Everything You Need to Know About Kobalt Tool box – Buyer’s Guide

The Kobalt tool box is a very popular name these days. If you are wondering what a Kobalt tool box might be, you have stumbled at the right place. 

kobalt tool box

Today, I am going to tell you all that you need to know about these super handy boxes. Kobalt tools are used in large today and they have a lot to offer: only one box can fit all must have accessories for your camping, traveling, work or just help organize your tools. However,  having said that:

The next question is: Where can you get these tool boxes from?

This tool box is available through Lowes. While other places such as Sears outlet or Harbor Freight might have their own set of tool cabinets to offer, Kobalt lowes offers many advantages over other husky tools or home depot tools.

What we have In-Store for you:

Three Top Kobalt Tool Box Review:

kobalt tool chest box
If we talk about the rolling tool box, one tool box that comes to mind is the Kobalt heavy duty 3-Drawer BlackSteel Lockable Tool Box.

 1. Kobalt Heavy-duty 20.6-in 3-Drawer Black Steel Lockable Tool Box  

Kobalt offers one of its many Kobalt tool kit at affordable rates. Offering the Kobalt Heavy Duty 20.6-in 3 drawer black steel tool box.
How it looks:
If you want something ideal, something cost effective and something sturdy, this is a good bet.

This amazing tool box has smooth drawers that slide open easily and smoothly. It comes with 3 drawers that makes it easy to move around.

Further, for those who are looking for something under Kobalt tools with warranty, this again is a good choice for it comes with a 3-year limited guarantee.

These tools have entirely been designed in the US. Their engineering and assembly have also been done in the US. With 20.6 cubic inches of storage, this tool box comes with a top chest that protects the stored items in it with ease.

✅ Sturdy design
❌Size could have been more manageable
✅ Ideal space
✅ Manageable
✅ Cost effective in terms of its purpose

While its true that this tool box is a safe choice for people, it has a slight drawback. This tool box could have been more manageable as far as its size is concerned.

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Final Verdict:

4.8/5 for this lowes tool chest. It is one of the lowes tool boxes that you can get without worrying about the guarantee or anything else as such. For those looking for husky tools, simple tools, tool cabinet or tool sets, I think this one makes a great choice.

 2. Kobalt Portable 20.6” Black Steel Lockable Tool Box  

kobalt portable tool box

Used as a tool chest combo, the Kobalt Portable is one of the many tool sets by the company that makes life easy and simple for the users.

With a seamless weld construction, this tool box offers durability and strength both. What adds to its sturdiness is that it is rust resistant, which makes sure that your box is secure, safe and sound.

The Kobalt portable offers a comfortable grip over the plastic handles that ensure easy and smooth lifting and moving too.

It has 2 drawers with full extension glides that provide easy access to the tools.

Further, with a hasp and staple to provide lockable security, the Kobalt portable comes with a tools warranty. What’s even better is that you can try your luck to get this tool set for a lower price for searching for ‘tool box for sale craigslist’ or other related searches.

Note that this kit is already quite affordable but if you try to find it on sale, probably one for tool box clearance, you might be able to get this at a relatively better price.

✅ Systematic❌Misses out on some important tools
✅ Convenient
✅ Very durable
✅ Rust resistant- long time service

Well, this shouldn’t be any brainer that while the Kobalt Portable is a good choice, it is still a relatively cheaper tool box compared to the $2,500 ones. Hence, it misses out on some important tools.

Nonetheless, it is a must-have for every day tool box purposes. It is a cheap tool chest that can be purchased underused tool boxes for sale on various websites.

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Final Verdict:

4.7/5 for the ever-handy tool set. It is compact, convenience based and ideal for everyday use. What’s best is that it is super affordable.

Therefore, anybody looking for the Kobalt tool chest can easily get this one for it is easy to get.

Choosing where to get this kit from depends on you. However, if you want something under lowes tool chest, lowes tool boxes or lowes tool chest, feel free to get this from Lowes.

