How are fragile goods safely delivered?

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If you are looking to have a fragile object delivered from one location to another, it is only right that you apply the highest level of conscientiousness to the task. It is understandable that you may be worried that your courier you choose could drop or mishandle the product, given the risk this could bring of the delivered item sustaining damage or being defective

It is therefore crucial that extra safety precautions are taken when a fragile object is delivered. That way, the customer can be happy and feel confident in using the same courier service again in the future. 

Here, then, are some proven ways in which fragile goods can be delivered safely, including some of the methods used by our own couriers here at Xpress Messenger. 

  • Fragile branding

One of the simplest ways to alert couriers to the fragile nature of an item is to put it on the packaging. This can include large stickers and tape that state the word “fragile”.

The more visibly it is stated that a given package is a fragile one, the more likely it is that the courier will handle the package delicately during the delivery process.

  • Proactive controllers 

Whether you are interested in a same-day courier delivery service or a slightly slower solution, another way to help keep your fragile goods safe on their journey to you is through the services of a controller.

A controller can keep an eye on the roads and let the couriers know when they are getting congested. In turn, this means that the fragile goods can be delivered safely. 

In some cases, the courier can even let the controller know if something has gone wrong. That means both parties will always be in the know about what is going on with the journey. They can even contact the customer to let them know about delays and ongoing safety procedures.

  • Extra wrapping protection

If your fragile product needs extra protection, you may choose to add further wrapping to the box before rewriting the address on top of the packaging. Examples of materials that can be used for this purpose include bubble wrap, padded fabric, paper rolls and pallet wrap. 

  • Goods in transit insurance

When you are paying for a service such as a same-day courier service that naturally prioritises speed, you may be concerned that when it is a fragile item that is being delivered, sensible steps to protect the item from damage will not be taken.

That is not the case here at Xpress Messenger – and in any case, we will help give you even greater peace of mind with our goods in transit (GIT) insurance policy. 

  • Rigid packaging

A lot of problems with fragile goods arise from them being able to move around in their packaging.

This is why it may be a good idea to pack yours into a larger box that is filled with extra objects or materials, such as additional packaging materials. These objects or materials can then remain rigid around the product to ensure it is not able to move and break.

There you have it – just some of the ways in which fragile items can be suitably protected to help ensure their both safe and fast delivery. If Xpress Messenger’s own quick and reliable courier services seem like they would be the right ones for you, why not get in touch with our team today to learn more about how to take advantage? 

Article by Born Realist