David Jiang Is Really Giving The World a Reason To Smile

David Jiang has really proven that to become a young and successful CEO, one requires more than just ambition and purpose; we need to be selfless and compassionate. David has used both mother nature and science and combined them to help people become healthier, stronger and happier; He has truly given us a Reason To Smile with his company SMILE!

What do we know about David Jiang?

David Jiang is a 24 year old Founder and CEO of the American-based brand, SMILE. It is a disruptive brand focused on delivering the highest quality and the best tasting products in the market. His brand’s and his mission is to provide people with a “reason to smile” through their gummy products that encourage self care and values that exemplify purpose.

Prior to SMILE, David was the founder of a digital marketing agency, Waverly.Co, servicing other CPGs renowned entertainment companies like Atlantic Records and Warner Bros. Although David was succeeding, he still felt like something was missing in his life. He wanted to do something on his own, something that would help other people. So after 3 years of working and consulting for other companies, he decided to build one of his own.

How successful is David Jiang?

With whatever he has done, David has always achieved the goals he set out for himself. Even when he was running a digital marketing agency, his clients ranged from some of the top record labels to some of the world’s leading companies and he helped them grow and prosper even further by increasing their social media presence and online engagement. After he helped other companies achieve heights of success, he founded his own company and used his competitive drive to make it just as successful, if not more.

What is so unique about SMILE?

It is David’s guarantee that these are the best gummies in the marketplace. His company has introduced one of the world’s first vegan multivitamin gummies with natural and delicious flavours. These gummies contain 9 of the most commonly lacked vitamins and minerals in the American diet.

But gummies aren’t the only thing that they produce. Their other products include tinctures in 4 delicious flavors: Mighty Mango and Zesty Lemon in our energize formulation (with B12, ginseng, 5HTP), and French Vanilla and Mint Bliss in our unwind formulation (melatonin + 5HTP).And soon they will be releasing a line of soothing topicals.

There isn’t a singular brand today that stands out as one that people both love to take and that they can also trust in the market and SMILE is here to change that. He wants people to think of Smile as the household name for in the same way that people associate electric cars with TESLA or smartphones with Apple.

They were also incredibly fortunate to have overwhelming support from their early customers, some of whom are influencers on social media who love SMILE products so much that they promote it on their own. They recently had an influencer with almost 2 million followers promote his brand in 8 back to back stories for free just because of how much she loved the products. He appreciates the feedback and how really rewarding it feels when people acknowledge you after all the hard work that they put into building and developing the absolute best products on the market. To see their customers go out of their way to give them positive feedback and promote their products for free. He wants to send the love back to the fans by continuing to bring them game-changing, high quality products as often as possible. The undying support from people is the reason that their Instagram username @smile is ranked as the 19th largest username on Instagram with the most hashtags in the world.

Has David faced any setbacks in his life?

During college at Northwestern University he launched his first business which was a nightlife application that streamlined the process of selling tickets and tables to the best nightclubs in NYC. He spent months and months building out the platform and so his hard work paid off as he had a very successful launch.

But after a few weeks him and his friends found themselves spending more time chasing these nightclubs to pay them, than they could to promote and build the app. All that effort made him realize how difficult this industry would be to streamline given how unprofessional it was and sadly, he decided to slowly dissolve the entity realizing that it would be impossible to scale the way he had envisioned it. That left him feeling disappointed and unmotivated and he just wanted to give up altogether.

However, he did nothing of this sort and decided to learn from this early experience. He learned that plenty of research should be done before deciding to jump into a business. He walked away from this experience sadder but wiser, and with an even bigger desire to build the next big thing.

What are his hopes for SMILE’s future?

He hopes that within the year the brand will have a full lineup of products to address almost any concern or ailment. They already have a line of super effective topicals coming out for pain relief, buttery lotions for everyday hydration, beverages for natural energy, to name a few and they are very excited for what’s to come just as he hopes everyone else will be too.

The industry is growing rapidly and science is still uncovering all the incredible ways that supports our health. Unfortunately, many brands on the market today are cutting corners and costs, delivering poor quality products to the market. He has lab tested various brands and the results came back indicating that less than half of the amount of advertised is in the product. He was certainly disappointed but made it his mission at SMILE to create the best tasting and most potent products on the market with the highest quality ingredients so that people actually get what they pay for.

As the SMILE brand grows and introduces more and more products, he wants people to continue associating their brand with trust and high quality while also being fun, uplifting and approachable.  As their name implies, they want people to associate positivity and smiling with their brand’s products. He and his brand family wants you to smile when you try their products.

Does David have any “words of wisdom” to share with everyone?

“Create the things you wish existed.” Don’t sit around and wait for something to fall in your lap. If you have a vision or goal, put in the work to make it a reality.

How is SMILE making the world a better place today?

His brand’s name, SMILE, is genuinely reflective of their mission to help people perform at their best and feel their best. They’re teaming up with scientists to help create novel treatments for mental and physical ailments by isolating specific compounds .


To maintain the best quality products they have 8 characteristics consistent across all of their products which they call the ‘Smile Promise’. They are trying to improve people’s health and life and trying to make this world a better place, one smile at a time.

Article by Born Realist