Top 10 Tips for Generating Leads on Your Website

Today, more than 70% of small businesses have launched websites as part of their marketing strategy. A website allows potential customers to find your business and purchase your products and services. That is why lead generation is an important aspect of web development. It is a process of attracting customers to your website and making them interested in your services.

Most businesses use professional SaaS design services to boost their websites’ visibility and performance. Such companies understand the importance of lead generation to businesses and incorporate the right design elements to increase the conversion of visitors into users and buyers. Without conversion, your business might fail to take off. 

This article offers insightful tips to help you generate more leads for your site. 

Optimize Website Forms

Most websites have forms that customers must fill out, for instance, during registration or when they want to purchase an item. While it might be a necessary lead generation feature, many users dislike filling out forms. Apart from being cumbersome, the forms introduce user friction, especially if the forms are lengthy and contain many sections. 

You can optimize your forms by keeping them short to address the user churn problem. Create only necessary fields without asking for too much information from the users at once. Another effective tip is to make your forms responsive to mobile devices.

Use Landing Pages

Landing pages are vital lead generators you should not overlook. These stand-alone pages encourage visitors to take the desired action on your site. You can create several landing pages with different designs and appeals to users, thus testing various approaches in terms of lead generation efficiency. 

Avoid squeezing too much information onto the pages to achieve maximum effect. Usually, visitors scan the content to check if it is valuable to them. Thus, brief and useful content will trigger the prospects to take action. You can also use images to make the pages more appealing and visually clear.  

Strong CTAs 

Call-to-action buttons are important UI elements that can increase leads on your site. Make sure you place the CTAs at strategic locations to attract the visitors’ interest. If you don’t prompt potential customers to take the desired action, they will browse and leave. 

That is why creating strong CTAs is essential in generating more leads. You can prompt the user to sign up, subscribe, or inquire about your products. Don’t forget to use bright colors for the CTA buttons to stand out among the rest of the content. 

Social Media Campaigns

Social media is another effective channel you can use to gain more leads to your site. Most businesses have infiltrated social media networks to expand brand awareness and engage their customers. 

With proper strategies in place, it is possible to direct user traffic to your site through social media. For instance, you can post your blog and offer attractive discounts for particular items. You will be surprised to see how many people will click the link to check out your products. 

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Excellent User Experience 

Creating an exceptional UX design is key to your site’s success. Most users leave a site because of poor user experience. So, when developing your product, keep your users in mind. Ensure the web pages are well-designed and organized for user-friendliness, clarity, and intuitive navigation.  

Moreover, consider using simple language that all your target customers can grasp while offering relevant information at each step of the user journey. Remember, having a functional and usable site will appeal to prospective visitors, and you will get more clicks.

Quality Content 

Content marketing is an effective approach that can help you position yourself as an industry expert. Whether a blog or a video, ensure the information helps prospects solve specific pain points. 

People are likelier to share on different platforms if you create original and quality content. The more people share your content online, the more leads you will get on your site. Therefore, take time to write well-thought-out and engaging blogs that will make people interested.

Live Chat Option

Many modern sites have live chat services as part of customer support. Apart from offering support services, live chats are essential lead generators. Many users want instant responses when they inquire about a product. So, using a live chat makes more sense than sending an email or communicating via social media. 

Thus, to gain more leads, identify the page that is mostly visited and install the live chat feature. It could be the home page or the pricing section to ensure your customers get timely assistance for each inquiry. 

Track Your Leads 

You must track your site to know the landing pages that generate high leads. You can use Google Analytics to monitor your lead statistics, which can help you find underperforming pages and make design adjustments. Once you know the marketing options that attract more visitors, you will do away with the inefficient strategies. 

Frequent A/B Tests

Lead generation is never a complete process since the tech world is always moving. What works now might not work perfectly after a while. Thus, you must be alert and always test the lead generators frequently.

A/B testing should be part of your routine to gauge the shifting trends. Test the CTA microcopy and layouts of the landing pages or the images on your site to maintain consistent leads. 

Nurture Your Leads 

Remember that conversions will not happen magically, no matter how many leads you gain. Take time to nurture each lead with the target of converting them into customers. Once a visitor lands on your page and fills the sign-up form, place leads that will remind them about you. For instance, you can send the user a follow-up email containing relevant, informative content. Lead nurturing entices users to go back to your site and complete your desired actions. 


Nothing is more exciting than watching your site get many visitors. But if you don’t achieve the expected numbers, you should reconsider your marketing strategy. Follow the pointers discussed above to attract more users and transform your business. 

Article by Born Realist