  3. Kobalt 30.5” Plastic Lockable Wheeled Tool Box:  

Lockable Wheeled Tool Box:

Kobalt offers the 30.5” Plastic Lockable Wheeled Tool box. Available at harbor freight, this is one of the most popular choices under the tool boxes category.

Made out of affordable and solid plastic, Kobalt’s 30.5”  tool box is easy to carry around because it is made out of plastic.

Its dimensions are also such that they make this lowes tools one of the easiest to carry around with yourself.

Available under the tool chest Costco category on various websites, the Kobalt 30.5 lockable-wheeled tool box has an extreme capacity for the larger sized tools.

It comes with a removable tray and a padded steel pull handle that makes it easy to transport. Fancy in its own might of tool boxes, this one is a rare find but an ideal tool chest combo that cannot be missed out on.

✅ Authentic design❌More solid designs are available
✅ Solid and sturdy
✅ Easily transportable / movable
✅ Affordable

While this tool set does a great job as a Kobalt tool chest, I felt that there were better and more solid designs available. The one I had before was way better and I did not even mind spending a little extra on it. Nonetheless, this tool cabinet is also a handy choice.

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Final Verdict:

If you want an honest rolling tool box review, this is probably it.

In terms of ranking, I would give it a 4.6/5. It’s a pretty decent box. However, because there are some other solid designs available, this one doesn’t fare that well in terms of sturdiness.

Overall though, those looking for a Sears tool chest, tool chest lowes or the solid mechanics tool set, this one fares quite well.

 Where to Get Kobalt Tool Boxes From? 

We’ve talked about the three top choices in Kobalt tool sets and now we move on to the main question: where do you get your tool box or tool storage cabinets from?

See, here’s the deal:

The tool chest is available in many places but Amazon is the best source. Below we have listed some of the best tool kits along with their purchase links:

PhotosSource Links:
kobalt wheeled Buy Now
Buy Now
kobalt 3 drawer Buy Now
lowes tools Buy Now
Kobalt Tool Box sale Buy Now

Checking out Sears outlet can also be a good choice.

How long is Kobalt tool box warranty valid?:

kobalt toolbox warranty

Depending on the type of product you bought, Kobalt gives various warranty options. Most of their products like tool chests and tool boxes have warranties ranging from 3 years to 5 years. All the details can be found on their website.

Sears Outlet:

Sears outlet is another place for people to buy Kobalt items. Offering smart and affordable tool boxes, Sears outlet gets more points because people can actually go and check the product in person and then get it.

This reduces the hassles of getting the wrong kit or it also improves the chances of you getting a Kobalt tool chest as per your needs.

Sears outlet offers a range of tool sets for you to explore. Getting them is easy too because all you do is pick your choice.

The rest follows.

For anyone who is looking for a Sears tool chest, a rolling tool cabinet, simple tools or tool cabinets or sears tools in general, this is a good place.

Sears offers a range of its very own sears tools as well and you can find your kit under them.

Good performance, exemplary results.

Putting Your Foot Down: Harbor Freight Vs. Kobalttool boxes Vs. Sears Outlet?

image credits: iStock

Now we get to the juicy part:

When it comes to husky tools or home depot tools, there’s a lot going on. Hence, confusion is inevitable. However, we are here to help!

People who are looking for a tool chest also tend to refer to lowes. Lowes is also a common name for people when they search for tool chests. Lowes tool boxes , lowes tool chest and others are very popular searches.

These tool boxes are also available at Costco and search for tool chest Costco or tool chest Costco are also quite popular.

When it comes to cheap tool chest or snap-on mechanics tool set, people tend to bring it down to this: Harbor freight vs. Kobalt Vs. Sears outlet.

Choosing your Pick:

Sears Outlet:

sears outlet kobalt

When it comes to used tool boxes sales, cheap tool box or tool box clearance, a common pick for people is Sears outlet.


Sears offers you the choice of exploring your favorite tool box or tool chest by looking at it in person and getting it there and then. People who have had families working in Sears for a long time do tend to choose it as their prime source of purchase.

They are just comfortable in doing so.

