Essential Tips On How To Take Care Of Your Feet

How much care do you show your feet, when it comes to your overall physical wellbeing? Every now and then, we come across patents whose feet have not been properly cared for over the years, as podiatrists working in Sydney. 

You need to practice a simple foot care routine to avoid any foot related issues now, as well as in the years to come. 

With that in mind, our podiatrists from Sydney have suggested the following 9 essential foot care tips for you:  

Clean Your Feet Properly 

Just because you are standing in water when taking a shower doesn’t mean that your feet are cleaned automatically. Remember to wash your feet before getting out of the shower. 

To clear away any dirt, be sure to properly scrub your feet using a sponge/cloth and some soap.  

Exfoliate Regularly 

Every now and then, your feet can get dry; this occurs more often during the hot and dry summer season. 

To leave your feet feeling and looking refreshed and smooth, remember to scrub them gently using a pumice stone at least once every seven days.  

Use A Moisturizer

To keep all the moisture from your bath or shower locked in, remember to moisturize your feet after cleaning them. This way, you can enjoy the benefits of having soft and smooth feet all the time.   

Wear Fitting Footwear 

You are likely to develop all types of foot problems when you wear ill-fitting shoes. The shoes you wear have a huge effect on the health of your feet, including causing hammertoe, pain/discomfort. 

Make sure that you wear well-fitting, supportive and comfortable shoes for most of the time. It is equally important to ensure that sandals offer the support that you need with Orthotic sandals

Trim Your Toenails

Remember your toenails, whenever you manicure and trim your fingernails. 

To avoid experiencing any pain from long nails pushing against the inside of your footwear and the occurrence of ingrown nails, be sure to keep your toenails short according to

Allow Air To Circulate Around Your Feet

Wearing shoes and socks all day isn’t good for your feet. As such, you should regularly take off your footwear and give your feet some time to breathe freely.   

Wear Quality Socks 

The socks you wear are just as important as your shoes, when it comes to the health of your feet. Always look for at least 50 percent of natural materials like bamboo and cotton when looking for quality socks. 

In hot conditions, such materials keep your feet from sweating too much.  

Get A Nail And Cuticle Oil for Better Results  

Your nails will look even better if you use a nail and cuticle oil. You can avoid nasty nail infections with this oil as it keeps nails from splitting as a result of drying out.  

Recognize When To See A Specialist

You should see a qualified and reputable specialist (podiatrist) whenever you feel like your feet are in need of professional attention. These experts can identify any issues you may be suffering from and recommend the right treatment to get your health back on track.

Article by Born Realist