8 Worst Ways To Die According to Scientists

Dying is going to be pretty bad either way, at least I think so, and the really scary thing is that no one is ever going to know how bad it actually feels before they go. Morbid, I know. But the thing is, some ways of dying are worse than others. Like burning on a stake is so much worse than dying softly in your sleep. And getting crucified is probably a lot more awful than dying of old age. So, we decided to write the worst possible ways of dying, let us know which one you think is the worst way to die.

Getting Burned:

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Now, this is probably one of the worst ways to go. When the burning starts, you’ll experience these toxic fumes and you’ll be lucky if they kill you before the fire starts burning off your flesh. At the start, the fire will start burning away your external skin and you will experience immense pain and will your body will struggle to break you free of the place where you’re burning in the first place. When the fire is done burning off the external layer, it’ll move towards your muscles until finally, your heart stops because of the interrupted circulation of blood.


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Several people starve to death every year, and it can be one of the worst ways to go. Starvation can be slow and painful because the body resists and you are able to feel yourself dying slowly as the process initiates. At the start, your body will start consuming your fat and will slowly move on to your muscle when it doesn’t have a choice, finally after it doesn’t have anything else to keep you going its going to die out.


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The body is made almost completely out of the water. Now, imagine it running out of its most major constituent. Dehydration follows almost the same path that starvation does, the body starts taking water from its organs and eventually as the days go on, it starts shutting them down, before finally ending it all because of serious organ failure.


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Decapitation is one of the most painful ways to die and is a favorite method of killing in several tribes and has been popular over history. But people don’t know is that the head stays conscious a few seconds after the head has been removed from the body. Now imagine being conscious when something like that has happened, and whats even worse is that it usually takes more than one swing to take off a head. Imagine enduring something of the sort.

Lethal injection:

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The thing with lethal injections is that sometimes the dose given is too low and leaves the person it is delivered to writhing in pain and groaning before the chemical shuts down the vital organs. And while a quick and swift is often merciful, lethal injections can be a lot more painful than most of the things on this list.

Electric chair:

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The electric chair is probably one of the scariest inventions. Death by electric chair delivers a shock that boils the blood and electrifies nerves, but sometimes the shock isn’t enough to kill the person at once, there have been recorded instances when people have been fired for a whole ten minutes.

Buried alive:

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There have been instances of people being buried alive in the past. Imagine suffocating under the pressure and weight of so much dirt, getting an early grave before its even your time. The thought of already being in your grave is worse than actually dying.


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Radiation doesn’t give you super powers, seriously, it kills you and causes cancer and retards the brain when in high doses. In-fact radiation can singlehandedly retard your brain cells and can destroy your organs one by one.

Article By: Born Realist