Here’s the Flipkart Customer Care Number You’ve Been Looking So Long For

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Flipkart customer care number isn’t easy to find and that’s major because they aren’t available in many places. We’ve decided to list all of these numbers for you, to get the numbers just scroll down: 

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Have you ever been to a supermarket like Spencer or Walmart to make a smart buy?

There you may see goods displayed from so many brands and you choose and purchase one or more out of them. is basically the same marketplace in World Wide Web i.e. on the internet. It’s a huge website where people register their brands and products and then sell their produce.

Flipkart Customer Care:

Flipkart customer care number – Flipkart 24/7 Phone Line Contacts

Flipkart ServiceTheir Numbers
Flipkart Store Customer Care Number1800 208 9898
Flipkart Toll-Free Number1800-208-9898
Flipkart Helpline Number (Not Toll-Free)0124-615-0000
Flipkart Customer Care Suggestion1800-1080-1800
Flipkart Customer Care Phone Number1800-102-3547

Flipkart Customer Support Email

Flipkart Departments Email ID's
Customer Care Department [email protected]
Vendors[email protected]
Marketing ID of Flipkart[email protected]
Affiliate ID[email protected]
business ID of Flipkart[email protected]

Flipkart India Registered Office Address

  •  Flipkart Internet Private Limited, Vaishnavi Summit, Ground Floor, 7th Main, 80 Feet Road, 3rd Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru – 560034, India. (Telephone number: 1800 208 9898)
  • Flipkart Official Mail Address: Flipkart Internet Private Limited, Ozone Manay Tech Park, #56/18 & 55/09, 7th Floor, Garvebhavipalya, Hosur Road, Bangalore – 560068, Karnataka, India.
  • Official Help Centre: ‘’ is the link where you can visit the Help Centre of Flipkart. FAQs related to orders, shopping, payment, wallet, cancellations, returns and etc. will be addressed here along with some other general questions about Flipcart.

P.s Keep in mind that all of these offices are available to be contacted any time with the Flipkart customer care number.

How to contact Flipkart Customer Care from the Website

Step 1- Open your web browser on your device.
Step 2- Go to ‘‘ to access Flipkart Customer care at the Flipkart Help Centre Store Online. (We strongly advise going for Flipkart customer care number) 
Step 3- Log into your account once the link opens by entering your details and then clicking on ‘Login‘.
Step 4- Select the order that you need to inquire about that has been bothering your Flipkart online shopping
Step 5- Once you select the order, three different options will be available on your screen: ‘Call me back’, ‘Call us,’ and ‘Email us.’ Select the option that suits you best. Once done, you will soon be in contact with Flipkart Customer Care.
Step 6- Let Flipkart Customer Care know your problem and enjoy flipcart online shopping

In short, Flipkart offers a supermarket on the internet; that is the entire concept of Flipkart. But many people have reported that they can’t find the Flipkart customer care number. is an Indian electronic commerce company based in Bengaluru, India. It was founded by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal (senior-junior at Indian Institute of Technology Delhi & colleagues at Amazon) in 2007.

Getting to facts, Flipkart seller is the leader of e-commerce in the fast-growing Indian market, its the place for anyone to make a smart buy. offers to include electronics, books, music, movies and other lifestyle products. The site can be accessed online or through an app on mobile phones by consumers.

Main competitors of Flipkart seller are Amazon’s Indian subsidiary and the domestic rival Snapdeal. In respect to all of that still holds 39.5% of India’s e-commerce industry. The website is dominant in apparel sales and electronics & mobile phones sales.

Flipkart’s seller revenue (increase) is about ₹ 2,846 crores making it the perfect place to make a smart buy. It operates with a good number of 33,000 employees calculated in 2015. The slogan of this website is ‘Ab Har Wish Hogi Poori’ which means ‘Every Wish Gets Fulfilled Now’! To sum up, seller is an interesting and rapidly growing company that will most likely become even more prominent in the future.


Why is there no online chat?

Flipkart customer care number

Almost all e-commerce websites now offer online chat options to its users. flipkart online shopping does not do that at Flipkart Customer care has all the answers. 

This feature allows you to chat with a representative of the company who will help you in any way possible (majorly by clearing any doubts you may have or providing you help in case of any difficulties).

However, Flipkart from Flipkart customer care number, India doesn’t offer this option. However, Flipkart offers several other things.

The options that are available here are: you can call Flipkart India provided numbers or email them or you can request a callback. If you select the callback option, you can expect a call within the next 10 minutes, but if you decide to email them, you’ll be replied within 24 hours.
However, it’s obvious that a vast majority of people prefer the online chat option as it is easier, because it helps maintain a valid record, and gets everything done in time without chances of any possible delay.

flipkart big billion day fast approaches. 

