This Guy Handles His Girlfriend’s Crippling Depression Perfectly With This Popsicle Trick

Seeing someone you love suffer from a mental illness can be very difficult. The inconspicuous nature of mental illnesses makes it hard for people around the person to do something to help. They may feel helpless, their efforts in vain but if you really intend to help someone suffering from depression or any other mental illness they surely will appreciate the gesture and open up to you about their feelings and how they think they can be helped.

This Redditor Wanted To Do Something For His Girlfriend, Who Was Suffering From Depression

Image credits: Juliana Dacoregio

He Let His Creative Juices Flow And Came Up With This Brilliant Idea Involving Popsicle Sticks

Image credits: Shutterstock

He Color Coded ALL The Sticks

Image credits: Shutterstock

Each Stick Corresponds To A Different Category

His Girlfriend Is Free To Choose A Colored Stick According To Her Mood

He Left Some Of The Sticks Blank To Allow Her To Fill Them With Her Own Happy Moments

People Appreciated His Efforts And Really Liked The Idea

These Little Things May Not Seem Significant But They Are

We Second That!

More People Should Follow Suit

This Has The Potential To Start A Conversation And Educate People

We can all learn from this young man’s example and make our loved ones feel like they are not alone in whatever it is they are facing and we will be there for them through everything.

Article By: Born Realist