Here Are 23 Pictures That Show Both Partners in a Couple Are Pranksters

Life can be monotonous and I doubt anybody would like that. People often get bored of their jobs and carriers so what they do is they change themselves often times. However, if you get bored of your life partner… which is highly likely, then it certainly isn’t as easy to change to keep the spark alive or to take revenge (hehehe), only when provoked. These pictures can give you subtle yet savage and destructive ideas.

23. When I told Him That I Liked Pepsi More.

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22. Anniversary Present By My Husband, Don’t Know Why He Asked Even

Credits: © Breakingbay/reddit

21. When You Always Want The Best Part Of The Meal

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20. When She Continues To Complain That My (Husband’s) Stuff Take Up All The Space.

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19. When Husband Complained That Lunch Wasn’t Tasty Enough, Pack Him This.

  • That dollar note must be from his wallet. Be sure of that.

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18. When He Doesn’t Appreciate Your Cooking Skills Or The Effort

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17. When I Asked My Wife To Cook Fish For Dinner. Since I Didn’t Say Please

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16. Birthday Preparations By My Husband

image credits: © karaoke99/imgur

15. I Made Edible Roses For Him  

image credits: © Notmybestusername3/imgur

14. Greetings From My Wife On April Fool’s Day

image credits: © ER_planes/twitter

13. Hint Hint *nudge nudge*

image credits: © samevgen/pikabu

12. Protection From My Wife

image credits: © 4themayor/reddit

11. This Means War

image credits: © humdaora/twitter

10. My Husband Acting Real Mature In A Toy Store

image credits: © ashley_spashley/reddit

9. That Is How My Girlfriend Tried To Kill A Spider

image credits: © reigncom/reddit

8. This Is Exactly Why We Buy Separate Toothpastes

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7. When Your Husband’s Visa Gets Rejected. You Don’t Stay Back. You Go On That Trip And Send Him Pictures To Tell Him How Sad You Were.

image credits: © sadanduseless/facebook

6. I Asked My Wife Where My Eye Drops Were. She Answered,”In Our Bedroom, On A Bedside Table, Under A Switch Jammed Between The Walls.”

She knows it all!

image credits: © mrbojingles1972/reddit

5. When My Wife Refuses To Throw Anything Away Till The Point That The Garage Is Full. Soooo We Present To You Our Artsy Living Room

image credits: © michaelsiemsen/reddit

4. The Resemblance Is Uncanny, She Says…

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3. How I Decorated My Bathroom For My Wife

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2. That’s How You Decorate Your Wife Body Sprays

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1. One Of These Is My Boyfriend

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