5 Tips for Charging Your Phone

Smartphone users seem to be forever on the hunt for phones that have a longer battery life. However, the truth is that batteries have a limited life span and they degrade over time.

There are many factors that can affect the lifespan of phone batteries though, and that includes your charging habits. To help your smartphone battery last longer, take note of the following tips for charging your phone.

1.    Don’t run your smartphone until it’s dead.

Allowing your phone to fully discharge every time will wear out modern Lithium-ion batteries faster. It’s best not to allow your phone to go below 20% before charging.

2.    Avoid extreme heat and cold.

Extreme heat causes stress on the battery and reduces its capacity, so don’t leave your phone charged at 100% for too long. Charging in sub-freezing temperatures is also not a good idea because the cold can cause permanent plating of metallic Lithium which is detrimental to battery life.

3.    Charge overnight with caution.

There’s much debate about this because of fears of overloading. However, smartphones these days are smart enough to not let that happen. You can charge your phone overnight but make sure other factors won’t cause it to overheat. For instance, don’t put the phone under your pillow.

4.    Avoid fast charging.

Fast charging can be beneficial if you need your phone immediately but don’t do it often. Just bring your charger when you go out or use a cell phone charging station.

5.    Use the charger that came with your phone.

Never use cheap chargers because they can harm your phone to the point of it catching fire. If you need an alternative, choose one that’s approved by your phone manufacturer.

While batteries are expected to deteriorate over time, good charging habits can help maximize its life.