How to contact Flipkart Customer Care from the App?

Flipkart India has its own app version that you can download and use on your smartphone. The app allows you to contact Flipkart Customer Care.

Following are the steps you need to follow in order to do that:

Step 1- Download Flipkart India app.
Step 2- On your smartphone launch the Flipkart India app.
Step 3- Log into your account.
Step 4- Now, on the top left of your screen, you’ll see three horizontal lines. Tap them. A window will slide out from the left end of your screen.
Step 5- Scroll down and click on ‘Help Centre’. You will be redirected to a new page.
Step 6- You will see all your orders here. Tap on the order that you want to inquire about.
Step 7- Select the issue that you are facing regarding your selected order.
Step 8- Once you select the issue, a short explanation depending on your issue will appear on your screen. However, in case this explanation does not solve your query, look towards the bottom of the page and tap on ‘Contact Us’.
Step 9- Next; select how you wish to contact Flipcart Customer Care from the available options. The options available are: ‘Call me back’, ‘Call us’ and ‘Email us’.
Step 10- Proceed according to your chosen option.

How Flipkart Customer Service can be Useful:

  • Flipkart India can help you track your order once you’ve placed it. Your package’s location would be constantly updated until it finally lands at your doorstep. This can help you know the estimated delivery time and date of your order too.
  • You can easily return your order if you wish to do so in case of dissatisfaction.
  • You can easily cancel your order if you wish to do so for some reason. In case you’ve already paid for your order and you want to cancel it after, the Customer Care can help you initiate a refund immediately.

Flipkart India; Replacement and Return Policies

Flipkart customer care number

It is advised to always go through seller.flipkart replacement policy and warranty of the product you are ordering so that afterward you don’t have to face adverse consequences.

Sometimes products have a 10-day return policy, sometimes products have a 30-day return policy and sometimes products don’t have a return policy at all.

Along with that, you need to cover all the factors listed in the return policy as they’re very important in case you want to replace the product later as Flipkart India can’t go against its policies – no details are ordinary.

Open your seller.flipkart login if you’re returning something in bulk. 

There have been quite a few cases where the customers have received a defective or incorrect order.
Basically, customers have seldom received a defective or incorrect order from seller.flipkart. Moreover, if that happened, they could not replace it or ask for a refund since they didn’t go through the replacement policy and warranty of the product prior to order, they couldn’t return the product or get it replaced or even ask for a refund as none of those policies were applicable for the product in discussion.

Thus, you must check the return policy and warranty of your order before placing your order, so you can perform smart buy. Make sure you check out the policies and warranties every time you’re placing an order on Flipkart.

For more info, check out Flipkart’s Social Media

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Flipkart’s Official website:

Flipkart’s Twitter:
Flipkart’s Facebook page:
Instagram account:
Flipkart’s Google Plus page:


Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal, founders of Flipkart, were alumni of the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi.

They started their career in e-commerce by working for Later they left Amazon to create their own new company as Flipkart Online Services Pvt. Ltd and Flipkart toll free.

Just like Amazon, Flipkart customer care number is also commenced its service in the industry by selling books. It just started as an online site for selling books with countrywide shipping.

That’s where the name comes from: ‘Flip’ because that’s what you do with a book – flip pages. And then there’s ‘kart’ because a cart just gets so much cooler with a k. And that is how the name Flipkart came into being.
Since then Flipkart slowly grew in prominence.

By 2008, the website because of  Flipkart customer care number was receiving an estimated number of 100 orders per day. By 2014, Flipkart announced its Big Billion Sale; however, to its dismay, the sale failed badly. Even the second installment didn’t work and Flipkart saw a business turnover of around 300 million in gross merchandise volume.


Flipkart customer care

Let’s start with a timeline of acquisitions Flipkart online shopping has gotten hold of over time:

2010: WeRead, a Bangalore social book discovery service from was acquired by Flipkart.

2011: A Digital Content Platform Company, Mime360, was acquired by Flipkart. Moreover,’s digital catalog rights were acquired by Flipkart. This Bollywood news site’s catalog included 40,000 filmographies and 10,000 movies with an approximate number of 50,000 ratings.

However, Flipkart decided that it won’t be in association with the original site and won’t even use the site’s brand name.

2012: In February 2012, Flyte, the DRM-free online music store was unveiled by Flipkart. However, there was a lot of competition from free streaming sites, which led to the failure of Flyte and eventually the online music store was shut down in June 2013. Along with that, an Indian e-retailer in electronics,, was acquired by Flipkart (Flipkart customer care number)  at an estimated US$25 million.

