The Future, AR and Magic Leap: Is the Future Magic Leap’s MR?

Magic Leap is one of the biggest and most mysterious company to have their hands in making augmented reality a possibility.

Their work is shrouded in mystery, and none of the employees or their CEO, Rony Abovitz is ready to share what the startup is working on with the press or the media.

That is until recently when the company took the world by storm by their new headset.

The Magic Leap one: creator’s edition is a step into future, a future that will be governed by augmented reality. Where AR will influence everything we do; from trying on clothes to performing complicated operations. 

So what is magic leap anyway?

Magic Leap 2023:

What do we know about the Company?

magic leap

Magic Leap is working to combine AI and VR to make MR, which in the company’s own words means mixed reality.

Rony Abovitz explains that right at the start of the project, he and his team realized that the human retina was an extraordinary object and the images it creates for us to see, in other words, our version of reality, is too perfect to recreate.

He decided that Magic Leap would not try to replicate the retina’s version of reality like in VR but instead would use it to create images and games that appeared as real as reality.

What is Magic Leap Working on?

Magic Leap is working on spatial computing. To better understand it, take into account the statement the company made when trying to explain it’s work to interested customers,

In its own words they are;

Adding a dimension in which the digital aspects of the program that you’ll run will work in accordance and with respect to the physical matter that is around you.

magic leap

For example, if you’re playing a shooting game, the aliens will enter through your doors and your windows and you’ll be able to hide behind your table or under your bed.

Simply speaking, the company’s mixed reality is working on a model of computing that will use signals similar to our retina and by doing so, will create something that is exactly like the reality we experience today.

It hopes to blend our analog reality with the digital one that they create, so Magic Leap’s products will not be like the various kinds of VR we see through snap chat filters or like Samsung’s VR experience where the player is completely immersed into the game and a completely virtual setup is built for the player to play.

What is AR?

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Augmented reality is a combination of the physical world around us and the digital world. The digital world is created through the help of designers and engineers.

In augmented reality, a person can do anything. He or she can enjoy a game, scroll through their social media, buy shoes or try on clothes in the physical world. However, every object the person interacts with is actually digital. It exists in such a way that it can not be distinguished from reality.

How will AR change our lives?

Augmented reality will convert the way we do our everyday tasks.

It will revolutionize medical practices, by allowing medical practitioners to digitally perform procedures and see results before moving on to people and animals.

magic leap

It will allow people to build models. It will allow us to chalk out various tasks before performing them to see how things will turn out.

Of course, Augmented reality is set to change gaming and maybe even movies and entertainment.

The possibilities are endless.

Magic Leap Sunnyvale: Where is the company Situated?

magic leap

You’ll be surprised to know that Magic Leap isn’t working in California like the hundreds of other promising tech startups in Silicon Valley.

It is in fact situated in Plantation Florida. In an unassuming place called Sunnyvale.

Magic leap Sunnyvale is an amazing place to start magic leap careers.

However, amazing work is being done in their offices. Several people who had the chance to visit their offices had the chance to experience their developing headsets back in 2017.

The company’s new headset has received astoundingly positive reviews and people giving magic leap review couldn’t wait to get their hands on the device they produced.

The Company’s Funding

Magic Leap is being funded by several interesting companies.

The long list includes Google, Singapore’s Temasek Holdings and Alibaba and several others which as of recently contributed 502 million dollars to Magic Leap.

Bringing the total amount of funds it has collected to 2.3 billion dollars.

magic leap

Magic Leap has several high profile board members as well and has attracted a lot of attention.

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google is a part of the board, so is Alibaba CEO Jack Ma and Paul Jacobs the CEO of Qualcomm also has a seat on the board. Magic Leap has very recently hired the creator of Bullet-Time (the guy who created the bullet animations in the matrix) John Gaeta. He became a part of Magic Leap as recently as October 2017.

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What was the story behind the demo videos that were released in early 2016 and 2017?

magic leap

Several people have seen Magic Leap’s Star Wars inspired videos and the one with solar system video in the lady’s office.

These were released with very little information and it looked like a dream (A Magic Leap into a magical future).

Magic Leap wasn’t ready to explain what it was all about. The only thing you could tell from the video was that it wasn’t altered, and that Magic Leap tech was in play.

What has Magic Leap developed with the 2 billion dollars in funding?

The company has gathered several high profile board members and has created a huge amount of hype. It has also gathered over 2 billion in funding. It goes without saying that everyone is pretty much crossing their fingers for something great.

People imagined that it would be a mounted headset. Something that looks like the Samsung VR headset, but with its own touch and to a large extent, people were right.

In December of 2017, the company finally broke the silence and introduced their very first headgear. It was named the Magic Leap One Creator Edition.

