Sea include the monk seal, dolphins, and harbor porpoises that can thrive on the shores of Greece.

More so, Greece is home to dozens of unique fish and schools of fish that swim in the ocean and island shores. Besides nature and wildlife in the ocean, on land Greece’s vegetation changes colors. Leaves change to shades of red, orange, and yellow in a fashion characteristic of autumn anywhere in the world.

The combination of weather, fewer crowds, culture, and the natural beauty of Greece and the Greek islands make the destination ideal for a cruise!

Article by Born Realist