10 Latest T.V Shows Worth Watching In These Chilly Winter Days

For most of us winter is finally here, and even though a lot of us are overjoyed and can’t wait for the snow to start falling (not to mention the cute sweaters in stores these days, makes you really feel excited about winter right? But that’s beside the point.), we’re all a little down about not being able to enjoy our morning walks and summer activities, leaving us trapped indoors most of time and sighing at the window, wondering what to do next. At times like these, we turn to our computer screens for support, hoping a new series can cure us from our boredom. Well here is a list of the top 10 TV shows that have taken our breath away, and we totally stand by if your trying to find something to start watching tonight.

10. The Mick (2017-ongoing):

image credits: Fox.com

The Mick is an extremely popular comedy TV serial that features a young hard living women named mickey, who hasn’t spend her life doing much and now has gone totally broke, requiring assistance she turns to her sister and her billionaire husband, but it turns out they’re fleeing the country, running from the FBI, they agree to let her have all there money. In exchange for taking care of their three kids; a teenage Sabrina, a middle child Chip who wishes to be a republican and their smallest Ben, whose a little too fragile for his own good. Mickey is overwhelmed at first, but later realize all the fun she can have,without really thinking of all the destruction she can cause.

9. Taboo (2017-ongoing):

image credits: BBC.com

Taboo, a BBC drama serial features James Keziah Delaney, a man whose just returned to nineteenth century in London after spending ten years in Africa, stealing and pillaging. His main goal is to bring his fathers shipping company back to its former glory, but has to go up against formidable opponents that are ready to murder him for hindering their profit flow, but Delaney is a formidable man as well, and London is in for a bumpy ride this winter.

8. The Young Pope (2016-ongoing):

image credits: HBO.com

The drama serial features a young,charming and mysterious character that goes by the name of Lenny Belardo, who has just been elected as the pope, the first American man to be made one. The people around him extend their claws, trying their best to try to control him, and coming to no avail, as they soon find out that the new young pope is an extremely mysterious man. He starts taking advice from a nun, Sister Mary, from the U.S. now living in Vatican City and ignores the Vatican stewards, treating them rigidly and resisting their assistance as much as he can. He knows that not everyone fears him yet, but he promises us that everyone will.

7. Sneaky Pete (2016-ongoing):

image credits: Amazon Video

Marius, a conman is finally released from jail after a long sentence and decides to start a new life by taking on the identity of his cell mate Pete Murphy, who hasn’t been in contact with a single member of his family for the past twenty years. As he enters the mans family as him, he realizes that he has stepped into the kind of life he had tried escaping from before. Pete’s shifty family has its own secrets as well, can Marius keep his lies from falling apart, and can he bear Pete’s family’s as well?

6. The Legion (2017-ongoing):

image credits: FX

David Haller is a troubled young man who is diagnosed early with schizophrenia, he has spent most of his life in mental hospitals and at the age of 30 finds himself in another, life is pretty mundane for him but gets suddenly exciting when a new patient Syd arrives, and they are drawn to each other. Together they escape the asylum as David starts to distinguish between fantasy and reality, Syd finally takes him to Melanie Bird, a therapist who opens up a new world of possibilities for the for him.

5. Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events (2017-ongoing):

image credits: Netflix

After the parents of Violet, sunny and Klaus die in an unexpected and mysterious fire, the children are handed over a cruel and odd guardian who turns the children’s life miserable and treating them poorly and like slaves, when finally the younger two realize their guardian is planning on marrying their older sister they decide to take matters into their own hands and finally put an end to the monster that’s been trying to destroy their lives.

4. One Day at a Time (2017-ongoing):

image credits: Netflix

One Day at a Time is a remake of the famous 1975 drama, featuring three generations of a Cuban American family that’s forced by circumstance to live under one roof. Penelope, a war Veteran has two problematic teens to take care off after getting a messy a divorce and also features Lidia, a very proactive grandmother that wants to make sure her grandchildren are being bought up right, and so is her daughter.

3. Riverdale (2017-ongoing):

image credits: cwtv

Riverdale is a chilly story that takes place in the dreamy and small town of Riverdale featuring a group of teenagers who have a world of problems of their own, but find them all magnified them when a star footballer in their high school goes missing, with a mystery to solve and lives to live with raging hormones and tensions high, can they find the murderer and when they do can they take the truth for what it is?

2. Santa Clarita Diet (2017-ongoing):

image credits: Netflix

The Netflix horror comedy stars Sheila and Joel, your everyday couple living down the street, living in the quiet American Town of live Santa Clarita. Everything seems completely normal until Shelia dies one day and ends up waking and feeling better and fitter than before, things seem to be going okay until she starts craving for raw meat.

1. Victoria (2016-ongoing):

image credits: mammoth screen

Victoria features the very famous British monarch, Queen Victoria and tells the story of her life and her ascend to the throne, show casing how the child Queen, at the tender age of 18, grew into one of Britain’s most successful monarch and changed the fate of England, The series features Prince Albert as well, along with the prime minister Lord Melbourne that help nurture Queen Victoria into power. The serial has received exceptional praise from the Drama watching community at large.

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Article by: Born Realist