Here Are 15 Advice’s People Would Give To Their Younger Selves

We are always in such a rush that when we stop look back and see all the mess; we start wishing to go back to the past and advice our Younger Self to divert their path right there. But till there is not a time machine to take us back to the past it is simply impossible. What you can do now is learn from the things people said to their Younger Self and change your tracks right now.

15. “You Are Doing Everything Right! Good Job!” Younger Self

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Younger Self: You need to remember not to stress out; you are strong, strong enough to handle what’s coming. The world is not that cruel of a place, it’s just temporary circumstances. Most importantly don’t ever think that no one loves you. Everything is perfectly fine.

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14. “I Would Have Advised Myself To Not Start Smoking” Younger Self

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Younger Self: Smoking might have looked cool at the time but today it has created so many complications. It started with one cigarette a day and turned into a pack a day before even realizing. Stop right there and put that cigarette down.

13. “Please, Find A Way To Sleep For 7 Hours At Night”

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Younger Self: Sleep is a blessing, a true blessing. At least sleep for 7 hours every night. You don’t have to experiment around or try to become a hero.

12. “I Would Have Advised Myself To Pay More Attention To My Desire, Goals, And Dreams”

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Younger Self: Bring yourself first, at no point should you neglect your desire. At the young age you have all the energy required to do so, now it’s difficult to formulate, so much that it can become embarrassing.

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11. “I Would Have Advised Myself To Study More And Harder”

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Younger Self: You would have t make up for a lot of things as an adult. Everything has a proper time to be done. You can learn a foreign language thoroughly at a young age as compared to 30’s. Education is one big and important aspect of life and it should be taken care of.

10. “To Better Prepare For Entrance Exams To Go Where You Want”

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Younger Self: You get lazy and don’t use your full potential to get where you want and then simply settle for where you get, halfheartedly. This should not be the case, never. You can get where you want with a little effort so just push yourself a little harder.

9. “Don’t Spend So Much Money On Various Crap”

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Younger Self: Money is a blessing, use it wisely. Do not end up spending it on things you don’t need. Instead what you should do is, save up for the days to come. Days when you will have so many responsibilities and that every penny would be spent after thinking a lot.

8. “Appreciate Youth”

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Younger Self: Youth is the best time of your life, full of energy, hopes, and dreams. Spend that time doing things you love; play, walk, hang out with friends, in short just enjoy your life while you can. You can recall all of it later and it would help you understand and raising your children too.

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7. “Don’t Worry So Much About Studies, Semester Papers, Exams”

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Younger Self: This might not make sense as you do have to be prepared to get where you want. That’s important is to not forget other aspects of life. Don’t be afraid to try new programs, attend different scholarships. Don’t be afraid of learning from all of these as they can give you a new experience and lead you to new adventures.

6. “Wear A Hat, Warm Underwear And Two Pairs Of Socks In Winter”

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Younger Self: Don’t try to become a hero and follow the fashion. You would end up freezing your butt and feet. You will get more sensitive to growing age and get cold every time.

5. “Listen To Your Parents, And Try To Not Offend Them”

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Younger Self: You might think that your parents are always scolding you and don’t understand you. That is still not the reason to argue with or offend them. When you would grow up and they won’t be around anymore, all you would do is regret over your childish behavior and hurting them. You would wish for that time to be spent with them making happy memories.

4. “Don’t Take Everything That Family Members Say About Each Other So Closely To Heart”

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Younger Self: Everyone has their own perspective on life so sometimes two perspectives clash and someone ends up getting hurt. Don’t take other people’s views so close to your heart, they are not trying to hurt you, just understand their mindset and ignore all the crazy.

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3. “Be Attentive To Personal Information”

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Younger Self: The world is full of hackers and your personal information is never really secure. It’s better to delete some of those files or not create them in the first place. You should always set up a password on your cell phone and PC

2. “Break Up With Him Right Now, And Forget Him Forever”

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Younger Self: No matter how much you might feel like you are in love or think that you can change his ways. That he won’t hurt you any more mentally or physically. A time will come when you would just want to run away and you will. You have all the signs in front of you right now and break up with him before things get out of control. No matter how much it tears you apart, you have to do it.

1. “I’ll Give Myself Only This Advice: Be Yourself And Follow Your Dreams No Matter What”

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Younger Self: Don’t forget that this is your life and you should be on the steering wheel, not your friends and not your parents. You have to be the one to live your life, face the consequences of all h decisions. It’s best if you are the one making decisions for your life. If you take stand for yourself now, you won’t be writing this in the future.

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