However, the electronics retailer was eventually closed and all of its traffic was diverted to Flipkart.

2014: Flipkart acquired, an online fashion retailer, at an estimated ₹ 20 billion (2,000 crores, about US$319 million) deal.

Myntra is still in associative operation as a standalone subsidiary alongside Flipkart. It focuses on upscale and mainstream, a ‘fashion-conscious’ market segment and deals with major international brands.

Now let’s talk about the investments Flipkart has made along the course:

2014: $1 million was invested by Flipkart in a Chennai-based electric vehicle (which included electric scooter and electric motorcycle) known as Ather Energy. Flipkart also partnered with Motorola Mobility and became the exclusive Indian retailer of the Moto G smartphone.

Flipkart and Motorola also partnered on Moto E. The latter primarily targeted towards the emerging Indian markets. This explains the phone’s high demand which made the website crash after the phone’s launch at midnight on 14 May.

Additionally, Xiaomi Mi3 in July 2014, the Redmi 1S, Redmi Note in late 2014 and Micromax’s Yu Yunique 2 in 2017 were subsequently launched by Flipkart.

The Flipkart mobiles proved to be an amazing decision as almost all accelerated sellouts with one phone’s 10,000 devices being sold out in around 5 seconds following its initial release. Furthermore, near to the end of 2014, Flipkart invested in a major sale across the service in honor of the company’s anniversary and the Diwali season with the name ‘Big Billion Day’.

A surge of traffic was generated through that and the idea succeeded in carrying out sales of US$100 million worth of goods in 10 hours.

However, the technical issues that the website experience around that time led the website to receive a huge amount of criticism over social media. That and stock shortages didn’t make the idea much of a satisfying decision.

2015: Appiterate, a mobile marketing start-up, was acquired by Flipkart to strengthen its mobile platform further by using its technology to enhance mobile services. Alongside, MapmyIndia, navigation and route optimization startup’s minority stake were bought by Flipkart, so that it could improve its delivery using the startup’s assets by licensing its date to improve delivery logistics.

This year Flipkart after investing in Flipkart customer care number  also invested in the site’s official mobile app. To make this work, Flipkart blocked access to the website through mobile devices and began to set the condition that you have to download the app and access it from there.

However, this ‘app-only’ model wasn’t much of a success when it came to Myntra, as its sales dropped a good 10%, so the main website was reinstated soon to avoid further loss.

However, out of nowhere, even after this experience, Flipkart offers a new mobile website with the name ‘Flipkart Lite’. This website provided an app inspired experience within the smartphone’s web browsers. Also, the supply chain was bolstered by Flipkart to introduce more fulfillment centers in order to meet customer demands on time.

This boosted Flipkart’s gross merchandise volume with the addition of US$300 million crediting to fashion sales and mobiles. Moreover,, an online fashion retailer, was acquired by Flipkart from Rocket Internet for US$70 million along with UPI mobile payments startup named as PhonePe. An investment of US$2 million in Tinystep, a parenting information startup, was also made by Flipkart offers.

2017: Overtaking Amazon India led Flipkart India to acquire a 51% share of all Indian smartphone shipments. At one point, Flipkart sold 1.3 million phones in 20 hours and sold 2.5 million phones in 5 days.

Download Flipkart app and www.flipkart mobiles version is out as well!

Awards and Recognition:

Flipkart customer care number

Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal were recognized in the Time Magazine’s list of the 100 Most Influential People in April 2016.

Today, Flipkart big billion day looms closely. 

The two founders succeeded on to the 86th position in the Forbes India Rich List with a net worth of $1.3 billion each debuted in September 2015.
Entrepreneur of the Year award was received by Sachin Bansal in 2012 – 2013. was honored as the Young Turk of the Year at CNBC TV 18’s “India Business Leader Awards 2012”.

This is Flipkart Customer Care Website. Anything related to the contact details of Flipkart customer care is available for your ease. From Toll-Free Numbers, Email IDs to Address of Flipkart’s Customer Support Team – everything’s right here.

Bookmark this website if you’re a constant Flipkart customer number user, so that the website can help you in the future, whenever needed. Through the details provided on this website, you can contact Flipkart 24/7 365 days.

There is a chance that you might need to replace your purchased item or ask for a refund if it is has a warranty. There might also be many other reasons due to which you might feel the need to contact Flipkart helpline customer service. For that, you need to know details like phone numbers, the address of the head office, email IDs and etc, which you will find exactly here.

Flipkart return policy is well praised. Go over these Flipkart contact and use Flipkart customer care number toll-free if you have any problems. Join the Flipkart seller hub today if you want to move forward with mobiles version which is available as well!

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