Sears also offers a lifetime warranty to replace a tool but the thing is that you don’t really feel the need to use this warranty because the tools never really break.

The deal with Sears though, is that people tend to go for Craftsman products there. If you can find a creation from 1986, choosing Sears outlet might be a good choice. However, no guarantees on what you may be able to find or not find there.

This makes us move to the (Lowes Brand).

Kobalt Tool boxes (Lowes Brand):

kobalt toolbox

See Kobalt offers you many choices as far as tool chests are concerned. Whether you are looking for a tool box clearance or cordless tools, getting your pick from Lowes brand will not be a problem.

Best Ones:

The catch with kobalt is that it offers a range of mechanic tool sets- the 227 piece tool set for $99, the 3/8 inch drive click torque wrench, and so many more.

Lowes offers you the choice of getting any of your favorite tool chests with utter ease. While Lowes has also had the rights to sell Craftsman brand at its stores, right now it sells Kobalt by in large.

The best part is that it’s clearly written on Kobalt items that whenever you get one and choose to spend some money on it, you are never going to be in a situation where the mechanics set sort of breaks. However, even if there is such a situation and those who worry about the warranty of the tools, they come with a Lifetime hassle-free guarantee.

This means that if there is a problem with one of your tool chests, you can get a free replacement for your purchase.

Husky Tools:

image credits: HUSKY

Craftsman offers a repaired or replaced warranty. However, Kobalt offers a lifetime hassle free warranty and both have their MAJOR differences.

Husky tools are another popular name if we talk about tool chests. People do tend to go for their mechanic’s tool sets from their website.

Those who search for tool chests do check out their tools for their home depot purchases.

Offering tool boxes at home depots, Husky is also a popular choice by people as far as snap on mechanics tool sets are concerned. Husky tools may offer a limited choice especially as far as wrenches are concerned but husky does offer a Guaranteed Forever warranty, which is much like Kobalt’s warranty.

Even as far as the price factor is concerned, Husky might be more expensive.

Harbor Freight

Choosing Harbor freight is also a common choice by people for tool storage cabinets, rolling tool cabinet or others.

Harbor freight offers its own Pittsburg brand for the tool cabinet searches. Harbor freight has seemingly had many choices and it was flourishing till it started to increase the price of its tool boxes.  

The Pittsburg brand did definitely get some attention and stole the thunder off other kits. However, these are also protected by the Lifetime warranty.

Final Words on the best toolboxes:

As I did my research on who makes kobalt tools, casters lowes, outlet covers, tool chest and other related terms, I realized that for the sub $200 price, none of the tool sets that I mentioned above will be made in the US.

People who want the US made tool should spend a lot of time and effort to check out the used market or shop carefully in general.

All of these tools, whether the cordless tools, snap on mechanics tool set, sears tool kit, Kobalt tool kit by lowes, tool chest, Kobalt tools, home depot tools, husky tools, complete combo of tools, come with a LIFETIME Warranty- None of them offer a repair clause, only Craftsman does. Rather, all others come with a straight replacement.

As far as the content is concerned, many people choose Lowes.

However, as far as the price is concerned, Harbor freight has been a popular choice. These were the dynamics of last year though. This year, things are more competitive.

Most people worry about replacement when it comes to these tool cabinets. Sears has had a downfall in its total number of stores across the US. From 731, the number has dropped to 594. Harbor freight has had an increased in the number of stores – 800 stores across the country. Lowes has 1857 locations, whereas Home Depot has 2,274 locations.

All of these figures make it quite clear for what direction people should be headed in if they are looking for a cheap tool chest, used tool boxes in sale, tool chest by harbor freight, tool chest by sears, lowes by USB outletor any others.

Whether it is a tool kit combo you are looking for or a Kobalt workbench, lowes casters or lowes toolbox, there’s pretty much everything available out there.

Summarizing it down, our pick for tool cabinets or toolboxes does remain Kobalt, for the rolling tool box or lowes tool kit come with a lifetime hassle-free warranty that ensures easy replacement. Further, Kobalt workbench or tool boxes further come in variety which makes it easy to choose your pick wisely.