No time to sleep? Car Air Mattress Could be The Best Deal For You!

Many people prefer to have a car air mattress and sleep in their car. That happens when they have no money to pay for rent and they like to sleep in their car. Some of them may also park in public spots or trailer parks where they can also find some common toilets and showers.

A car air mattress is the best thing you can get to be independent in your car. It can get inflated in less than one minute using the car battery pump and ensuring that you will place it in the rear seats and have the sleep of your life. Even when you are big sized, there is no chance you will not fit on the mattress. You will sleep great, and some people testify they can also have sex on the mattress. So if you find a hooker close to the spot and you would like to have some fun, the air mattress for your car would be the ideal nest for your two love birdies!

It Can Fit on Any Car

The car air mattress is so compact that it may easily fit in any car. That means you will always have the chance to place it in the rear seats and inflate it the right way to cover the whole place. It can be fun sometimes, and you can use it either you are alone or with a friend, and you want to sleep together or have rough sex on it with others viewing you through the car windows! It’s the best experience you can have!

Mattresses Can Also Get Inflated in the Car

You can inflate the air mattress in the car. Using the car battery pump, you can do that in less than a minute. That means when you are ready to sleep or take a nap, you can inflate the mattress and get some rest. When you are finally awake, you can also deflate the mattress and have it ready for next time!

A Car Air Mattress Is Less Sensitive to Accidents

It’s true that a car air mattress is less sensitive to pinches and accidents. It is made from hard plastic, and there is virtually no chance it can get deflated from a single prick touch. However, it’s always better to take care of it and not allow anything to penetrate there.

You Can Fold it in the Trunk for Future Use

Folding and unfolding of the air car mattress is an easy task. You can have it folded in seconds and you can even get your wife do that for you. After you have sex in the car she can clean the mattress from the mess using a wipe and then she can fold it to perfection and place it in the trunk.

It’s More Affordable than Buying a Bed

You will pay 70% less than buying a bed when you finally decide to get an air car mattress. It’s the best deal you can get especially when you are homeless but you still have your car.

Article by Born Realist