Travis Chappell Wants To Connect The World For a Better Future

Travis Chappell is the Founder & CEO of Guestio, a platform that streamlines the booking process for podcasts… He is also a pioneer who made this process as efficient and as easy as saying your ABCs. People can literally go on the platform and book guests for their shows at the click of a button in all sorts of topics and for the biggest shows. As amazing as that sounds, that is not it for Travis’ achievements; Travis is also the host of the Build Your Network business podcast that was ranked in the top 25 podcasts across America. The podcast is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs cultivate strategic and meaningful relationships.

1) How successful is he today? What are his accomplishments over the years?

There is no plain and simple answer for this as everybody has their own definition for success, their own hurdles to overcome and their own milestones to cross. Even though accomplishments might be considered subjective, it is clear that Travis has met the criteria for it, in everyone’s eyes.

Nevertheless, what really matters is how successful is Travis today, in his eyes? According to him, he lives a planned life, he has set out goals for himself to reach and he has achieved every goal that he set out for himself at exactly the right time which is highly commendable. He is relentlessly hardworking but he has his priorities straight.

To be precise, he was able to make 6 figures on his own, totally dependent on commission as a door-to-door salesman by the age of 22. He has done over 10 real estate deals over the years from flips to short-term buy-and-holds. He started his podcast from scratch that has accumulated almost 2 million downloads, which is something to be proud of. It is there that he interviewed billionaires, pro athletes, celebrities, best-selling authors, and influencers. Not only that but he has taught hundreds of people how to build profitable podcasts, and now he is the founder and CEO of a software company called Guestio that he has raised $1.5 million in seed funding for.

But to him, his greatest achievement is being the best husband to his high school sweetheart, and a superb dad to his 2 year old Cameron and 9 month old Cassidee.

2) What is so unique about his platform and services?

There is no doubt that there are several platforms basically doing what Guestio does. But that’s the thing, you have some platforms that connect guests with podcasts while there are some others that let you book videos with your favorite celebrities. There is none that lets you do both, except Guestio. In simpler words, it will allow you to book interviews with people that you really want and the people who will be a perfect match for your show.

3) Any tragedies that he has encountered in his life? And how did he overcome them?

Like everyone else’s life on this planet, Travis’ life has been a rollercoaster of emotions, turmoils and achievements as well. Through deaths in his family and other obstacles, Travis has always stayed focused on building a community and working on self-development, all the while supporting his family out of the darkness that has come their way at times.

4) What are his hopes for your platform going forward?

He wants Guestio to become the ultimate booking marketplace where show hosts, bloggers, event hosts, and businesses can come to book talent for marketing campaigns, interviews, Q&As, or whatever else. As this unfair world has taught us that this access has previously been saved for only those who are well connected or have a budget to hire a talent agency. So achieving this seems impossible to those who do not belong in the elites. What we want is to bring accessibility to the masses, to those trying to build something for themselves, by themselves.

5) Any quote or “words of wisdom” that he lives by?

“Be so good they can’t ignore you.” – Steve Martin

6) How are you making the world a better place today?

The content that he has been creating for the last few years has been largely driven by interviews. He believes interviews have the ability to increase your empathy for someone. If you know more about a person or a situation, you’d be able to better comprehend and relate to it. If we need anything right now, it’s empathy for the other side’s perspective. It’s okay to disagree with someone, but when you hear where they come from and listen to their perspective with an open mind, it allows you to connect with them and have some understanding of why they are who they are. If we all had a little bit more of this, there’d be less divisiveness in the world. That’s what they are trying to accomplish with his new show “I Never Talk About This.” Travis wants people to learn, not only from their own mistakes but also from the mistakes and experiences of others so together we can build each other up rather than breaking each other down.

Article by Born Realist