This Is Why Introverts Are Actually The Best Speakers

Introverts tend to be preoccupied with their own thoughts and feelings. They minimize their contact with other people. Introverts get tired easily by big crowds. Surely, all great speakers are natural extroverts. They all lack fear around crowds. They have a natural affinity for self presentation. The fact is introverts make the best public speakers. Being an introvert can be an asset in public speaking rather than a deficit. Some of the best examples are introverted leaders include Barack Obama, Nelson Mandela and Gandhi. Some of the characteristics of introverts which make them the best speakers are given below:

10. Sensitivity:
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Introverts are good at thinking. They think deeply and determinedly. Their thinking can bear interesting fruit, like Isaac Newton’s apple. In social situations, they are more sensitive towards people. They notice subtle social cues and can quickly pick up on small changes. They’re often very concerned about how they’re coming across towards other people. They tune in to how their audience feels, and can manipulate their technique accordingly. If they notice something wrong, they practice until they get it right.

9. Introverts Pay Focus On Message:
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Introvert are not the most important people in the room when they are about to deliver something. They know they are there to service the audience. The most powerful speakers have a strong belief that their public speaking will bring some kind of benefit to the audience. If you believe firmly in your message, you will have no problem speaking with confidence because that message is more important than your nerves. Like Gandhi had a mission, so by serving the audience his nerves were having no longer an issue.

8. Introverts Prepare:
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Being able to rock depends upon how well you are prepared. A speech is not reliant on a specific array of social skills. It’s the success of a speech through which people learn.

7. Introverts Like Their Own Company:
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Introverts like to stay alone. They are quite consistent. Introverts have a tendency to enjoy writing. They will go beyond limits to come up with the right message.  An introvert will seek feedback from others. They will  pay attention to their physical needs such as, getting enough rest, calming themselves, eating properly so that they are in stellar shape to deliver their speech.

6. Introverts Are Phenomenal Listeners:
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Introverts are phenomenal listeners. They have a greater tendency to remember that public speaking is not about them, it’s about the audience. Not only during the planning stage but also during the delivery.  An introvert will remain focused on the audience and this is an important part of getting instant audience feedback. They’ll consider all the facts as they process forward. The end result of this will be a well-thought out set of ideas that will help them in their next speech.

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5. Introverts Possess Empathy:
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Public speaking requires a balance of energy flowing between the speaker and audience. A great speech isn’t something meticulously rehearsed that exists in a vacuum, regardless of how the audience is reacting to the presentation. This requires empathy, a trait that introverts tend to be predisposed to.

4. Good At Sharing Both Ideas And Successes:
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Introverts are good at sharing both success and praise. This allows the audience to feel like they have been included in the speech. It’s not all about the speaker, it’s all about the audience.

3. Ability To Create Unique Speech:
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Extroverts are often passed over when picking someone to give a speech. Perhaps we should not do this. Introverts have the ability to create a unique type of speech that can really connect with an audience and this is one of the reasons that make them the best speakers.

2. Good Speakers Are Not Necessarily Natural:
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The best speakers are not necessarily dynamic or hilarious but they are simply interesting. They communicate valuable information. People think that being a good speaker means being funny, but that’s wrong. The best speakers are compelling. People underestimate the power of content and storytelling.

1. Self Care Is Paramount:
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Introverts realize the importance of self care after a presentation. Presenting is a massive energy exchange between the speaker and the audience. While introverts expect this to be draining, they prepare in advance for how they are going to take care of themselves after a big speaking gig. They make time for being alone, curling up with a good book or taking an extra long nap. And when they feel fresh they get up and do the work which makes them introverted leaders.

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Article By: Born Realist