The Ultimate Guide To Buying Vinyl Records Online

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Many people consider vinyl records to be a thing of the past, but 4.1 million sold records in 2017 only show otherwise. However, phonographs are huge, take up a lot of space; turntable and turntable accessories are also quite expensive nowadays – so why would anyone even think about purchasing vinyl records in this day and age, especially online? Well, the reasons are many, and there are quite a few reputable marketplaces online that sell these unique items that seem to be resisting the strength of time.

Benefits of Listening to Vinyl Records

– Unique Sound

Nowadays, records on CDs, DVDs, and online stores undergo a lot of compression, editing, encoding, and other processes that modify the song’s original sound. The characteristic crackling experience only remains in vinyl records, and it gives it a touch of genuineness that offers a truly unique experience.

– Value

As time passes, vinyl records only increase in value. Bands and singers are slowly starting to eliminate this format, as it usually generates more costs than revenue due to the low amount of sales. Owning a vinyl record means having something that carries true value, unlike MP3 files or CDs that have countless copies.

– Demands Full Focus

People often play songs on their phones or TVs and neglect them, serving them only as background noise. Vinyl records are much more immersive, especially since there’s a whole process that involves placing the record on a phonograph, positioning the lever/arm, and switching the player on. It makes people appreciate the music and truly enjoy it.

Best Places To Buy Vinyl Records Online

  1. Goner Records

LPs, EPs, Singles – Goner Records has all types of standard formats that you could think of. The products are categorized according to different music genres, ranging from R&B to garage rock. The average prices are around $15-20, which is a bit below the current standard. Also, the website offers free shipping inside the US on orders over $75.

  1. Amoeba Music

Founded in 1990, Amoeba Music claims to be the world’s largest independent record store with over 30,000 records available for purchase. These are mainly 45s, 78s, and LPs, but there are also 7” and 10” records. The website is completely dedicated to vinyl records, with its own club and gift certificates. Unfortunately, due to the current worldwide pandemic, Amoeba Music only provides shipping inside the US.

  1. Discogs

Unlike the previous entries on the list, Discogs isn’t just a marketplace – it’s a full-fledged online music database. Discogs has a staggering amount of available vinyl records at over 40 million. However, these are from various sellers, with the record’s condition ranging from Poor to Very Good Plus. Of course, those in flawless condition are going to cost a lot more (up to thousands of dollars!). There are a lot of collectibles as well, and many sellers on Discogs offer worldwide shipping.

  1. Presto Classical

If you’re a fan of classical records, Presto Classical is the store for you. There is a massive amount of different eras available – medieval, renaissance, baroque, romantic, etc. Surprisingly, most of the records are quite affordable, even though they can be considered exclusive. Presto Classical also has frequent special offers and sales that last about a month, so you can grab something at a laughable cost.

  1. LPNOW

While the outdated website might deter you at first, don’t be fooled – LPNOW specializes in selling sealed, new vinyl LPs. The rare, out-of-print available records can’t be found anywhere else, which makes LPNOW one-of-a-kind. There are a lot of familiar names, including the Beatles, Elton John, Pearl Jam, and others. It can be a bit hard to browse through the website, but once you get used to it, there are a lot of hidden gems available.

Safely Purchase Vinyl Records Online with Spokeo

Vinyl records are fairly uncommon items that are rarely purchased, and that’s exactly why you should be especially careful who you’re buying them from. Sticking to reputable sellers with a positive history is the best option, but you can’t always know who’s behind the computer screen, right? Well, with Spokeo, you can.

Simply put, Spokeo retrieves information by initiating either a reverse phone lookup or an email search on the respective parameters that the user entered. Essentially, Spokeo is a modern-day equivalent of the yellow pages, only a lot more comprehensive. Besides the name, the tool shows a person’s past criminal records, current address, and social media profiles. This way, you can easily analyze the information and know whether the seller is trustworthy.

Maguire Haigh is a marketing manager for Spokeo. He is interested in the latest technology trends, marketing strategies and business development. He also prefers travelling, exploring the world and meeting new people. Maguire has great experience in creating and editing articles on different topics.

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