Magic Leap One

magic leap

The Magic Leap one: creator edition consists of three parts.

The headset itself is known as light wear.

The second part is a disc-shaped computer attached to the headset. It clips to your pocket known as the light pack.

The third and final part is a controller known simply as control.

The headset has several sensors and over eight cameras, but the most important part is the lens. Otherwise known as the digital light ware. The digital light ware will be the base of MR. This optical device did not exist before the company started work on AR. 

How is Magic Leap One: Creator Edition different from other headsets?

magic leap

It should be noted, however, that new headset does come connected to a computer and it does have audio also. But if the headset created by the company can really convince your brain that there is no difference between the digital world and the real analog world, then this might just be the breakthrough of the century.

The Magic leap one: Creator Edition came out early October and the response has been overwhelming.

People have greatly enjoyed the new experience. It seems like the company is on its way to reshaping the future of AR.

Magic Leap one creator edition: Explained Simply

To better understand how amazing these headsets will be, take a moment to consider the screen your using to read this article. Your screen could be a mobile, it could be a laptop, a tablet or it could be something else. However, here you are very well aware of the acute distance between me the author of this post and yourself.

magic leap

However, through the new Magic Leap one: creator edition, it could project me into the same room as you. Allowing the person you see to have right dimension. At a point, maybe even making it possible for you to interact with me.

Imagine that! It’s something of a miracle.

Magic Leap PRICE of the Headset

magic leap

The company’s new headset was expected to be worth way over a thousand dollars and that prediction has come true.

However, while its pricey, and people have their misgivings, it is still a huge leap forward into the future. People are comparing the company’s new headset to the Microsoft HoloLens. They are trying to figure out which one has managed to merge digital and analog better.

However, Magic Leap is clearly several steps ahead.

Magic Leap demo: Why Magic Leap is essential for the future

The company’s latest headset has received mixed reviews until now. This has been mainly because it can only work with a few apps and does not have too many features until right now.

People have even gone as far as to say that the new MR tech will only be used by sightseeing companies in the future.

However, we believe that is not the case.

magic leap

What the company hopes to accomplish is extraordinary. If you’ve ever come into contact with the sci-fi world you know that mixing the analog world with the digital one is the next big step in technology. Tech like this will not just revolutionize gaming and VR.

It will also limit the number of screens we use. It will change the way medical models are made. It will revolutionize everything around us, from healthcare to the way we shop and buy.  If nothing else, Magic Leap is paving a way towards a brighter, and hopefully more magical tomorrow.

Magic Leap Review

magic leap

In the ever advancing tech market, it is important to really carefully look over each product for its productivity. We should know if it’s making our lives easier, or if it’s completely unnecessary.

We believe magic leap falls under the list of tech that is going to make the world a more interesting and engaging place. That is our personal (though informed) opinion. 

Magic Leap internships and Magic Leap Careers

You can learn more about careers and internships in the company from their page. They have listed the available jobs and vacancies that are available.

However, since Magic leap is centred in Plantation Florida, you’ll have to move there to work in the company.

Further information can be found on the company’s careers page.

Magic Leap Stock: How can a person buy Magic Leap stocks?

magic leap

Magic Leap is not a listed company. And so, since it does not distribute stocks it is not possible for the general public to buy stocks. 

The company is currently a private company and you can not buy stocks unless the company goes public. However, if you’re someone who makes a large amount of money, you can become one of their financiers. This will allow you to receive stocks in return.

The latest L.E.A.P Conference and what it means for the future of Mixed Reality:

The company held a conference that was free for all people who registered before the time limit. A good number of company officials were present. They talked openly to people about what the company was hoping to accomplish in the future. People also readily interacted and shared their ideas with the Magic Leap team.

magic leap

According to various sources, the company officials loved the conference and exhibited openness that was once not a characteristic of the company. People considered this a welcome change for the private company. Several attendees said they hoped that by opening up their plans and building a better framework, Magic Leap will be able to leave its competitors behind.

The creators and experts who spoke about building the company’s first experience went into great details of the project. They outlined a general framework of what went on in the company during the time work was being done on the very headset.

The company’s engineers also talked about the games that were linked to the new Magic Leap headset. They also outlined a set of future plans that the company had.

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In Conclusion:

magic leap

Magic Leap is a company working to revolutionize the future as we know it, with augmented reality and through their own coined term mixed reality.

The headsets that are being manufactured today may not exactly be perfect, but it is absolutely certain that in 5 or 6 years they will be. By then the company will have perfected its headsets to the point that we’ll finally be able to take a Leap into the future. At that point in time, we’ll be able to blur the lines between reality and fiction.