5 Things About the MassKara Festival That will Amaze you

masskara festival

Masskara festival is one of the world-renowned festivals in the Philippines. It held in the city of Bacolod “The city of smiles”. This festival is celebrated by the street dancers who masked and costumed themselves along with fairs and carnivals. In addition, it is mostly celebrated in the third weekend close to 19th October.

masskara festival

Yes! Without any doubt., the Masskara Festival is always full of entertainment and entertainment that is unbeatable as compared to other festivals of the world. Bacolod Masskara Festival is definitely incredible.

In fact, this incredible festival is the complete dose of entertainment for all adventurous lovers. I will highly recommend you to attend the Bacolod city Festival and experience life challenging things. You can enjoy the participants in bright costumes with unique masks dancing on the main street. Indeed, a thrilling and interesting stuff for everyone. In this, article, we will tell you the five amazing things about Masskara festival that the first-timers must enjoy.

Attend the electric Masskara:

Electric Masskara is the best thing about this festival. In fact, its a true reflection of this unique and amazing festival. It is such a beautiful night event in which the participants dance by wearing wonderful LED costumes. During this, you will get the dance and music to enjoy. The participants dance in their traditional music and entertain the viewers in a great way. So Electric Masskara should be on the top of your list of the Masskara Festival. 

Masskara Festival Parade:

Another wonderful thing at the Masskara festival is the parade. Masskara festival parade is out of this world in which the participants wear incredible costumes so you can enjoy the unique and amazing scenes on the Bacolod Street.

Bacolod’s Popular chicken Inasal:

Bacolod is popular for its tempting and delicious foods. Due to its tasty sweet dishes, it is also known as “Sugar lands”. But the best thing is mouthwatering Chicken Inasal. The taste of this chicken is just outstanding different from the rest of the world’s chicken. So, do try it with boiled rice and you will get amazed by the great taste. Yummy!

The Colorful Smiling Mask:

Another amazing thing about the Masskara festival is the marvelous colorful smiling mask. It is a beautiful thing that looks great!

The Stunning Fireworks Competition:

Another crazy thing about the Masskara festival is the stunning fireworks competition. It is the incredible beauty of fireworks between certain teams. Each year the display of the firework is made more outstanding and unique as compared to the previous year.

So, if you want to enjoy all the above-mentioned amazing things then you must become the part of this fascinating festival even once in your lifetime.