3 Reasons to Book a Romantic Getaway ASAP

Time is one of the greatest gifts you can give your significant other. Everyday life can get in the way of focusing on your partnership, sometimes creating tension or causing you to drift apart. Dedicating time to your partner to focus on them and your relationship can strengthen the bond between the two of you. A romantic getaway is tremendously beneficial for a relationship for many reasons.

  1. UnwindStressors seem to be unavoidable in life. Unfortunately, our spouses may receive the brunt of our frustrations, even if they have nothing to do with the particular thing that is causing us so much stress. For many, work can be overwhelming, time-consuming and very stressful. For others, medical problems, family issues or financial problems can wreak havoc on their peace of mind. Unwind and let some of those worries go as you relax and rekindle the romance.

A vacation can release tension and distract you from stressors and worries, which can improve your relationship. Time away from social media, work, friends and kids allows you to focus more on your partner while ditching the worries of the outside world. Perhaps you envision a vacation on the best cruise ships to unwind. Whatever your idea of relaxing is, use it to destress with your loved one.

2. Reconnect

Life can get so hectic between work, kids and various other commitments. Sometimes, quality time with your partner gets pushed to the back burner as you try to juggle all of these things at once. While it is important to set aside time daily to communicate and check in with your significant other, often, those topics are replaced for what seems more pressing at the moment. Losing communication about your feelings, worries, goals and relationship can cause a disconnect between the two of you.

What better way to reconnect than on a romantic getaway? A trip of this nature gives you a dedicated time to focus solely on your relationship. It is the perfect time to catch up, check-in and strengthen the connection that draws you together. For many couples, alone time just isn’t a reality because of children or opposite work schedules. All relationships, not just those struggling, can benefit from check-ins and a reconnection.

  1. Intimacy

Intimacy is an essential part of a romantic relationship because we need social interactions, positive experiences and the ability to trust. There is physical, emotional and intellectual intimacy. Physical intimacy is vital for bonding and becoming close to your significant other to promote sustainment. Emotional intimacy allows you to open up to the other person, letting them close to you and building chemistry. Often, it is linked to vulnerability, which can help develop and strengthen the bond you share. Trust and connection are two key benefits of emotional intimacy. Lastly, intellectual intimacy allows for better communication on a variety of topics, which can lead to better communication on subjects that directly influence the relationship.

Between kids, pets and work, finding time and energy for intimacy can become quite the challenge. Traveling presents you with the opportunity to spend time solely with your spouse. This time can be used to focus on physical, emotional and intellectual intimacy. Car rides or flights can be spent catching up, checking in and touching base on goals, dreams, desires and so much more. Make the most of the time you have together on a romantic getaway by only using your phones to check in on your kids. Do not check emails, log into work apps or scroll social media. Instead, cherish this special time and use it to strengthen all three forms of intimacy.

All relationships take work and nourishment for lasting sustainment. All too often, we make excuses for lack of effort and then wonder why the relationship is strained. No union is perfect, but when you choose to make it a priority and put in the efforts to nourish your relationship, it will thrive. A romantic getaway might be just the extra push you need to strengthen your bond.

Article by Born Realist